Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He is still thinking which one he had to upgrade.

Then there is one of the most powerful attack he had. The Demonic Devil Energy Drain. It is already at a Superior Rank.

This is one of his most powerful technique before he got the Curse of the Styx. It enables him to drain the life force and energy of other people and heal his own injuries.

It also helps in him killing the enemy. One palm is enough to take their health away and if he infused with his killing intent, they die easily with one palm attack.

This technique is already at the Superior rank so if he wanted to rank the skill he had to undergo a destiny fated quest to rank it up

This could be a good choice for him if he wanted to skip that and ask Lizhu help to rank it up to Master rank.

Then he took a glance at Analyze skills and his eyes shows he is not interested in ranking up that skill right now

It is useful in analyzing enemy weakness, but Aero had rarely met any enemies that he could not break with his fist.

And the fact was that it is not an urgent skill to rank up and it could be rank up easily using the skill points.

He looks toward done of the other skills and he frowned. The Sacred Sword Finger. It is the skill that he wanted to rank up. He could rank it up to the Advance rank if he used four of his skill points.

Then he could advance it once again suing Lizhu Gerard offer but that seems wasteful.

If he had more skill points he would rank it up until the Superior rank and then he would use the offer to skip the destiny fated quest altogether.

So he shakes his head.

The Divine Sword technique is also the same. But there is something he knows that would be quite a big haul for him if he could get it.

His eyes shines. He read again the description of the Divine Sword techqiue



One of Lizhu Gerard legacy skills. Lizhu Gerard learned many styles of attack that are foreign for the part of the world he is inhabiting. It is a sword technique that could break any attack if it is ranked up until its most consummate rank. This technique emphasized internal energy and self-reflection. This technique is rarely seen in Vilajeri Continent. You have learned five of its moves from the Manual of the White Sword Technique. Find the other volumes to learn all the sword moves of the Divine Sword technique.

-Require five skill points to rank up the skill-


It is the part where it says about the Manual of the White Sword technique. He the other could be solved by skill points but about the Manual of the White Sword technique, he had no clues on where to find it

He looks toward Lizhu Gerard and then he says.

'Can you give me the full manual of the White Sword technique?' hearing this, Lizhu was not shocked. Instead he smiles and nodded

'Fine. But if you take it, you will use up the other opportunity. It is one or the other. Even after that will you still choose the Manual?' Aero sighed. He then nodded.

He had already made his choice.

Lizhu Gerard nodded and grab the air and then suddenly a book appears out of nowhere. Floating in the air is a white book.

He waves his finger and the book floated toward Aero. The book approached Aero and Aero took it.

He nodded.

Thunder suddenly boomed on the skies and Lizhu once again look toward the direction he gazes before.

In his eyes he could see that Dan is about to open the Gate. The Gate is a simple Gate. It is Golden and it floated slightly off the ground.

Lizhu Gerard knows he did not have much time. He sighed. He knows after his Legacy Child returns to the Vilajeri Continent, he would see a new kind of Vilajeri Continent.

After all, there is something that went out of the expectation of the Three Divinities. However, that is not his problem

He needs to prepare a lot. The Eastern Heaven is beginning their Age of the Gods while the Western Heaven will have a War of the Gods.

From what he knows before the abnormality happens.

The Three Divinities was laying out plans for the Apple of Discord to start a war between the Gods and to become a Dusk of the Gods event

He then grabs something again from the air. Appearing out of nothingness is a golden key and a silver compass.

'I said before that I had something for you to do right? I stash something in Vilajeri Continent. Seek it and you shall find some of my legacies there. This Compass is the Compass of Destiny. You did not have to know how to use it. I believe that it will show itself to you when the time is near.'

The two items floated and arrived in front of Aero. It floated in front of Aero and Aero too it.

'Now, that is done, I hope you will not die so easily. If Fate destined it, we will see each other again'

Saying this Lizhu Gerard slowly floats upwards. The skies above him open up and then he turns into a long arc of light that shot up towards the Heavens

The rain once again falls down. Thunder once again boomed and the wind once again went wild. Aero stand there transfixed for a few seconds before shaking his head.

'Oh, shit' he cursed to no one in particular. Rain is slowly drenching him as he sat back down on the muddy ground.

The smell of blood has slowly erased itself because of the wind and the rain. Sometime lightning would cross and the dark scenery would be illuminated for second.

Aero felt tired. The thing that just happens to him seems something out of a fantasy novel. But he did not believe that Lizhu Gerard is doing all this out of the kindness of his heart. After all, he did research the man

And from what he knows, he is someone who always have a plan.

There is also the fact that he did not get all of his memories yet. For some reason, he thinks he is forgetting something very important.

'Hmm' he thought.


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