Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero is now sitting under a tree; the shade covers him from the heat of the sun.

He could still hear the waves of the ocean and the wind of the sea still blows around him, cooling himself.

Neighing sometimes is the horse he grabbed before, its reign tied to the tree.

He sighed

'Hmm' he thought to himself as he tries to digest the information he just got.

He had finally found out where he is. He inquired the people in the market and they told him that he is on Karak.

'Karak Federation' he muttered under his breath. It is an iffy place to land.

He is around Zovar, one of the states inside Karak Federation, under the rule of House Vlad. He sighed a bit.

Around him people are moving around busily with horse carriage or some long caravans, many of them will be trading on the main cities with their trade products.

Like the center of their government, even here there is market and stall everywhere, their people are active and full of energy

The policy of Karak has always been profit. It is why Aero had it easy when trying to persuade the four noble houses.

'Hmm. What should be my plan? Karak is an ally but they are an unreliable ally. And I still felt that it is hard to believe the government of Karak to really protect me' Aero thought to himself.

There is a reason why he thought of this matter. He had not only inquired some news on the market he also inquires about other things

After all, he always built his path based on information and he was also curios of what happened to the world.

And the news he found out made him even more hesitate and requires him to think more critically.

One of the news that he had found out was the matter of time difference between the people of this world and the people from Western Heaven

It seems that Time stooped for a while for the people of this world when they, the Western Heaven people disappeared in what is called a mass exodus event by the people of this world

Though from what he got from the hawkers in a stall, the oracles said that the Divine had something to ask of adventurers and summon them to the Heavens

It must be what the Gods of various religions tell their oracles and soothsayer to say to the people of Vilajeri Continent to not make them anxious.

After all, from what he heard the hawker clearly believe that the adventurers would return back and as prophesized, they have returned back to Vilajeri Continent

The only problem with that is Aero still had no much memories about Western Heaven. He knew he come from there. He just doesn't remember his life there.

What is Western Heaven?

That question sometime popped up in his mind. He does remember certain technology that surpass the people of this world seems to be present in Western Heaven.

He remembers he rides a metal carriage and that the people of that world could fly riding a big metal bird.

And for him, it was a normal occurrence. But even there is that memories in his head, when he tries to recall it, the memory become choppy and blurry.

Like he is trapped in a thick fog and he could only saw certain flashing images and silhouettes of people.

And the him in Western Heaven wears a different clothes and he seems even freer than he is now.

But each time he tries to recollect that memories, he felt pain in his head. It was like the more he tries to force himself to remember, the more it hurts.

'Hah' he sighed. And Aero realize something else. For the people of this world, they did not even realize that their time was stopped when the people of Western heaven went into mass exodus.

But at some point, that sealing of time broke.

This made Aero think even harder. The notification window he got from Western Heaven said that time is stopped when they are in Purgatory.

But when he found out the stories, it doesn't seem to be the case.

'Western Heaven' he muttered, his hand rubbing his chin. He is thinking, as the wind blows and ruffles his hair.

'And then there is that Eastern Heaven. What does this all means?'

He heard about the existence of another Heaven from the mouth of Lizhu Gerard. And the items he got from Lizhu Gerard even have the description that it is from Eastern Heaven

Then if there is Western Heaven and Eastern Heaven, could there be other forces? And others kind of Gods and Divines?

And is this their doing? Or could it be Western Heaven was mistaken? But how could heavens make a mistake?

Time moved. Thus, the word of the Western Heaven was mistaken.

'I could not trust even the heaven' Aero sighed, his word was spoken in a whisper.

It is not hard to deduce that time does move. Aero could deduce such matter from the many changes that happened in Vilajeri Continent

Aero was also impressed that the people of this world was not shocked about his appearance.

From what he knows the oracles, soothsayers and even the Bishop of Church of Light had prophesied the returns of the adventurers to the world once again.

He had half expected his return would be a shocking thing but other than an awed expression and a little bit of shock, they immediately regain their calm.

It is the reason why the people in the market did not chase him away or suspicious of him. They know he is and adventurer and they welcome the adventurers back.

To some people, the return of the adventurers is a good thing. And many kingdoms are rejoicing. Of course Aero is sure not every kingdom shares that same sentiment

To some the return of the adventurers would mean the return of workforce, and even their military force.

But to some kingdoms, the return of the adventurers would also mean the return of some troublesome people.

And Aero is on top of that troublesome list. Even now, he believes that the court of Vanheim will be having a complicated emotions regarding his returns.

He could bet that Prince James would not welcome him at all. Though, the same could not be said for his younger brother, Emperor Edward.

In his absence, Aero is sure, that James would strengthen his position in the court and promote his people into the court.


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