Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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If Alfhaim really send their Silver Archers, the plan to elevate King Edward from a useless King to an enlightened king would go up in smoke

Other than Alfhaim eagerness, everything was happening according to plan.

Aero had slowly set the stage for King Edward to elevate himself to become an enlightened ruler.

In the court, as the minister argue that a prolonged war might involve Veva there is growing discontent to continue the war.

In the midst of this, the Queen herself sent a letter to her father to stand down only to be met with rebuke.

Of course even this anecdote of history is nothing but a farce orchestrated between father and daughter.

In the letters, King Vrandeus wrote that he would not surrender and open up Duvar to accept the same fate as Niovar.

It seems like just an offhand comment but the letter indirectly accuses Prince James. Aero wanted to kick him when he is down.

Only then it would be harder for him to stand up.

In Vetten war Aero won the battle beautifully. Even when Vanheim forces invaded Vetten, they invaded at the most perfect time.

Aero was very adamant with King George during their late night talks that to attack or to defend, requires the perfect timing.

Grasp that timing in your hand, and you would be undefeatable. Miss it, and even the most well-crafted plan could crumble.

It was Aero conduct in that war and the subsequent invasion that won him his everlasting fame and glory

The act of sparing the innocent and protecting the common people form the desolation of war had made Aero as a righteous person and enhance his reputation as an otherworldly statesman.

But Prince James in his annexation of Niovar, killed many people. The streets of the capital city of Niovar run red with blood.

It gave Prince James the reputation of a bloodthirsty and warmongering commander. Aero at that time was disapproving of Prince James because he had already laid out his plan for Niovar.

If at that time Vanheim follow his plans, the casualties of Vanheim soldiers would be less and the fall and the pacification of the kingdom would become even faster.

It is why he decided to let King Vrandeus write that letter while indirectly condemning Prince James action in the past

It had the benefit of degrading Prince James position in the court and would help to set the stage for King Edward to solve the problem that is indirectly caused by Prince James.

In other words, that letter condemn Prince James.

It is basically saying that because of the conduct of Prince James, King Vrandeus does not trust that Vanheim would leave Duvar alone even if they surrender.

Just with one letter, Aero had managed to put himself in an advantageous position. He did not even need to attack Prince James himself.

Other minister helps him do it because they believe that the indirect cause for such resistance from Duvar is directly related to Prince James actions in the past.

Many of the minister, began to turn on Prince James. And Prince James himself knows that he was targeted so he lays down.

Aero still remembers that day. He looks at Prince James eyes and he only smirk.

He did not even say anything. Aero wanted him to know that he still did not have the power to stand against him.

At that time, he was giving Prince James a warning. And thankfully, Prince James is not an idiot. In some way, Aero felt that James is more suited to be a King than Edward.

It is just because Aero believes that he is the one that killed George, that he could not sincerely support him.

Hence, he looks on as James was scolded by some of the ministers.

In the beginning, when King Edward proposes the plan, many minister believe that King Vrandeus would swear fealty like Karak Federation.

It seems like this would be an easy win.

Thus, it come to a shock when King Vrandeus did not act according to expectation and become so stubborn that he wanted to wage a war.

And when that letter was revealed in the Parliament, the minister blames Prince James excessive behavior during the occupation of Niovar that led to the current situation.

Vanheim, strong as it is, did not want another war after Niovar.

They need to pacify the regions of Niovar, and slowly plan the development of the kingdom for the next few years.

If they keep conquering without proper planning, then they might bite off more than they could chew.

Aero was always reminding the military officials in the court to remind the King, that Vanheim must not overextend itself so bad that it opens itself up to so much danger.

It is wise to fortify internal security before expanding outwards. Sometimes the best offense is defense.

While people are wasting their resources, if Vanheim could increase resources and secure the ever expanding border of the kingdom, then in the end, the world will still belong to Vanheim.

It was then that King Edward said he would once again negotiate with King Vrandeus. The entire court was adamant on not letting the King go.

King Vrandeus at that time seemingly intent on doing war.

King Vrandeus had prepared his soldiers and some news even said he was asking for helps from the Savillia kingdom.

Even though Duvar is small, one must not underestimate the Holy Seat of the Old Empire. They are a hardy bunch and they are blessed by the Gods of Olympus.

It is even said, in the event of people trying to destroy the Holy City, the Gods of Olympus itself would come down from their abodes and aided the champion of Duvar

But King Edward insisted to go and Aero volunteered to follow the King. Aero was enhancing the king prestige. He would not forget to enhance his own prestige too.

He is presenting himself as a loyal and brave official that would accompany their King even though it is going to a path of danger.

It could also shut up the dark whispers that he and the King did not get along.


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