Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero is still thinking about Karak, not knowing that his whereabouts is now being spread all over the continent

Karak have quite a democratic way of choosing their rulers. Four noble houses are elected in turn every four years with each houses have their own signature policy.

Before Vanheim become what it was now, Karak have always leads the other kingdom in terms of wealth with their trade and sea product.

And now with the emergence of Vanheim Empire, Karak would surely be influenced with the political courts of Vanheim.

Aero did not fear being attacked. He fears being schemed upon. There is a lot of turning hero to villains and he had too much to lose if he is schemed upon.

Dying is sometime better

Many people might think if he run away from Vanheim, he could find shelter in Veva or make a comeback in the Holy Zun Empire.

It is not as simple as that. Eric might be happy if there is a schism between him and Vanheim but he surely would not be fond of him in Veva court.

Because if he is in Veva court, then what use of Eric in Veva court. The other thing was, Zeus is a temperamental person and not someone who Aero believe should be the ruler of the world.

He is hard headed and a straight bamboo. Being too straight and not malleable would only causes breakage when met with a powerful force.

As for the Church? Aero did not like that he had to bow his head to the Pope and consider him Holy above all else. That is not just his personality.

And he knows nothing about Ariana. Though he doesn't think she would be very welcoming of him if he defects to them.

There would be not two tigers in the same jungle.

If Aero defected to the Holy Zun Empire, then what role should he takes?

There is only one role that would be suitable for him there and that is the Holy Commander of the Holy Army.

But, then that means that Ariana had to empty that spot for him.

He doubts that she would be willing.

And Aero is quite content with his life right now in the court.

He did not have any intention of usurping the title of the Emperor from Edward.

First, he was never that interested in that title anyway. Second, he at least tries to respect the memory of his late friend.

While he did not like Edward because of his behaviors and his duplicitous nature, Aero did try to guide him to become a competent ruler.

The fact was Aero did not see even a trace of King George in Edward other than his appearance

Thirdly, there is no need for him to defect to other powers because he already holds the most power in the court of Vanheim

Why would he let that go and put himself with hardship. People with power protect their powers.

Though, it is because of that, he is targeted by many people. But Aero never regretted it. Without power, he would have his fate in other people hands.

True, there is many threats but there are only a few things in this world, that is really considered a threat for him.

And as he holds the most power, people think twice before offending him or moving against him.

It also creates a status quo inside the court. The nobles might hate him at certain times but at certain times, they appreciated his power and influence.

Aero balances the power in the court. Honestly, that fact is not really true. But that is what Aero made them believe.

That is why those old nobles did not even try to move against him.

The common people might think that the Emperor holds the power of the Imperial Court. That is wrong. They just believe it to be so, because Aero want them to believe that.

There is so much farce and theatrics in the imperial court, it would not be an exaggeration to say every courtiers and minister have talents in acting.

In the court, Aero control the Six Councils.

It is a position he created for himself. Though at the time of the creation, he did it to centralize and strengthen the royal authority that King George possess.

And King George and him shares the same ambition so he was also given the power to govern the Six Council. And after his death, in the discovered will of the King regarding Aero, he was entrusted to help the new Kinga and is given full control of the Six Council.

The Six Council is jointly controlled by the King and the Chancellor.

But all of those officials and minister inside the Six Council would rather offend the Emperor than offend the Chancellor.

After all, during the reign of king George, Aero maintained a tight grip on the Six Councils.

Aero also had the most support from the military faction.

While the courtiers, and officials side did not like him very much, he did not have to convinced them all to like him. He just needs thirty percent of them to agree with him.

In reality, all military factions defer to him and about fifty percent of the official's factions is on his side.

Most military personnel respected him and many of them even fought side by side with him during the war, some of them even revere him.

Even Archduke Bradheim did not holds this much power during his heyday. The reason for it is because, Aero promoted people that he knows would support him.

He promoted Arcturus, Marco and Aurelius to the Western Suppressing General, Northern Suppressing General, and Eastern Suppressing General with Bradheim given the power of Southern Suppressing General

Aero relieves Bradheim control of the West after Edward became the Emperor.

He always knew Bradheim supported James long before Edward become the Emperor.

To leave him with his army on the border between Nairhell which Bradheim has a lot of rapport with the Great Orc Gruk is not something that bring ease into Aero heart.

So, Aero sent him to suppress the South, to guard against the rebellion of the occupied kingdoms of Niovar.

The other three, Arcturus, Marco and Aurelius were all people that followed King George during his exile and was beside Aero as he strategies the grand return of the King.

They knew Aero and they trusted him. And they were friends. Three of the Generals that holds three fourth of the empire military is on his side.

As such, Aero power in the military is unshakable.


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