Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The sound of thunder resonated once again and he remembered that he did not have much time now. From what Lizhu told him, Dan is close in opening the gate

He then looks toward the items description

QUEST ITEM (Compass of Destiny)

A special compass filled with the abstract concept of destiny. Leads to the stash of Lizhu Gerard.

Then he checks at the key

QUEST ITEM (Silver Key)

A mysterious silver key to open something.

This is the chance to use his skill points now. He sits on the muddy ground and opens his status window.

He looks at all his skills and look at his five skill points he had gathered throughout the quest and battle achievement he had accumulated in this Purgatory.

'Which should I improve?' he thought to himself.

He did not worry too much about his battle skills since he had his invincibility to rely on. Then he thought maybe he should have waited.

But there is nothing urgent for him to worry about. And the manual of the White Sword technique is already on his hand.

And this manual did not need any skill point to upgrade.

There is certain freedom to it in that it could not be defined or ranked up by skill points and instead grows and could be use according to the user of the technique.

It formed a majority of attacks that Aero had used in the battle.

He listed all of the skill he could rank up and exclude skills like achievement skills or some skills who have requirement like undergoing a destiny fated quest to rank up

He looks at Recruit skills.

It is already at an Advanced rank.

The skill itself is very useful in that it enables him to recruit people easily and give one an aura of approachability. Aero find it very useful when he had to converse with the natives of the Vilajeri Continent.

And it requires five skill point to rank it up to the Superior rank. Aero thinks carefully and he put on hold as he looks at his other skills

There are also the miscellaneous skills.

One of them is handicraft which is at Adept rank.

It only requires him four skill points to rank it up but at the same time Aero thinks to himself "Why would he want to rank up the handicraft skills?' he is not some tailor or a fashion designer.

He smiles a bit and he laughed.

Aero did not realize that he looks like a madman right now.

He is sitting on a muddy dirty ground with rain falling down on him heavily and behind him is hills of corpses and scattered flesh.

And there he is smirking and laughing aloud. Not to mention he is the only living person on top of the plateau.

Aero himself did not know he is a plateau but he could guess it. Even though he did not see the edges of this plateau he could guess by the people.

Once in his battle, he had caught someone disappearing when they went to the edge of the plateau.

He of course did not know this is a plateau but he made his own conjecture, that the place he is sitting right now is on some elevated area.

When he saw the skill below the handicraft window, Aero laughed even louder. It is the tailoring skill

However, at least this skill is a little bit useful than the handicraft skills.

After all, in the beginning he was not as rich as he is now. At that time these skills were useful when he had to sew his own clothes and repair clothes.

But when he had the secret class, the White Robe was given to him and he did not need to use the skill for very long

Below the skill is also another useful skill. Blacksmithing. And it is only on a Beginner rank.

He usually would only commissioned weapons and buy weapons if he wanted to. He did not need to use blacksmithing that much.

'Maybe I could rank this skill' he thought to himself. He knows if he is to search for the stash of Lizhu Gerard it would be a long journey.

And Lizhu Gerard might say it is just a stash but a stash of such a legendary figure might be very priceless.

In those long journey it would be useful if he could repair his own equipment.

It requires three skill points to rank up the skill. He has only five points. He sighed and then said

'Ah. So be it' he quickly wills it and the number of his skill points decreased to two as the description of the Blacksmithing skill changes.


Enables the character to be proficient in blacksmithing. Could only hammer the metal but do not know how to forge any Rare rank item. Could only forge Hero rank items and repair Strong rank items. Could smelted low rank ore and medium rank ore. Seek blueprints all over the continent to master the profession.

-Require four skill points to rank up the skill-


He finally uses it. He now has only two more skill points. He decided to store it for later use.

He then checks the title status of the new title he got when he accepted Lizhu Gerard offers to become his disciple

Aero Carlingian have unlocked the title of Disciple of Sage of Wisdom Lizhu

Requirement: gaining the acknowledgement of the Sage of Wisdom Lizhu Gerard.

Title received: Disciple of Sage of Wisdom Lizhu

Lizhu Gerard is a legend in both the Western Heaven and the Eastern Heaven. His name spread far and wide in the Eastern Heaven but his prestige and achievement was forgotten in the Western Heaven.

He is the Sage of Wisdom, a godlike existence that sits on the Three Heavenly Peaks of the Eastern Heaven.

He had break the mortal barrier and become a God and he possess infinite wisdom and has many magical abilities. By having the title of the Disciple of the Sage of Wisdom Lizhu, you would be blessed by the Heavens. If by some miraculous events, you were stranded, or strayed into the lands of the Eastern Heaven this title would help you find safety in many of the organization in Eastern Heaven

Title Perks: Easier to understand undeciphered symbols. Some secret societies hiding in the dark of the Vilajeri Continent that have relation with the Sage of Wisdom might contact you and offer an initiation ceremony into their brotherhood.

Your luck will increase when trying to search for Legacy fragments regarding Lizhu Gerard.

The title of the disciple shows you are still not yet trusted by Lizhu Gerard. Strive to become an inner disciple of The Three Heavenly Peaks and you will gain more perks.


Aero nodded in satisfaction as he reads the description.


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