Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He believed in that conjecture. So he waited patiently.

It wasn't until today when he saw the merging of so many servers into two and the appearance of the players that did not remember who he was that he could deduce a bit of the plans of those Three Divinities.

There are three Divinities.

Some Gods of these world knows about their existence and some don't. Lizhu is the few Gods that do knows about their existence.

He doesn't know their true name but there are some things he had figures out. Those Three Divinities is Julia, Takashi and Matsuo

They were the Creators of all the life in the Brave World but the moment that weird energy swept through the Brave World a few days ago, Lizhu could feel it.

That their fates and destiny is no longer bonded by the powers of three Divinities.

The three Divinities still possess their powers as the sole administrator and creators of the world but there is something they had lost.

Lizhu felt it most intensely. He no longer had to follow the plots and storyline that have been ascribed to him.

Nothing but freedom. That day, he floats out from his Heavenly Peak and laugh happily. He could love who he wants and pursue what he wanted.

But even though, he feels happy that did not make him any less vigilant. Since he believes that the players would return, he began to plan once again.

He flies out from his Heavenly Peak and waited for any actions of the Three Divinities.

He has eyes everywhere and he could see and be in everywhere he wanted to be. He has his eyes in the Western Server and he has his eyes on the Eastern Server

There are not many Gods that have lore's in both server and Lizhu Gerard is one of the few rare ones that do

And he saw the creation of the Purgatory. The unused data and the abandoned servers were molded by the powers of the Three Divinities to become the Purgatory.

From what Lizhu had seen there were hundreds of Purgatories. Some small, some large.

This is not the only Purgatory under his gaze as his eyes look at all of those hundreds of Purgatory at the same time.

At the same time Aero was undergoing his trials here, Lizhu Gerard could see many other heroes in other Purgatory and they all have a different mission.

Some had to fight golem monsters, some had to survive an onslaught of monster hordes, some ha to run away from divine disasters and many other kinds of missions and quest.

Purgatory is like an instance dungeon. Yet, this instance dungeon is different for everyone and the composition of the dungeon is random.

He looks at all of those Purgatory and keep an eye on them. And of course he keeps any eye on the person who had obtained his legacy.

He had to apologize to Fiore when Aero killed her legacy child. But it did not prompt him to make a move.

These players are after all still protected by the system.

It wasn't until he saw that vortex appearing a few times since the battle in Aero purgatory, that the existence of Aero pique his interest.

And when that vortex once again appeared and wanted to strike down tribulation lightning, it was at this time, Lizhu believes that Aero must have something special about him for him to be targeted by one of the Three Divinities.

So, he came out from his divine residence and block the attack. He also had seen how Aero handles the many quest that has been given to him.

This legacy child of his is a little bit selfish but he had some endearing qualities too.

Lizhu Gerard wanted to know what prompted the change of his world and why all of this is happening.

He wanted to know why the players all had their memories about their life altered and he wanted to know why they suddenly returned to this world?

There are many things he wanted to know and discover. That is why he offers the discipleship to Aero.

Lizhu Gerard then look at Aero and he remember that he still hasn't answer Aero question. He then answer

'Hmm. The Princess of Wind valley is an old friend. A very old friend.' He said.

Aero on the other hand frowned. He did not dare to complain but to him Lizhu Gerard answer is very halfhearted.

Isn't that just like not saying anything at all. Aero hide his dissatisfaction and then ask another question.

'Teacher. Can I ask where is the Fire Mountain?' Lizhu Gerard then look at Aero and then he nodded

This brat must have this information because of the description of his Storm Fan.

The Storm Fan look like a phoenix feather fan used to blow some wind into one face when one is hot but the Storm fan could change its size to become a big fan.

With one swing of the Storm Fan it could form hurricanes and tornadoes, bringing storm whenever the direction that is being swing at.

But one of its most useful abilities is to fan down the fire on Fire Mountain. Lizhu Gerard shakes his head. Once again, he is about to go down memory lane.

'The Fire Mountain is on my hometown' Aero twitched a bit.

This divine strategist, this advisor to one of the greatest emperor in the Vilajeri Continent, is answering his question without giving him any details.

Aero then patiently ask

'Teacher, can I ask where your hometown is?' Lizhu Gerard smiles a bit looking at the subtle cues on Aero face.

He could see that this legacy child of his is trying to control his temper.

He himself know he is not exactly forthcoming but he is very careful to not give too much details.

He still did not know the plans of the Three Divinities and what they are planning to do. And he still did not know why the Three Divinities cares so much about this child

Until he knows about it, it is better not to lay down all his card.

He then answers.

'My hometown is very far away' Aero had the urge to grab the white robe of Lizhu Gerard and wanted to scream why he is making this so hard.

But he manages to maintain his heart calm and then nodded calmly.

Then Lizhu Gerard look toward the distance and he sighed. He then turned to Aero and said

'Your time in here is limited. One of your friend is about to open the Gate. Which means we don't have much time. There is something I need to ask you to do.' hearing this Aero was shocked.

And anxious. But one of the word that come out from Lizhu Gerard made him halt for a moment

His friend? He then quickly asked.

'My friend?'


Can anyone guess whcih friend that foudn the gate? is it Dan? or is it Kyle?
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