Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero smiles bitterly. He then walks away from the beach. He looks around him and see no other person. As he walks further ahead, he saw a forest ahead.

It is a small forest and its trees are sparse. He enters it and walk forward.

'It is funny' he thought to himself as he was walking.

In allied nation he could reveal himself and enjoy their hospitality. In Veva, it is just common sense for him to hide himself but why does he need to be so cautious if he landed on the kingdom which he holds the most power?

'It is funny' he thought once again. But he is not laughing. Aero himself knows the answer.


The answer was because he holds too much power in the Vanheim Empire after the death of King George.

Aero remembered some parts of his memories before the mass exodus of the people from Western heaven.

He remembers the suspicious death of King George and the subsequent events that leads to the current situation of him to have to be cautious in the land that elevated him to the seat of Chancellor.

This all started because of the conflict between him and the First Prince, Prince James.

Aero sighed a bit. He then keeps walking as his mind recall the matters of the past.

The relationship between him and King George is one that of teacher and disciple. The King was older than him, yet he did not find it disgraceful to treat Aero like a teacher.

He has the making of a great enlightened ruler. And Aero submit to him because of the promise King George had shown him.

He believes that king George is worthy for the Imperial Throne. Which is why he sincerely wished for his success

And they both share the same desire and ambition which made them the envies of Kings and courtiers all over the Continent.

Aero wanted to become the strategist who help found an everlasting dynasty, to unify the fragmented Kingdoms and create a large Empire.

But he wanted to do it with King George. He is the King that Aero had approved. He is the King that Aero could remain loyal to.

The trust between them is unbreakable. They are the model monarch and subordinate. His position in the court was unshaken during King George reigns.

And even though King George granted him power and influence, he did not restrain him.

And as such, Aero was grateful and strive to then their relationship evolved as they become more than just teacher and student, than just superior and subordinate…they become friends.

King George death was something unexpected for Aero and changes Aero intention.

He did not like both of the Prince. Whether it be Prince James or Prince Edward both of them are disappointing in his eyes

And King George last will appointing Prince Edward as the next King was controversial to say the least.

The moment that Prince Edward was appointed by the previous King, Aero knew that a schism had appeared in the usually united court of Vanheim.

In King George times, while the court is divided in many issues, they are usually only differing in the methods of doing something. In the court, at the time of the reign of King George, they all were united with the desire to unify he continent.

It is only that the courtiers in the court differed in the way they approach that goal.

Some prefer diplomacy and subtle politics while others preferred a direct way of invading and annexing states.

But the moment Prince Edward was chosen, the objectives of the courtiers change.

King George and Aero was the unifying force in the court. With the death of the King and Aero being imprisoned at the time in Veva, the courtiers do what they must do to survive in the court.

And they each pick a side. And many were more inclined to side with the First Prince, Prince James.

Prince Edward had no visible accomplishment in the military or the administration. Other than securing the alliance of Duvar by marring Helena, he had nothing of note.

Hence, the disapproval of many officials and minister in the court gain traction.

Some of them even had a mind to change the ruler to Prince James. In the day before Aero was escorted home by King Vrandeus sons, there was an upheaval in the royal city.

Some people were trying to discredit the will and others truly to undermine the validity of King George will.

Some of the minister even joined in and appearing to act with their conscience instead of being spurred by other motives.

While it could cover the eyes of the commoner, it could not deceive Aero. Of course this matter was orchestrated by Prince James himself.

Prince James even planned to rebel in the coronation ceremony.

If not for Aero timely arrival the coronation ceremony, that day, it might be a day of bloodshed and rebellion.

With him there, entering the capital city with ten thousand troops from Nairhell, with Castor and Pollux beside him, Prince James had to stand down his rebellion plan.

It was because of Aero support that Prince James was safely coronated at Vanheim.

But even then, there is a battle the next day. Nobody have the confidence at the new young king.

At that time, Aero knows that King Edward need to do something big to secure his rule and reign.

Aero own influence could only protect the King for so long. He needs to have something else to make sure he could sit firmly on the throne.

In the military and administration, Aero power and influence is still there and the previous King, King George even stipulated in his will that unless Aero committed treason, only then he could be arrested.

And there are practically no reasons for him to commit treason. He might not be King but his power and influence himself is not that different from the King.

In the beginning, Aero had broken all the schemes that Prince James had try to laid out in the court. There were many times, that each crisis could weaken King Edward hold on the throne.

Aero could not let this happen and as such, he broke each of the Prince scheme earning him the ire of the Prince.


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