Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He did not notice that the rain has slowly turns only into a drizzle. He did not notice that the wind has slowly calmed down.

And he did not notice that the skies no longer roars and lightning no longer flash.

Aero was about to check the Manual of the White Sword Technique when he got the notification


You are one of the many spirit from another realm that has been transported to this world from a great calamity.

This place you are standing now is Purgatory. This is the Plain of Peace area

For the people of this world their time has stopped when the mass exodus of the people of Western Heaven deserted them

Heaven is merciful and will send you all to return to that world from that time when you all have deserted them in their time of need.

One of your travelers have found the Gates that will lead you all to the mortal world. As you have managed to survive until the end  you are awarded one skill points.

Aero sighed looking at the notification

'Only one skill points. That means I still only have three skill points. I hope it would be easier to trigger quest when I returned back' He thought to himself.

Ion the Jungle Region, Dan was laughing as he opens the gate. The Gate opened up and everything in this Purgatory begins to lose its substance and form.

It is turning translucent and the souls of the many people that have died in the struggle in the battle turns into golden orbs that was sucked into that gate.

That gate seems like a black hole as it began devouring everything in front of it.

Dan and his entourage was the first group that were sucked into the Gate and then the jungle itself was slowly being devoured into the gate.

Trees were ripped apart from the ground, the rivers flow backward and floats into the air before being devoured by the gate.

The gate itself begun spewing dark mist. Wherever it passes, the area and everything in it, around it, inside it would be devoured

On top of the plateau, Aero was alone. A distance form him is the corpses of the people he killed. Those corpses finally turn into golden motes of light that floats towards the Heavens

Aero sighed as he could see even the clouds slowly showing signs it is dissipating. Aero could guess that his time in here is ending.

It is a pity that he did not see other regions of this place but his initial assumption was right.

This Purgatory is not as big as he thought. And he also wondered what Eric had found. He must have a plan if he uses this much force to force him to stay back.

He hopes Kyle find at least a few things that is useful. That man is not his friend. But he is not an enemy either. The relationship between them is complicated.

Aero saw that even the wind was being sucked into a spirals above his head.

'So, Dan finally found the Gate' Aero and Dan are friends. At least that is what he remembers. And he remembers being annoyed at this friend of his a few times.

The Parliament of Vanheim was Dan suggestion.

Dan misunderstood his intention and suggested the formation of the Parliaments to King George which minimized the power of the King and indirectly his power and at the same time bolstering malcontent forces in the kingdom.

At the time, the Kingdom was not entirely secure yet. The bickering of nobles in both sides could threaten the King newfound power at the time.

If not for the formation of the Six Council, Aero might have been pushed out by the old nobility in the Court.

Of course, the Parliament has its own pros and cons but at the time of the formation, Aero did not like it since it limits his power and the power of the King.

There is of course other minor matter that made him annoyed at Dan. But at the same time, Aero knows he could always count on him to help him.

And he is the few people that Aero had trusted. It is the reason why he brings him to the Court and why he was promoted to Marquis.

Aero could always count on his support in the kingdom and as such with his other friend like Lady Raina, and the military commanders and leader, Aero maintained a tight grip on the internal kingdom power structure.

So, he was happy when Dan found the Gate.

 He sighed and got up and at the same time, the rain stopped and he could see that the edges of the plains were slowly dissipating like they were ashes.

Eric who was in the Jungle Region was ready for his return back to the Vilajeri Continent.

He comes out from the cave he was researching and look toward the plateau at the distance. His black robe fluttered and his face is drenched wet

He did not know the result of the battle, but he is sure Aero wins in this battle of strength. But he Eric did not lose either. He smiles and then muttered to the wind

'Let us resume our battle in the real world' And then he too was devoured by the darkness that have comes out from the gate

Kyle who was traveling through a swamp holds tightly onto a piece of along branch and he was smiling.

He stands there waiting for the end of this place. HE could see in the distance that a dark mist is rushing towards him.

But he was not afraid at all. Instead he was smiling happily.

'I found a magical Elder Wood. Just you wait, Eric. Next time, we meet I'll show you how powerful my magic become' Kyle smiles in satisfaction as the dark mist swallowed him and the swamp.

Aero stand on top of the plateau and saw as the plains was devoured by the black darkness. He gripped his sword and smiles.

'To the darkness, once again' he said and with a smile he was devoured by the darkness and then Purgatory were extinguished.


See you all tomorrow. Hope you like the chapter.
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