Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Edward would probably desire his support at this moment which is why he would be seeking him.

The two imperial brothers will be seeking him. Though, they will surely not share the same intention.

One would want him to stay as far away as possible from Vanheim court, while one of the wanted him to returns as fast as possible to the court

Aero only smirks at this. Veva however might not be like this. They might be celebrating with fireworks right now

After all, their King is returning and with Eric and Bart also returning, it would mean the surrounding kingdoms of Veva will once again intensify their military presence in the borders.

He already heard the sigh from Karak merchants that said, Savillia kingdom has already sent an order to their Generals to fortify their defenses in border.

The Three Kingdoms, Savillia, Alfhaim and Nero Republic is preparing for the worst case scenario.

Savillia did not want to fight Veva right now as they would try to stabilize their kingdoms. After all, their adventurers also have returned back.

And Savillia kingdom will be preoccupied with trying will try to persuade the adventurers to return back to their kingdom.

And their kingdom will not be the only one that have to persuade the adventurers to return back to their country of origins.

Since the adventurers were all transported to random places, some of the adventurers might decide that Savillia kingdom is not the place for them to bet their lives with.

After all, now they no longer have their immortality the adventurers would probably choose the best place for them to survive and gain power.

Places like Nero Republic would not be an ideal place for adventurers. With the return of the Holy Maiden, Nero Republic times is numbered.

With the Divines retracting back the immortality of the adventurer it has made many kingdoms felt a little bit safer since they could now inflict permanent harm to the adventurers they do not like and adventurers who in their way

In the past, these nobles had to tread carefully when they are faced with adventurers.

If they schemed against an adventurer, they better make sure that the adventurer didn't know it was them because after they die, they would just return and investigate the matter relentlessly.

It is the reason why adventurer is a formidable existence but also the reasons why they are regarded as effective workforce.

They did not mind exploring the most dangerous caves or brave the dangerous seas because of their immortality.

Even if they die in the journey, they would return and could still contribute by giving information about what to expect.

Some kingdoms probably put that into equation. That this time while the Divines help them a bit in the matter of the Adventurer immortality, the Divines also fucked them up.

Now, the adventurer might be choosier with the jobs and quest they undertake. The kingdoms could not just treat them as cannon fodder anymore.

Not to mention the adventurers no matter what profession are all very powerful compared to the native people of the Vilajeri Continent.

Other that some legendary characters, normal people could not stand against the adventurer wits and their talents that is bestowed by the heavens

And with the retraction of immortality, the Divines have also lifted certain restriction from adventurers.

In the past when they have chosen their kingdoms, they could not remove that association unless by using certain items or certain magic.

If they want to remove the association with the kingdom, they have to wait for the kingdom to be displaced or destroyed.

But for the adventurers if the kingdom they signed themselves up destroyed, they lost a lot of gains and they were cursed by the Heavens with decrease strength, speed and their own existence felt weaker overall.

In the scheme of large things, they are not many that could change the state of war by their own lonesome in the world.

Thus, the adventurer felt some dissatisfaction to the Divines for this system

But now, everyone is a free agent.

They could remove their association with their kingdom anytime they want. Aero predicted that there will be many adventurers flocking to Vanheim, Veva and Holy Zun Empire this week.

And while this is also one of the factors that needs to be considered, Aero believe that for Nero Republic and Alfhaim they would probably be more concerned about the threat of the Holy Zun Empire.

Of course, Nero Republic is the one that is more concerned with the returns of the adventurers.

This is because it means the Pope of the Holy Church and his Holy Apostle, Holy Maiden of Arleans Ariana of the South will also returns.

With her returns, that would mean, when she finds out that Nero had seceded itself from the Holy Zun Empire, she would surely reorganize the Holy Army and march once again to retake back the land.

If he knows Eric, and he does know him, Aero is sure that the moment he is back, he would once again reorganize the army and Zeus would do a quick attack to reestablish his authority

The Holy Maidens of Arleans however might have to deal with the schism inside the Church and only after that she could once again set her sight outwards from the Holy Zun Empire.

Whatever the case is, Aero had to think of other things right now.

It seems a lot of things had changed and Karak would surely also change in those few months when they found that the adventurers are no longer a part of their world.

Karak did swear fealty to Vanheim Empire but that doesn't mean they are truly under the direct control of the Empire. Thus, Aero need to think how to approach this matter.

Karak is not like any other kingdoms. It is ruled by four noble houses in the kingdoms. Other noble's houses are all minor nobles that is under these four noble houses.

And these four noble houses all have their own interest. Aero believe that some of them supported Prince James.

And Aero could go even further than that in his deduction.

He believes that while some of these noble houses supported James, they did not do it because they like him or because they hate Emperor Edward.

Karak does not like Vanheim Empire to become too strong. Even though, they swear fealty to Vanheim, Aero knows the way these noble houses think.

Karak submit to Vanheim, because fighting Vanheim would be a meaningless war.

That is why they submit. But just because they submitted didn't mean they still did not dream of once again independently rule without the interference of the Empire.

Thus, they would not do move that will not harm them or harm Vanheim too much but weaken them enough, for them to not be so strong that the Empire might swallowed them entirely.

'Hmm' he sighed again.

'What should I do?'

He did not know whether he will be welcomed or ostracized here.

Aero did not realize that as he was thinking deeply, some people in the market speaks at each other looking at his direction.

These person wears a hood that cover their head and show only a vague outline of their appearance.

Their eyes were trained on Aero then they walked away. On their clothes, is a badge of an owl.

They look at Aero for a few second and whisper to each other ears, nodded and then disappeared in the crowd.

Not far behind those people are merchants selling their wars. But their eyes are sharp and sometimes glance toward the direction of Aero.

They smile looking at their customers and when their customers finish buying or window shopping their wares, they went behind their stalls without anyone noticing.

They write something in a parchment of paper and open a cage fill with pigeons.

These merchants then tied the parchment of paper into the legs of these pigeons and set them free.

When the pigeon was released it flies to many different directions. Some fly to the south. Some fly to the north. Some fly to the east and some fly to the west.

The letters landed in the palace of Kings and Emperors. It landed in caves of secret societies, of undesirables of societies, of people who have their faces hidden from the world.

It landed in the office of the Holy See.

Some of them landed in the hands of divine things, which relayed the news to the Gods, to the Divines.

But their words in the letter all carry the same meaning

The Chancellor of Vanheim has returned!

And so the world stirred once again.


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