Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The adventurers are useful but no one really knows how useful they are and how much they have melded with the community of the native population of the Vilajeri Continent

they have become an integral part of the Vilajeri Continent that their disappearance had caused such a massive problem.

A few months after their disappearance, and while many kingdoms were trying to find a way to close the gap left by the adventurers, all the oracles that served Olympus got a divine revelation.

They will return and once they do, they are no longer protected by the same protection they used to have. They would no longer be immortal but their powers will still be the same. And hearing this many kingdoms have been preparing for the day of their coming.

Veva was preparing to greet their King and their Prime Minister and once again prepares to ride to war.

In The Holy Zun Empire, The Bishops of the Church was preparing a place to welcome their Pope and the Holy Maiden.

And on Vanheim, they are preparing to welcome their Chancellor. Everyone could feel that the moment they returned, the current peace would break.

They are what the people of the world titled the Three Great Pillars. Aero of the East. Zeus of the North. Ariana of the South.

King Zeus is a warmongering king. He had created his empire through bloodshed and conquest. While his sense as a king could be said a little bit lacking, his prowess in the battlefield is undeniable.

The moment he returned, the terrifying war machine of the Veva kingdom will once again start.

And while they are some officials of the Veva kingdom that did not like the King blessed by the Gods, the military faction of Veva love shim very much

He would be welcome back to his throne. And no one could stop that. With Prime Minister Eric, the Black Robed Prime Minister paving the way for him, it would be hard for people to delegitimize him from the throne of Veva.

Ariana of the South however might face even more resistance when she comes back.

She is the Holy Commander of the Church but she was not well received by the clergy or the Church Bishops.

She is after all a woman and if not for the Pope trust in her, she would have long been removed from her position. If she returns alone, she would find herself in an uphill battle.

But if the Pope returns with her, then she will undoubtedly be given back her title.

And once she got back he title, she might once again fly the banner of war and considering the Nero Republic comeback, she would surely put that as her priority.

She might reconquer back the Nero Republic once again.

And then of course, there is Aero. He is not only the War God of Vanheim, he is also the Chancellor of the Empire, ruling over the Six Council that make up the administration of the Empire.

In the time of the posthumous Emperor George, he was the advisor and a teacher to the Emperor.

His influence and his power in the Vanheim Empire is at the peak. He is below one man, above all others.

With one word, he could change the situation of the world, and shakes the whole continent. However, not everybody would be happy seeing him return. Unlike the other two great pillars, Aero was not really a person that is well liked in the court.

He is well received, loved and adored by the common people but the court did not like him very much. There is the fact that he is the previous Emperor most trusted confidant.

While that gave him much power, it also gained him a lot of envious enemies.

It is said only Aero have the ears of the King. And the abundance of power he has in the court made many people wary of him.

And the other reason was that the First Prince, Prince James did not like him at all.

In his disappearance, while the military side of the Vanheim administration is at a standstill, with the disappearance of many key political allies of Emperor Edward, The First Prince, titled King of Niovar has begun gaining traction in the court.

He is pushing his younger brother from the throne subtly.

King James has always thought that the throne of Vanheim should have been his.

He could not accept that the last will of his father appointed his younger brother as the King of Vanheim.

He could not accept it but he bides his time for the opportune moment. He thought his brother would be easy to undermine.

And that was true. His brother was not as capable as he is in leading the army or in politic. But King James still failed. And that is because there is the Chancellor on the Court and taking the side of his younger brother.

When the Chancellor was in the Court, while he did not appear to be too close with the new king, he was after all loyal to the King.

The relationship between Chancellor Aero and King Edward was not the same kind of relationship that the Chancellor had with King George.

With King George there is this mutual respect. But with King Edward, Chancellor Aero will not hesitate to order him. And Edward would listen and comply to it.

Edward trusted Aero…or to be more accurate he trusted the Chancellor abilities. And because of the King trust it elevated Edward, to Emperor.

The Chancellor drafted the plan to conquer the Holy kingdom and uses the authority of the Six Council to take it under the name of the King.

Vanheim won that battle without a single shed of blood and the holy City of Duvar is intact with King Vrandeus still holding the title of the King of Duvar

It elevated his useless younger brother into an Emperor and raise his popularity at an all-time high.

The common people said he is the same as King George, wise and sagely.

The citizen of Vanheim all believe that Vanheim will reunite the continent and create a great empire that would last for eternity.

The Duvar kingdom is the Holy Seats of the Old Empire and it is widely circulated that whoever take Duvar would have the right to rule over the world.

In the end, the contributions of all this achievement belong to the Chancellor and everyone in the court knows it.

Even though King James wanted to undermine the Emperor, with the Chancellor in the Court any strikes and any schemes he had for the Emperor would easily be foiled.

And King James did not like the way the Chancellor look at him.

Whenever he is face to face with the Chancellor, he always felt small and inferior and he didn't like that.

The Chancellor return would not be happy occasion for many people and his appearance would return back balance into the Vanheimneian court.

Hence out of the Three Great Pillars, Aero would not be welcomed very much. Some might even be plotting to make sure he did not return

And as such, the preparation for the arrivals of these three great figures all have a different feeling that comes with their news of eventual return.

Today as the first month of the year is about to end, the Vilajeri Continent was suddenly shaking.

Thunder fills the world and storms appears from the skies striking down villages. Heavy rain falls down and thunderous roars from the sky filled the earth.

And then a blinding white light covered the entire continent for a brief second.

Everyone saw it.

The Emperor of Vanheim was in a meeting when he went out from the meeting room and look at the sky and saw the white light.

He smiles and laugh seeing the white light.

'The Chancellor has returned' he reported to be exclaiming

The Bishop in the Holy Zun Empire who was praying inside the Tower of the Divine saw the white blinding light from the windows of the tower and prostrates to the skies and chants the Holy Scripture.

In Veva as the oracles burns offering to the Gods, they saw how rain fall down, saw how the thunders roars and they saw the white light.

That day, all of the oracles speak the same words.

Those people from the Heavens have returned to execute the will of the Divines!


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