Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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James like to be certain in his dealing. And he would surely look down and suspicious of the noble houses of Karak. After all, if they could betray Edward, they could also betray him.

And if Aero could think this matter, those cunning people could also think of such ending.

That is why he knows Karak noble houses did not want the matter of Vanheim Empire to grow so big.

In such situation, whoever wins between the brother, no good ending would fall to the houses of Karak nobles. Whether they win or lose, their fate is still death.

Aero shakes his head.

'So, House Gael is out' he thought to himself. Then he thought of House Vlad. This House has quite a noble reputation among the people.

From what Aero knows of their noble House, they are praised and respected by the people of Karak.

Much of their policies benefited the people and most of the rules they created abolish many draconian laws which gave them a great deal of support from people of all walks of life.

'A talented governor' he thought to himself.

That is his judgement of House Vlad. They are a family of scholars and many scholars circle respected them.

Even in Vanheim, the officials that come from a scholar background admired the scholars of Karak and the most famous scholar family in the entire continent is the House of Vlad in Karak

They might be supporting Edward. Supporting Edward is in a way supporting the status quo. They did not share the same ambition like those of House Gael.

They believe more in the enrichment of humanity as a whole by promoting education and benevolence.

And Vanheim did all of that in all the regions it conquered. Thus there is no reason for them to rebel and not honor the agreement

'On hold' he thought to himself. There is still a doubt about House Vlad in Aero heart. There is still House Cheveres and House Gerhardt.

House Cheveres believes that the development of states need to be prioritized first before they could prioritize the citizens.

When the kingdom is prosperous, then naturally the people would grow to become stronger and more powerful.

This House could go either way in their affiliations.

They could choose Edward because Edward would probably promise them many things and look like a timid Emperor, easy to please and pacify.

But they could also choose prince James if James could offer something more tempting for the House of Cheveres.

'They probably went with James' he muttered slowly. The wind blows his hair as his horse neighs. Aero pull the reins a bit and the horse moves once again.

'House Gerhardt is a little bit hard to put' he thought to himself.

The closest to him right now is House Vlad. House Vlad also shares its border with Vanheim so he could choose to go straight to Vanheim

But unless he could make sure of something he would not directly be going to Vanheim. There is a reason for him to doing so. He still lacks a lot of information.

He is also waiting for the head of his Secret Forces to seek him. By now, there must be some chatter of his returns.

 It was not like Aero hides who he is and the way he carries himself, it would be weird if no one in the market did not recognize who he is.

He even notices some merchants that take a glance at him secretly.

He knows that the market is not only full with merchants and hawkers. There is also spies and information brokers. Taverns is not the only places where these people that hides in the darkness lounges around.

In the past, he also had some of his Special Forces to hang out in the market, pretending to be merchants but from what he saw, it seems there is no spies from his Special Forces.

He fears that someone did something to his Secret Forces in his absence.

Of course, this did not mean that he fears that all of his spies is captured. After all, there are many ways for the Special Forces that he created to run away.

Maybe as he returns to Western Heaven, these people were relieved from their duties. If that is all, then Aero would not be that anxious. He only fears that James had something to do with it.

Or maybe even Edward had a hand in it. The Dark Shadows is one of his Special Forces unit he created.

The Dark Shadows is his eyes and ears.

Low level officials did not know he headed such a secretive organization inside Vanheim but those high ranking officials all knows that he had three special units that reported only to him.

Even Edwards knows about it and it is clear that he too fears it.

But during his presence, none of them dare say anything because it was useless if they argue with him.

But both of them could not find a reason to abolish it. Since Aero claimed he created it during the reign of King George, posthumously title Emperor George

When he was being ask of this matter in a closed session of the Parliament he argues about the importance of creating a powerful spy organization to the other officials.

Spies was always used even before Aero made the organization. But they were usually from information brokers and were not as organized

Aero special forces are very organized and very specific with their task. And there is an also the fact that no none knows who the spies are. The list was never revealed of who is the spies.

Thus they could be used to watch political rivals too.

But since the control would surely go to Aero, then it means he had all the dirt of the politicians in the court, giving him even more power in the court.

He argues that a hostile army may face each other for years, striving for the victory which is decided in a single day. It is then integral to knows everything you could about the enemy.

To remain in ignorance of the enemy condition simply because one grudges the outlay of a hundred ounces of silver in honors and emoluments, is the height of inhumanity. In war, women become widows, and children become fatherless.

The longer it goes, the more tragic it became

The problem about spies in Vanheim was that they were used secretly and for political purpose and to seek dirt, none of their expertise were invested into the military.

Aero was not the only one that thinks spies could be used for military.

Many others have such ideas. Of course those people come from Western Heaven who understand the importance of information when waging war.


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