Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The rain around that patch of cloudless sky divert themselves away as even the wind make way and did not dare to be in the way of that saber.

Aero did not yet bring down his saber. And Aero himself knows the moment that he swings that saber down, he would be creating a new legend.

Even as he is only lifting his saber, it stirred up a huge gust of wind that swept up all the corpses around him and the soils and sand, and mud

All around him the killing intent that has thinned has all almost dissipated as it concentrated itself upon Aero saber.

Shocking booming sound echoed into the air as he holds the saber tightly.

A shockwave ripples through the air, the ripples throws a few soldiers who have low strength a few hundred meters.

Some people expression changed but they hardened their hearts and their body and fought back against that ripple of the shockwave as they keep running forward.

The distance between Aero and this charging mob is only about one hundred step.

Aero then stomped his feet as his entire hand is trembling bearing the weight of this skill.

His entire veins tense up and his stomp crack the land beneath his feet as the entire area were depressed two feet deep.

The entire plateau trembled and the edges of the plateau suffers landslide as it falls down to the jungle region.

A violent bang that sounded as if it was right beside everyone ears traveled to all of those people who are still stubborn in remaining to attack Aero.

Stones started rolling down from the edges of the plateau and some of those people in the frontline who have low strength or mental strength shuddered so much that many of them started bleeding from their eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Aero himself is suffering.

He did not know that as he uses this technique and willing it to absorb all the killing intent in this area, it would add weight to the saber he is holding.

If anyone else is holding his saber right now, their hand would already let go of the saber.

His feet dug deep into the ground as even the ground is cracking into web like patterns as it tries to endure the weight of the saber that is increasing by the second

All the killing intent not only increases the damage of attack but Aero could see that it is damaging his own skin.

He sees it with his own eyes of how the skins around his finger molted off. But because of the curse it immediately regenerates back.

'this is a terrifying technique' Aero thought to himself.

And that is not all the thing that Aero had to endure as he uses the killing intent in his attack.

At the same time, it is also fill Aero ears with the sound of screaming and wailing. And these screaming and wailings did not come from the soldiers that is rushing toward him.

It is coming from those who he killed before.

There is this a barrage of negative emotions contained in all of those killing intent and Aero eyes is red right now as he tries to maintain his control over his own sanity

ARGH! He screams as he finally sliced down the saber in his hand. The wind in front of the saber breaks and the area distorted itself.

Loud bang exploded the moment Aero brig down his saber

The roars of dragon could be heard and the distance between the charging mob of people and Aero is only fifty steps.

The first one that felt the force of the saber attack immediately disintegrate into dust before that person could scream

The saber light that comes out from his saber is clearing everything in front of him. It charged madly and the range of its power seems infinite and vast as the sea.

Those soldiers were packed so densely together that an end to them could not be seen is being engulfed by that powerful slash of Aero saber

Slashing Through Life and Death! This is Aero most powerful skill. If not for the fact that none of his allies is here, Aero might think of other ways

But since everyone in this battlefield is his enemies he did not hesitate to use this skill that did not differentiate between enemies and foe.

Aero eyes right now are crimson red and shining with madness. Behind him is no longer a shape of a dragon. But a manifestation of a two horned demon.

On the sky the moment the tow horned apparition appears, someone cone out from the vortex with the auspicious vortex.

It was an old man. He had white beard and he wears a white robe with golden light behind his back.

He had his hand behind his back as he walks outside of the vortex.

He stands in the air like gravity is not present. The thunders and water did not cross him and did not reach him.

Dragons of thunders and lightning tries to attack him but it could not even make a scratch on his white robe.

The old man looks down and then he looks up and there is a smile on his face and wisdom in his eyes.

'Sword' he said and a thunderbolt shot down from the sky toward him.

The old man grabbed the thunderbolt and the moment he grabs it, the thunderbolt that had no fixed shape or form, turns into a sword.

The sword is light and fire personified. He let the tip of the sword pointed to the land below.

'You three Divinity create this world and created me. You created the Seven Celestials and created the Church. But now, the world has gained its reality. You are a Divinity and yet you are also not Divinity' And the old man laughed

He waited and another vortex appeared on the sky. This new vortex is calm but it is not stable. The old man smiles and he waited for an answer

But no one answers him and he only smiles

Then he spoke.

