Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero knows form the very beginning, as long as he has military power, other power seems to be inferior

It is why he put military power into the hands of the Council which could only ordered by the Chancellor and the Emperor.

And Aero himself manage his reputation and prestige with the common people wisely.

Even though, he holds such power, he is still praised as a loyal couturier. His deeds during King George reign is not easily forgotten.

He had done many deeds and could be said the designer of Vanheim Empire.

In those long nights talk with King George, the pair of teacher and students, of superior and subordinate, of friends, talk about the reunification of the world and laid the bricks that created the current Vanheim Empire

In the court, even the scholar faction consisted of many courtiers and minister could not fight with him as the Chancellor controls even their salary

Which means to be enemies with him is akin of cutting their own pocket.

Thus, they were not many that dares stand up against him unless they have the backing of the Emperor or the First Prince.

Thus, in the court, every officials and every minister knows that the one who rules Vanheim is Aero

But he never took the throne from Edward and not once he falsifies a report even one that is disadvantageous to himself when he presented it to the Emperor.

He did not have such reputation like Zeus who is considered as a usurper. But just because he did not take the throne, did not mean he is well liked by the two imperial brothers.

Edward did not trust him and James sees him as his biggest obstacle to the throne. Edward keeps him because he is the only shield that he could rely on in the heartless palace.

Aero has his uses since he is the only one that could terrify the shit out of Prince James and hold him in check. 

And while the Emperor uses him, he too uses the Emperor to extend his reach all over the Continent.

He is so powerful and so connected with all of Vanheim that if he really wanted to change the monarch, he could do it anytime he wanted.

If he really did it, it would be swift, lethal and perfect

On the other hand, Prince James would like him to be killed but Aero himself knows that James would never send assassins to him again since he had already known how powerful Aero is.

James rarely do thing that is uncertain of

There is also the fact that he only need to make one slip up for him to be destroyed by Aero and the Emperor.

When Aero thinks about this matters he also sometimes sighs.

How could their father be such different than their sons? The father is a proud lion, while his sons had none of his flair and bravery.

One of them is too busy scheming while the other is too cowardly.

He sighs as he closes his eyes and take a deep breath. His ears picked up some chatter and he sigh again.

He heard the horse neighs and he smiles tiredly.

He is the Chancellor of Vanheim, one of the most powerful person in the world, but it seems there is nowhere in the world that welcome him.

Then he opens back his eyes and nodded to himself.

'I still need to keep going' And he smiles with his eyes full of determination. There is so many things he still did not know. And there is still so many things he wanted to do.

He would not let himself be hunted or force down. He had too many things he wanted to do.

Now, he only needs to think who he should meet in Karak that would made his return safer and easier.

'The four families surely would bet on one of the two' He thought to himself

He just need to make sure he chooses right.

He got up for a bit and then untied the reins of his horse.

He jumps on his horse and rides the horse toward the beach. Not long after he reach at the beach.

He looks at the waves calmly coming to the shore and hears the sound of the oceans, and he takes a deep breath to calm himself down as he takes in the clean air.

Then as his horse slowly saunter around the beaches, Aero begins to think once again.

The ruling families of Karak consist of House Gael, House Vlad, House Cheveres and House Gerhardt.

They all have their own way of dealing with things. House Gael is a military kind of noble house. They are the proponent of strengthening their kingdom by expanding their military.

Not only that, their family also had a lot of them serving in the military.

Their house control most of the military decision of Karak Federation and they have a large army compared to the other three houses.

In terms of military power, of the other three, they were at the top. Aero deduce that House Gael might join their hands with James.

They were always a proponent of strengthening the kingdoms through military might.  Karak could rise actually in the past had they followed House Gael suggestion.

But their kingdom is too used to peace and they indulge themselves too much on their luxuries. If not, they could have at least resisted when Vanheim came with the offer.

They were weak and as such, they had to submit.

If anyone could exploit the desire of House Gael, then Aero knows James is the perfect candidate that the House would back.

Weakening other kingdoms while biding time is a tactics used by all strategist.

Aero did not think that the noble houses of Karak that supported James wanted a civil war. That is not good for them too.

They are too timid to do such things not to mention it would not be beneficial at all for their federation to be embroiled in such war.

Because if such a thing happens, they have to pick a side between the two brothers. If their side won, then that would not be a huge problem.

They probably enjoyed a rise in status before finally being annihilated either way.

There are many reasons why Aero thought of this ending that would befall the noble houses of Karak if James is the one that becomes the final victor.

This is because he knows how James think.

If for some reason, a civil war broke out in Vanheim and the noble houses all over the Empire pick a side, and if the noble houses of Karak that chooses him, if James won, he would first kill all those on Edward side.

Then he would raise the status of those that help him and solidifying his rule first

But for the noble houses of Karak, even if they won, the ending awaiting them would not be a good ending.

Aero is certain that at some point in James reign, he would surely accuse the noble house of Karak of some charges and annihilate them thus assuming direct control of Karak and swallow Karak Federation whole.

He would then abolish all the noble houses of Karak and replace it with the people of Vanheim, his family and his confidant.


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