Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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His friend? He thought to himself. Is it Kyle? But that is really fast if its really Kyle. It has been a few hours since Kyle went searching for the Gate but other people even started earlier than him.

But if it's not Kyle who is it then?

Then Lizhu Gerard said

'Yes, Marquis Dan. Isn't he your friend?' Aero smiles and he nodded

'So, it was Dan' He thought to himself.

He would rather anyone found the gate other than Eric.

It is even better that his allies found it. He would be mad at Dan if he found the gate too fast since it probably would not trigger this encounter.

Lizhu on the other hand look at the skies and his eyes could see that the vortex from where he come out from is slowly closing.

He could see zeroes and ones trying to force him back into it. But for some reason, the pulling sensation is not very strong and he smiles

'Freedom' he muttered to himself and there is this carefree smile on his face.

He then said to Aero

'I could not be here for long. Since you are my disciple, if there is something you need guidance with? As your teacher I can help at least with two of your skills' Lizhu said he could only help with two because nothing good should come easily.

And there is also the fact that he need to make sure Aero survive.

He could not just spend his time on the Western Server and ignore the happenings in the Eastern Server.

The Shang dynasty is about to meet its end

In the beginning Lizhu did not want to join in the Investiture of the Gods. He even rejected the offers of some of the Sages and the Fairies of the Green Island.

But now he had changed his mind. He desires to find out what would happen now. Now…that his fate is his own he had desires.

He also wanted to know what kinds of plans the Three Divinities stored in place for both servers.

So, right now Lizhu Gerard, like the way he is in the past is once again scheming against the world.

And to scheme against the world, he first needed influence and power. only this time he needed an influence against the thousands of gods in the Eastern Server

Hence, there is many works that needs to be done

He would put his finger in all the pies and he would choose the best pies out of all the pies.

He knows that his disciple has the protection of the River Styx but there are certain weapons that could hurt even the protection of the Styx.

And while his power and technique would not lose out too many people, since one of the Three Divinities targeted him, the world would also turn on him.

For such a person, he needed some advantages or he would be toyed by fates and destiny of this this world.

Lizhu need to keep this person alive, at least for now. He is still not sure whether this player that have his legacy is his enemies or his allies.

After all, in his long life, he knows that not everything is as it seems to be. He had to do some precaution.

It is better not to give too much or it will invite jealousy from the other Gods. Aero however did not know about what Lizhu Gerard is thinking.

He wanted to jump happily right now. 'This is not a calamity but a fortuitous encounter' Aero thought to himself.

It was only now that Aero remember about the many skills he had that had many relations with Lizhu.

The problem which one of the skills that he had that he would choose to improve.

He knows he could ask many things but he also knows that the more you ask, the more you might lose.

He knows that an existence like Lizhu would frown if he asks too much.

Since that is the case he need to think and make the most wised decision he could based on the information he have about himself and the skills that could be useful for him in the long run.

He checks his status windows.

There are many skills but some of them could be rank up using the skill points he had. He now had five skill points and when he exited this purgatory he would get another few skill points.

He then notices something. One of his skill had ranked up and he smiles a bit at this unexpected good news.

The one skill that has ranked up is his Killing Intent skill.

It has ranked up to Superior rank. It is not surprising since he killed about more than ten thousand people in this battlefield alone.

It would be surprising if it did not rank up



Killing intent is produced from killing people and monster. To rank up the skill one had to kill and experience bloodshed. At current rank, you could produce a baleful aura and a killing intent mist that could disrupt one mind, weaken their bodies and made them instantly fear you. At the Superior rank, you now also have the ability to infuse the killing intent of your hearts into your strikes and attack. Very useful in intimidating people and would even give you more energy when fighting and killing while enveloping oneself with killing intent.

However, do be careful to not be swallowed by the negative emotion that could make one to do regrettable things.

-Require more killing to rank up the skill-


He then looks toward his legacy skills

He had Divine Roar. That skill did not have to be improved. It is already reached the highest rank

The Killing Intent could only be improved by him killing more people or monsters.

And while Disguise skill is useful, at Aero current level of influence he rarely needs to do any reconnaissance mission anymore.

He would just send people to get information for him

It is not a skill that he urgently need to rank up. And he could rank it up easily with his skill points if he wanted to

There is also the Taunt skill. It is a Beginner rank skill. While Aero did have plans to rank this up in the future, it does not have to be now and Aero don't want to waste two easy upgrades by Lizhu Gerard on Taunt skills.

Language skill is the same.

It is not urgent for him to upgrade the skills.

He had his own interpreter if he did not understand. Maybe later he would need it.

He knows that there is traces of Lizhu Gerard all over the Vilajeri Continent and he might have hidden many of his treasures or other weapons in the Vilajeri Continent and the only way one could find this places if they have the legacy of Lizhu and his language skill that could decipher divine symbols and meaning.

Of course this is only Aero conjecture and it might not be entirely true.

But why then Language is listed as one of the Legacy skill in his status window if it did not have any significance and relations with Lizhu Gerard, right?

 Anyway, he would not improve this skill right now. He look at the other skill and his frown deepened.


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