Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero slowly opens his eyes. He is still dizzy but even before he opens his eyes he could smell the familiar smell of the ocean.

His finger could feel the sand texture on his skin.

His ear picked up the sounds of the waves lapping toward the shore and as he slowly opens his eyes he could see a vast sea in front of him

He shakes his head, like doing it could throw out the dizziness from his head. The sea water washes his bodies further ashore. He pushes his feet as he crawled to the shore.

He spits the salty sea water from his mouth and wipes his mouth as he wipes away the sand stuck on his face

Only then he could breathe a bit.

'Argh' he grunted a bit as he tried to get himself up.

He felt a little bit pain on his back but that pain slowly heal itself and as seconds passed, the vitality that he had recovered.

He got up, his steps steady and his body emanating that powerful aura once again. He looks around at his surrounding, trying to ascertain where he is right now.

'This must be Vilajeri Continent. But where am I?' Aero thought to himself. He still remembers the notification window saying that someone had found the Gate to Vilajeri Continent.

And he remembered the darkness. So, it is only logical this beach is on Vilajeri Continent. But which Kingdom?

Right now he is just hoping he was not transported into Veva. That would be too unlucky of him.

He then finally managed to get up. The wind of the sea brush over him and he close his eyes for a second.

Behind him the sound of the waves lapping to the shore calms his heart. Then he opens his eyes.

'Now what should I do?' he thought to himself. He makes sure his items are all there and only then could he heave sigh of relief.

Aero then look toward the sky and saw blinding white orbs flashing all across the sky and they all fall to many different places.

That must be the other people in the purgatory.

'Is it random? And it seems everyone falls down at a different time rate' he thought to himself.

He shakes his head. Even if he is thinking about it he would not get the answer. So, it is better for him to focus on what he can do.

He is trying to think what to do now. Just as he trying to think, a sensation of pain fills his head. During that brief moment of pain in his head, he saw a silhouette.

It is his memory again.

'Damn' he cursed before he found himself in one of his memories again. On the beach, Aero falls down to the ground

The memories seem to flash by him. He saw himself running across a beach.

Then he saw himself sweeping the ground, and many other memories that doesn't make much sense.

Then finally as this barrages of images slowly slowed down, Aero found himself inside one of the memories.

It was inside a kitchen. But it does not like the kitchen in Vilajeri Continent. Everything looked…. stylish and sleek.

And instead of earthenware pots, there is metal pots and slow fire beneath the pots of metals.

'Is this his memory when he was in Western Heaven?' he thought to himself. The memories are cloudy and foggy but a she focused himself, he saw himself with another person.

It was him and a woman. He saw his own hand grabbing that woman from behind as he planted a kiss on the woman cheek.

The woman was startled but she laughed when she realizes that it was him that hugged her from behind

When the woman turned to face toward Aero, the face seems blurry but for some reason Aero think she was smiling happily.

The woman giggle and then tickles him and he laughed.

'Amy. Don't do that' As they play around. Aero was about to move forward closer to the woman. He wanted to know the face of that woman.

Maybe, if he come closer, he could see through the fog. But as he takes that step forward, the fog becomes thicker and the memory pushed him away.

Then the memory went away, like dust being blown by the wind. And Aero was back on the beach, his knees kneeling on the sandy ground.

'Who's that?' Aero asked himself while clutching his still throbbing head.

'Amy' he muttered. At least now he had a little bit clue. He uttered the words a few more time, willing himself to not forget it.

He then takes a dep breath to calm himself down. It takes him quite a bit of time to calm himself down.

Even a battle could not shake him this much.

'She must be someone important to me' he thought to himself

Then he slowly got up.

He looks around him and sighed.

'There doesn't seems to be any people living near here. I should walk further away from the beach. I bet there is a village not far from here'

Then thinking for a moment, he decided a course of action. He should find a village and ascertain where he is right now.

He already had a plan of action regardless where he ended up. His identity is a very sensitive things and that would affect his approach.

If he is in Veva, he would be more than just careful. He would hide his track and slowly contact his secret forces in Veva.

Unless of course, Eric had already eliminated his secret forces. But even if that avenue was closed off, there is other way for him to make sure himself get out of Veva safely.

There is Aerosia. From what he suspected, the one called King Derrick is none other than his friend, Deria, the Son of Hephaestus.

If this is an allied nation, as he is the Chancellor of the Vanheim Empire, he would be welcomed by Kings and nobles.

He knows many Kings and nobles of the smaller states that would ingratiate themselves. This scenario is the one he wanted the most. It is the least dangerous scenario.

And the easiest one. He could even rest in this kingdom for a while while enjoying their hospitality and then plan his return to Vanheim.

However, if this beach and this land belong to Vanheim, then instead of announcing who it is, it is better to hide himself until he arrives at his residence or the palace.


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