Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The rain falls into his face and his fist is clenched. He slowly releases the clenched fist.

Aero is blanking out right now. It is not that he fainted or anything. He simply blank out. He is overwhelmed. He is shocked.


The sound of the thunder rang across the skies and the lightning illuminated the area. At the same time, in the Jungle Region, Dan and his entourage is laughing in joy as they run forward in the jungle with a sense of purpose.

Eric was on the other side of the Jungle exploring a cave with an undecipherable writing. None of them knows about the momentous moment that was happening on top of the plateau

In the plateau, one of the legends of the Vilajeri Continent has shown himself.

And Aero could not believe what is happening in front of him right now.

He did not even have any desire to fight or resist in front of this existence.

Aero might be used to becoming the strongest but he also knows that there are certain beings he could not win against in terms of power

And the one in front of him right now is that kind of existence.

He still couldn't believe what he is seeing. He still could not register what Lizhu Gerard says to him

After all, the age of Lizhu Gerard has long ended and it has been about a millennium ago. It is impossible for him to live unless he had become a God or an existence akin to that

It was then he was reminded that this Purgatory is the borderline between the real world and the worlds of Gods and Demons.

Is that why it is possible for him to encounter Lizhu Gerard. If that is so, is the Lizhu Gerard in front of him a God or a Demon?

He checks the quest once again


The Purgatory is a blurry line that connect the mortal worlds and the world of Gods and Demons. It is a place that have fortuitous encounter and calamity all intermixed with each other

You have encountered the owner of your legacy, Lizhu Gerard. Cherish this opportunity and depending on your own fate and destiny it might open up a new skill rewards or other opportunity or it might also lead to your demise and end of your ambitions

Aero eyes narrowed and then he muttered to himself

'So, there are two outcomes'

There is one part about the quest description that he pays attention to.

"Cherish this opportunity and depending on your own fate and destiny it might open up a new skill rewards or other opportunity or it might also lead to your demise and end of your ambitions"

In other words, this could be called an opportunity. But it could also be judged as calamity if he chooses his word wrongly or make a bad move that seem to offend or provoke Lizhu Gerard.

He then looks at the sword stuck in the ground. It was embedded deep into the ground that only the handle of the sword could be seen

'It is a beautiful sword' he thought to himself.

And like enchanted by its beauty, Aero slowly approached it and pull it out from the ground.

The edges of the sword cut through the ground so easily like they were not sturdy ground but paper

Aero marvel at its beauty and its power.

From the moment he holds the sword he knows that the sword is not an ordinary sword. When he lifted the sword he could feel how heavy it is.

The sword looks elegant and weightless yet when Aero lifted it, he knew how heavy it is.

The saber he used to wield on his hand was changed into a sword. The sword is gleaming with power, and the light from the lightning illuminated the sharpness of its edges.

There is this kind of loneliness coming from the sword. Aero had felt this kind of feeling before. Any powerful weapons have its own soul. And they all have a name.

He felt it once when he uses the Howling Dragon Saber. He could feel the howling of the dragons and felt its anger

And now as he touches the sword, he could feel it is the same. It has its own will and its own aura.

It is not wild like the saber he used to wield. It is calm and all embracing. Like the sky, it contains everything and shelter everything.

And when he was wielding it he felt like he was holding the sky for a moment.

He looks at the status of the sword and he was shocked with its attributes.

'What the hell?' he thought to himself. The weapon on his hand right now is a Godly Weapon.

He had never been this lucky before. And such luck would surely carry a risk too. And that is why he could not truly be happy.

He check the status of the sword once again



-The Heaven Sword is a Godly rank weapon of the Eastern Heaven. It landed on the hands of Lizhu Gerard after he returns to his hometown. There he once again braves the dangers of the world and obtained the Heaven Sword, kill the fatuous monarch with the help of Dragon Slaying Saber and bring peace to the world. This sword imbued the wielder with the majesty of a ruler and its strike is bolstered by the forces of heavens. Luck and fortune would also come easily and misfortune would have little effects to the wielder of this sword. The one wielding this sword could use the power of Heaven to summon tribulation lightning from the Eastern Heaven when it is unsealed. It could also cut apart ghost and all kinds of evil spirit. It is terrifying sword and could only be broken by the Dragon Slaying Saber. To unseal the weapons, there is some restriction. If the wielder decides to challenge the unsealing quest, just communicate with the sword-


The moment Aero reads all the details he was shocked. He did not know many of the things mentioned in the description of the sword details.

For example, there is another Heaven. If the place where he came from is the Western Heaven, then who are the people that come from the Eastern Heaven?

And Lizhu Gerard returns to his hometown? Where is that?

Aero since the moment he gains Lizhu Gerard legacy, he has been researching many things about this forgotten illustrious person.

While he is mentioned in many royals archive for some reason, only well-read scholars and Sages that secluded themselves from society knows his name

From what he knows, the First Empress of the Old Empire did not see eye to eye with the famous strategist so he left his official post and disappeared from the annals of history.

Since then the Empress never mentioned him again. And after Emperor Alain death, the Empress burns all records in the palace that mentioned the divine strategist.

Aero look at Lizhu Gerard in front of him

This is the one the continent hailed as a Divine Strategist that help forge an Empire that lasted for a thousand years.

And from the description he reads in the details of the sword, it seems Lizhu Gerard did not die after his conflict with the Empress.

Instead, he returned to his hometown and once again enter into a similar conflict.

Aero could not help but frown. There is a mystery here. And he did not know how to feel right now.


Sorry, that I posted this chapter a little late. I had some correction on the chapters that I had to do. Anyway, here you go. From the staistic thsi book is not doing well. But I hope it will pick up someday. 

Anyway, a  lot fo things will be revealed in this arc.See you tomorrow and hope you like the story and please vote and leave some comment if you can
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