Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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King Edward then brought ten thousand troops with Aero in the lead and went to Duvar.

Along the way, Aero was kept in the loop of what is happening in the court, the sentiment of the people and the current situation of the surrounding kingdoms around Duvar.

When King Edward arrived, he asked to speak with King Vrandeus an after two hours of pretending to negotiate with each other, the door to Duvar Holy Kingdom was opened and so the feat of King Edward subduing an entire kingdom without shedding one droplet of blood were spread all over the continent.

It is said the King was a wise King that managed to turn even the staunchest enemies to allies. It is the best Aero could do with what he is given and the situation he is in.

It is a stroke of luck that King George had created such a powerful Vanheim kingdom that Aero plans could be realized.

After all, he could not make Edward a military hero considering how cowardly he is.

Everything is a play and everyone is an actor in the games of politics.

That is how Aero turned the incompetent King Edward into a wise King and an enlightened ruler. But unlike King George, he was a fake.

Nonetheless, Aero then arrange for the coronation of King Edward to Emperor in the Holy Seat of the Old Empire blessed by King Vrandeus.

Veva was shocked at tis news so was the other kingdoms. But they could not do anything else after the news reached them.

Aero of the East is in the city and people still remember his feat of killing forty thousand people by his lonesome

Thus, King Edward was safely coronated.

And Vanheim gained Duvar kingdom which gives Vanheim access to Alfhaim kingdom, the kingdom of Elves, Savillia kingdom, the kingdom who emerged itself to form a union to stop Veva forces from swarming them over and of course, the borders of Duvar kingdom shares the border with Veva.

Vanheim now gain access to the rest of the other kingdoms. The ambition that King George and Aero once share is slowly coming into being.

Vanheim….is slowly moving toward the reunification of the continent

And finally, the two great kingdoms have met each other. Veva and Vanheim. Veva was one of the reason why he could persuade Duvar to submit under Vanheim.

Helena herself is the Queen of Vanheim, and Aero promise her and her father that Duvar would remain an independent kingdom with little interference as long as Duvar submit to Vanheim.

But Aero was also not entirely trusting when dealing with King Vrandeus.

He did shave off the military power that King Vrandeus had and slowly turns the border that sit directly looking at Veva into a fortress.

The military was reorganized with the officers and leaders coming from the Vanheim Imperial Army

Duvar was easily persuaded because it shares it border with Veva and everyone knows that Veva is still digesting the states that they had conquered which is why they could not do any rash movement toward Duvar.

There is also the fact that the sudden emergence of Aerosia and the rebellion armies all over the kingdom did not help with Veva vision for the unifying of the empire, delaying them from making a move to Duvar.

With King Edward retitled to Emperor Edward, and with the feat of capturing Duvar without a single shed of blood, his reign had become even more powerful and as such Prince James was even angrier at him

Then he left.

He did not remember why he left Vilajeri Continent and return to Western Heaven but he remembers he fled the world.

And he was not the only one., his memory is still fuzzy on that point.

Though he thinks that it is probably because of something urgent had happen in Western Heaven.

But he did not have many memories of Western Heaven right now

'Hah' he grunted as he pushes away the bush in front of him. As he pushed it away, he smiles. The wind sways his white robe and he could feel the soothing and cooling wind on his skin.

he finally saw a road. The road is very simple but it is a road anyway.

In the distance he could see a few small hut. The hut had something like a small wooden boat and on the front of the hut is a large net sprawled on the wooden veranda.

'A fishing hut' he thought to himself. Though the fishing hut looks abandoned or maybe it is just a private fishing hut.

Though he still did not see anyone else. He walks a little bit farther and then he saw a garden like area.

It has green trimmed grass and many flowers. The area looks like a scenery of a heavenly garden. The smells coming from the garden is also very soothing.

Though it is not appropriate saying it to be a garden when in fact it is just a flat area that had a different kinds of plants growing around it.

Surrounding the area, is some puddles of clean water.

And razing the grass of the area is lots of horses.

'HEHEHE' Aero smiles as he run towards the area.

Startled by his movement, the horse runs away from the area. But Aero himself is a fast person. He quickly chases one of the horses and jump behind it and take control of the horse

It thrashed wildly trying to throw him off but after a while, Aero finally tamed it. He then began riding it.

He rides it for hours until he finally found a place that looked like a village. He saw people in caravans.

He then rides forward and saw a market. It was then that he jumped down from the horse. He tied the horse to one of the tree and then walk himself toward the market

'I hope it is not Veva' he prayed before walking inside the noisy market


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