Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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There are not many beings in this virtual world that realize the truth of their world.

He met Hades and he is one of the beings in this world of zeroes and one that understand their true self and the purpose of their creation.

And he also met some mortal who have transcend the power limits of this world but some of them could not accept the truth of the world and went crazy.

Who would be able to accept that their entire lives were only crafted as some form of entertainment?

Even Lizhu had a hard time accepting it at first. But at least that is what he had thought at first. A millennium has passed and there are some new thought and ideas that came to Lizhu mind.

He doesn't believe that this is all there is. He notices something is wrong with the premise they were created as nothing more than entertainment for those players.

But it is true, that in the past, Lizhu cursed this world.

They used to think that they could be free but when they reached the peak of power they realize everything in a way work the way the Three Divinities wanted

The moment he gained such enlightenment of who he is, he was free from his mortal life and mortal bodies, gaining the power of a God akin of an administrator like those Gods of Olympus.

But gaining such powers and godlike abilities did not mean he was free. He is only the few that knows that his life is not his life and it would always be controlled.

He knows he is a puppet.

But at least he knows he is a puppet.  A lot of other living things in the world, did not know that they themselves are a puppet and there is a string all over them

He accepted his fate and create a residence in the Heavenly Peak at the soon to be event in the Eastern Server.

At that time while the Western Server was preparing to roll out the New World Expansion Pack which would introduce other Gods from the New World and the Exploration of the World Expansion Pack, the Eastern Server was preparing for the Investiture of the Gods Expansion Pack.

It is to elect an Emperor God that would oversee the Eastern Server and the other things.

In Eastern Server, the Gods of Olympus was the AI that was tasked to regulate the many things that was happening and the introduction to the New World Expansion Pack was to introduce more content for the players and to add the emergence of a new kind of Gods in the New World.

It also would spur on the Hegemony Quest for the Reunification of the Vilajeri Continent. Only after that the Exploration of the World Expansion Pack would be unveiled.

On the Eastern Server however, there is still many plagues and disaster happening.

The Three Divinities planned it this way to give the players from the country called China, Joseon, Goryeo, Malaysia and many other places in a continent called Asia and the other to raise their levels before the big event of the Investiture of the Gods and other big event unfolded

(If anyone is confused why there is no South Korea or North Korea in Aero world, one only had to refer to Lord Shadow story. In it he explores the Earth Two which is Aero world. In it, their world develops quite differently from our world. Joseon survive and Goryeo survive and they are a monarchy)

Lizhu had spent a lot of his life trying to understand these players that come from the world of the Three Divinities.

He had striven to learn their nationality, their continents, their kingdoms and nations and even their cultures

Since he is a Godlike being and had his lore in both server, he could cross the so called barrier between the two servers.

When the servers sometimes merged because of an error or something, Hades called it a cross server event.

He as a divine being and had lore in both servers' had the ability to cross the servers easily unlike Hades who did not have such power.

Hades while he knows the existence of the other serves, he could not cross it because of the restriction imposed by the Three Divinities programming.

It was then that he recognizes the difference between the people that logged in into the Western Server and those people who logged in in the Eastern Server

Their clothes are different and their beliefs and myths are different. Lizhu knows that the many Gods in both servers were created using the myths in the world of the Three Divinities.

After he knows all this secrets, he no longer cares that much about the mortal affairs.

He knows his purpose and his role is nothing but to give the player the so called flavor text to enrich the experience of the players.

At least that is what he thought at first.

But a few years ago, Lizhu himself could feel that something is going wrong with Brave World system.

It became even more full of life. Lizhu knows he was created from data, from zeros and one but he could feel himself becoming even more real.

It is hard to explain.

But he saw it happening everywhere and on both servers.

And he could see that more continent sprouted out of nowhere. The Gods of Olympus did not do it and the many rogue Gods in the Yitien continent did not do it.

Then after that there was that mass exodus where all the players logged of the game.

Then they did not come back. The other people that lives in the world thought they returned back to heavens and then Time stopped.

Only some beings in this world did not stop. One of them is him and there are also some others who knows what they are and the true nature of their worlds that was not restrained by Time.

In a timeless world, it felt everything was eternal. He plays chess with Hades, met the Wind Princess again and do many things. Since everything was standing still, he had to find ways to stave off his boredom.

One day, he felt the changes of his world. He felt that while there are still zeros and one something is encroaching into the zeroes and ones and changing it to something else.

Something more real. Lizhu did not know how to describe it because it is a feeling and not something he could calculate or divinate.

It was then he saw many serves is being united and they were separated into two.

The Western Server and the Eastern Server and the many seas of both servers were being united and new island and new continent appeared out of nowhere.

It was since then that Lizhu had suspected that the true creator of this world is preparing for something big.

He believes that the players would once again returned.


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