Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero could feel the ripples of energy rippling out from Lizhu Gerard. He could feel the same kind of pressure when he met those Gods from Olympus.

But the feeling that Lizhu Gerard give him is even more inviting. Is it because he inherited his legacy?

Is that why the aura seems welcoming?

And Lizhu Gerard energy is even more tyrannical and suffocating than the energy of some fo the Gods of Olympus he had met


The sound of thunder from the skies reminded Aero of many other things once his head wrapped up the existence of Lizhu Gerard.

'This could be my opportunity to reap some benefits' he thought to himself.

He remembers that many of his skills is the skills that Lizhu himself once trained. Even many of his items is the items that once belonged to Lizhu Gerard

Other than that he also remembers that his White Robe is also a Godly Rank attire. But it is sealed and only exhibit a Hero rank ability.

Under any weather it is durable. And it gave him an elegant disposition that just come off naturally for him.

Some of them is because of his own ability, but some of them also come from the ability of the robe.

And one of the most mysterious items he got from the Sage of Trethelm when he accepts the legacy of Lizhu Gerard was the Storm Fan.

Like the White Robe, the Storm Fan is also a Godly rank items. But like the White Robe it also could only exhibits the ability of a Hero rank item.

No one could understand his frustration. He had two godly items. But both of them were sealed to only exhibit Hero rank abilities.

To unseal the robe, he had to find more legacy of Lizhu Gerard. And that was the same for the fan

And the reason why the Storm Fan is mysterious is because of its description.

It said that it is a mystical fan that Lizhu Gerard stole from Princess of Wind Valley to surpass the Fire Mountain.

Thing is, he has checked and examine the map of ancient times of the Vilajeri Continent. He never saw any maps detailing Fire Mountain or any Princess that is referred to as princess of Wind Valley

The one thing he hated about the fan is that he knew it full potential but do not know how to unseal it.

In its unsealed state it could summon winds and storms, calm the seas and change the weather.

That is a godly ability if he ever saw one.

He had been thinking on how to search for such a legacy in this Purgatory. He betted that there is a lot of legacies he could find about Lizhu Gerard in here.

That is why he was so mad that the opportunity was denied from him.

But now…now the one who originated all of the legacy is just there standing just a few feet from him. This is an opportunity for him

Lizhu Gerard on the other hand look at Aero and frowned. He thought to himself "Did this mortal did not hear what I ask?

Aero on the other hand did not register what Lizhu just said. He was busier looking at Lizhu Gerard. Trying to see if there is something he could take advantage off.

But the more he looks and looks, the more he felt that Lizhu Gerard is a tough cookie.

He had already felt the will of the world bowing toward Lizhu Gerard. And why he said bowing? He could feel it in the air. It was like they were welcoming their monarch.

The wind, the rain, the thunder and lightning, the forces that governs the elements of the world, all of it seems to move according to his will.

There are many stories about Lizhu Gerard but Aero had never read any records mentioning that he has power akin to the Gods of Olympus. Could it be in Eastern Heaven he is a godlike existence?

Is that the place where he come from? The heavy rain that touches Aero skin did not even dare touch Lizhu white robe and the wind take another path to course through instead of daring to go straight at him.

And life seems to bloom everywhere he pass. The grass bloom and he could feel any kind of killing aura in the battlefield was slowly being purified.

And the fact that one waves of his hand had stopped the thunder and rain was all testament to his great abilities.

And when the dark clouds went away and the sun shines down again, it was the time that Aero was utterly impressed

'So?' The voice startles Aero.

'Will you acknowledge you are my disciple?' This time Aero hears Lizhu Gerard clearly.

His head quickly tries to understand what Lizhu Gerard is saying and he quickly trying to remember what Lizhu Gerard said before and then he quickly pieces it together.

'Disciple greets teacher' And Aero kowtow to the ground as quickly he can with a modest expression.

Lizhu Gerard nodded as he stands there with his hand behind his back.

'Rise' And Aero quickly rise up.

Aero did not know what to say.

There is not many occasion when he was speechless like this. Lizhu Gerard on the other hand was smiling.

'My appearance today must have shocked you. I did not intend to show up but when I see those Divinities started trying to interfere, I just could not sit leisurely on top of my Heavenly Peak. Just like me, you were schemed by mortals and by Gods. I felt an affinity with you. Since that is the case I lend some of my help. That is all'

Aero nodded and thank him. He doesn't know what the Three Divinities are but that might be the Gods of the Eastern Heaven so, he did not pay too much attention to it. And he had other question he wanted to ask

To him this now is the perfect time to ask about some matter, that he had always been curios about.

He could see that another title was added into his status window. The Disciple of Sage of Wisdom.

He did not check the effect as he had another question he wanted to ask.

This question is one question he knew he would not find the answer to in the Vilajeri Continent and only his teacher could answer it.

'Teacher if I could ask, can you tell me who is the Princess of Wind Valley?'

Lizhu Gerard did not think that was the first question that his new disciple would ask him but then he sighed.

Those players are all like that, in that they are only interested in what interest them.

Lizhu Gerard is the few beings in the entire Brave World, and even throughout the many servers that knows who he is and what he is

His mind wanders a bit and then he smiles bitterly as he looks at the sky


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