Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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First year of the Vanheimneian Era. The first year of the reign of Emperor Edward saw the return of the Adventurers from the Heavens

 Their disappearance led to mass panic in the Vilajeri Continent and the royal courts of many kingdoms were almost paralyzed.

Veva lost its King, the Holy City of Light lost its Apostle and Pope and Vanheim Empire that seized the Holy City of Duvar lost its Chancellor which was instrumental in the persuasion of the King of Duvar.

The remnants of the Niovar kingdoms nobles stage a rebellion during this chaos and managed to gain a few cities under the Vanheim Empire and once again raise the banner of Niovar.

The other kingdoms like Nairhell also suffers.

The Great Chief of the Orc, Gruk disappeared and many of his powerful generals also disappeared leading to chaos in the dangerous sandy desert of Nairhell of the Orc Land

Greater Veranis was also in chaos. Many of those who were enlisted in the army of the Greater Veranis suddenly disappeared one day and this led to some unsavory character trying to muddy up the Court.

Some even plotting against the Crown Prince since his soldiers was the one that was most badly affected.

The Karak Federation also lost many of its merchants but to the federation it is business as usual.

The Four Families of Karak was making sure that the effect would be minimal.

But it is showing that without the adventurous spirits of the adventurers, the many trade routes and sea routes only the adventurers know that many items cause many wares and orders is delayed all over the continent and it is began taking its toll on the Karak Federation reputation and prestige as a major trading hub.

They however did not cancel their oath of fealty with the Vanheim Empire.

Even though there is success in the rebellion of the former Niovar regions, it is still a small scale rebellion compare to the mighty Vanheim Empire.

Holy Zun Empire on the other hand is being pushed by the Neroian and once again established their Republic.

The Holy War Proclamation did not stop them from being annexed by the Holy Maiden

But the sudden disappearance of the adventurers gives them a chance to breath and counterattack the Holy Zun Empire

(If anyone remembers before the Fall of the Meteors, in the game King Vrandeus issued a Holy Summons to all the kingdoms and the summon is called the Holy War Proclamation.)

With the Pope and their Apostle disappearance the power of the peasant armies that the Holy Maiden of Armagnac had always lead and untrained militias could not withstand the sudden surge of attacks in all directions.

The Republic succeeded in their rebellion and managed to drive off the Holy Zun Empire forces.

The Nero Republic survive the onslaught and once again stand tall, establishing back their Republic.

This had many factors. King Zeus of Veva and his Prime Minister, his Great General Bart also disappeared sending the military operation to the Holy Zun Empire into a complete halt.

This should be a plus for the Holy Zun Empire but it is not really that much of an advantage since Holy Zun Empire also faces the same problem of losing their pillars

The Pope and the Holy Maiden was the reason for the eventual rise of the Holy Empire. Without these two figures, it appears they lost their morale and like a headless chicken, they began to bicker with each other.

Some Bishops had tried to convene a council to elect an Emperor for the Holy Empire. With many lords and nobles in the holy Zun Empire vying for the position, it soon devolves into an argument among the great lords.

If there are any kingdoms that had benefited from this sudden disappearance and the worsening situation in Veva and Holy Zun Empire, it is the surrounding kingdoms.

Nero could once again establish its Republic without interference from Veva Kingdom.

King Vrandeus when he first issued the proclamation was also worried that this is only a pretext for the King of Veva to spread his hegemony to the other kingdoms.

If Zeus was there on the throne, even if Nero was revived it would become a puppet kingdom under Veva.

But without him, Nero had managed to not only repel the occupation of the Holy Zun Empire, they had managed to remain independent and free.

With the sudden disappearance of many great figures in many great empires and great kingdom some of the small kingdom took this as a sign to quickly improve their military, stele their internal affair and begun devising countermeasures

Alfhaim who also lost a lot of its elves tribespeople had already retreated before the Holy War Proclamation was called off.

And they now have learned the brutality of man.

They have now seen what humans are capable off and they are alarmed. They are long lived and they did not have too many conflicts.

But as season changes, so does the ages of the Elves had ended. Now the one who controls the authority of the world is human

And the elves are slowly griping on toward that reality

On the East, there is the large Empire of Vanheim that stretched from the deserts of the Nairhell to the Holy Kingdom of the Gods, Duvar.

It is a kingdom of powerful military might, headed by a Chancellor who were regarded as the strongest person in the world

Rivaling it, is the Kingdom of Veva with its ruler blessed by the King of the Gods.

Its empire reached toward the far south and it expands very quickly. The South however have the Holy Zun Empire with its population zealous and fanatical even

They do not fear death because they believe that they will enter the kingdom of Heaven when they die.

Vanheim was once a distant enemy but with its forces in the Holy City, Alfhaim now has three great Empire breathing on its neck.

And as such, Alfhaim has begun researching ancient forbidden magic in a bid to stop their kingdom from being trampled by the three great empires.

They did not want their Great Forest to be burned. The Elves civilization is now at a crossroad. They began coming out form their forest and begun talking with the other kingdoms.

And the others thing that they did was to sign an agreement of mutual non-aggression pact and military alliance with Savillia Kingdom, and Nero Republic

The people of Vilajeri Continent called it the Agreement of the Three Kingdoms. And all of this chaos and unrest happened because of the sudden disappearance of the adventurers


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