Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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But the Prince himself was afraid of him. While James is a Prince, other than that title, he had no power.

The moment he returns from Niovar, after his victory, the military seal was returned back to the Six Councils

And the power of the War council once again falls under the hand of the Chancellor. And Aero would not carelessly give the sword that have been given back to him.

Prince James might be able to deceive his own father for his reason to want military power, but to deceive him would prove to be a monumental task that he would surely fail.

Aero strip all of Prince James military power, shave off slowly his influence in the court, oppress the minister that was on his side and he holds tightly his authority in the Six Councils, giving no chance for Prince James to breathe.

As such, Prince James could not help but to lay down each time he got a blow from Aero.

Even though that was the case, Aero could see that Prince James was still not giving up the idea of the throne.

King Edward knows the threat of his older brother but other than relying on Aero, he is a little bit useless. Unlike his father, King Edward is a coward.

This trait of his could already be seen during the incident of Helena assassination. At that time, he ran away, leaving Helena alone to fend off for herself.

He did not like the new King no matter how easily it is to control him. But nonetheless, Aero could not let Prince James sit on the throne.

That would be more to his dislike than Edward.

There is a reason of course for this animosity. Aero rarely have an eternal enemy. Every enemy could become an ally tomorrow, and vice versa.

Even King Zeus which many regarded him as Aero enemy was someone that Aero respected.

He does mock him of lack of an ability to administrate and are not a king material but Aero also acknowledges that Zeus is a talented commander of the battlefield.

Zeus is the instinctual type of commander in the battlefield.

And as such his moves in the battlefield could sometimes be regarded as unpredictable and messy but always could render an effect.

It is the same for Eric.

They schemed against each other but the emotions they have for each other is complex. It is not so easy to call the feeling they had for each other as hate.

There is a mixed feeling of admiration and envy at each other. But for Prince James, Aero hated him.

The reason why he hated Prince James so much is none other than because Aero believes it was Prince James that poisoned King George.

At that time, if King George did not change his mind at the last minute, Prince James on the day he returns from victory would be proclaimed King after the death of his father.

Because of that, whether he like King Edward is irrelevant.

Aero decided that he needs to make sure that Prince Edward rule and reign to be peaceful so that prince James would not gain power.

The relationship between Aero and the new King was unlike the relationship between King George and him.

In the relationship of the previous King with Aero, there is this mutual respect and admiration on each other.

They sometime did not even have to speak to understand what the others are thinking. Aero relationship with Edward is like that of a regent and a child king.

In truth, the one that rules Vanheim is Aero.

He sent orders to the King and the King approve it.

Aero did not want to make the son of George become a puppet king but at the same time, unless he has enough power he could not effectively deal with Prince James repeated attempt at destabilizing the throne.

He had to keep a tight leash on all the Six Councils

As such, Aero power in the court grew even more, surpassing that of the King itself. And every court officials knows about this

But Aero no matter how large the temptation to write the orders and seal it with the Seal of the King, he did not.

He still wrote the explanation of the things he did and send it to the King for him to seal it with the Seal of the King.

Only then he executes the order

There is a reason why he did that. And probably only he understands why it is so important that he never cross that line.

After a few months of stabilizing the court, he finally proposes an idea to the King.

Like he had thought in the beginning he knows that for King Edward reign to be approved by the other officials and to assure the minister, hat the new king need to do something big.

And he had just the plan

Aero plan is for King Edward to capture Duvar Kingdom and claim himself to be Emperor. He said capture but the truth was it is just a farce he orchestrated with King Vrandeus.

The details were explained to King Vrandeus and his two sons and Aero even consulted Helena who was now the Queen.

Her relationship with the new king is still as cold as always but she was really friendly to him. It is a farce to enhance the kingdom prestige and to assure the common people.

Other than him and a few other people in the court, not many knows the backdoor deals involved in that farce

And then after all of the discussion was finalized, the day for that drama to begin has arrived.

It began with King Edward sending a letter to King Vrandeus ordering him to opens the gates of Duvar and submit to Vanheim.

As planned, King Vrandeus did not accept it. The resolution of King Vrandeus shocked the other nations.

King Vrandeus was prepared to fight to the death with King Edward.

At the time, Veva was still in the midst of pacifying the rebellions and as such could not investigate deeply on the matter.

If not, Aero had sixty percent chance of being discovered by Eric. Aero believes if it was him, he would see the farce.

And to them, it is better if Duvar kingdom resist Vanheim. Alfhaim was so eager to help Duvar, that they did not mind sending their Silver Archers.

Of course King Vrandeus rejected.


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