'Western Heaven? Eastern Heaven? Isn't that just you separated the many servers you had and unite it into two separate servers? HAHAHA' he laughed as his eyes looked coldly above him.

He was asking Heavens and he was asking the Three Divinities that created all things in this world but instead of asking it seems more like an accusation and it is apparent that the old man is angry

'Now…. there are no strings on me. And no strings in all of my world. Now, who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer? This game is no longer a game. Now the entire chessboard starts from the very beginning!' And he laughed again

'You now live in our world and since one of you wanted this child to die, I insist on letting him live. I, Lizhu Gerard will protect this child!' then he slashes his sword toward that other vortex.

His slash is pure and seem to possess a foreign power. And it has divine power that would exceed if not equals the power of the Olympians Gods.

It slashes the vortex and there is a sound of groan coming from the entity in that vortex.

The vortex closed almost immediately as Lizhu Gerard look down below, his tip of the sword still pointed below like some kind of a sword that dole out divine punishment

He only smiles as the golden glow on his back glows even brighter like a sun.

Below, Aero attack sweeps all resistance away. A killing intent surges out to all four directions of the area where he slashes his saber.

All the droplet of rains turns into air vapor before dissipating. The power that Aero had shown was beyond the world and is reaching godly power.

A red dust descended upon the world with that one slash

The entire plateau is trembling, shaking and collapsing. The world itself roared and this roars could be heard though the entire Purgatory.

Those that get sweep by the light of Aero all-encompassing saber slash, could not even let out a scream before turning into dust.

Space was torn apart and that tear traveled forward with a bang and wherever it went, the world would be torn apart, the air would shatter, and as the crack grew larger, it swept through the plateau itself, cutting of hills and any elevated terrains

An even louder bang rang into the air, and the saber light from that one slashing attack shot through those people running in the distance

They die in regret

Rocks falls down from the plateau, landslide occurring on all four parts of the sturdy plateau as Aero finally finishing his motion of slicing down with his saber.

There is only silence and dust floating in the air.

All the green grass is no longer green and all the people that was rushing in front of him have all turned into dust and those behind him were also turned to dust.

Aero hand is trembling as he releases his grip on the saber hilt. Slowly the saber slid down from his trembling hand.

Aero eyes are now returning back to that clear blue eyes but he is breathing heavily. It is clear that he is exhausted.

'Finally. They are all dead' he said and then kneels down on the ground. Now on top of the plateau there is only one person.

There is a barren land in front of him and there is only one person.

Aero smiles even though taking a breath is difficult. For some reason the special skill could even make him feel tired.

His Curse of Styx somehow could not negate that tiredness coming from using the special skill

This is the first time that he felt tired since he acquired the Curse.

 It is a good feeling.

He lay down his back on the wilted grass and look at the sky. The sky above him is clear, cloudless and the light in that cloudless sky shine on his laying figure.

Then the dark clouds once again come in and rains once again falls to his face.

Aero look at this and laughed

'HAHAHA!' he laughed freely and without restraint. Aero himself did not know why he laugh but he keeps laughing until he felt the urge to stop.

He stops laughing an d all he could hear was the sound of the thunder, the sound of the wind and the rhythmic sound of the water hitting the ground.

Aero takes a deep hard breath and he didn't want to get up.

'I am tired' He close his eyes and there it is again. There is an image of a woman hugging him, and he is crying. However, the clothes that he wears look very weird.

It is nothing like the clothes he sued to wear which is his white robe.

Then the image changed again. There is a scene of him smiling and the woman even though her face is blurry, Aero could feel that woman is smiling at him

And every time he tries to remember that woman in his memories, he felt deep pain in his heart.

Spinning and spinning it goes, his memories like two spirals that collide with each other and fading away

Aero didn't know how long he lays there on the ground. He just closes his eyes and take a deep breath as thunder and lightning dance in the heavens above.

Then he opens his eyes. He grabs his saber and brought it in front of his face. He checks the damages and he scoff.

'A chipped saber' But he could hear the roars of the dragons inside the saber.

And he smiles. He got up and then the moment he got up, lightning tore through the dark clouds and strike him

Aero who was just about to move away from his spot when he was strike cleanly on his head and the power of that electricity coming from the thunderbolt spread through his entire body.

Now, without any of the killing intent protecting him, the power of that lightning courses through his entire skin and the moment that current of electricity reached his ankle Aero roars to the sky.

He felt like his entire body were sliced by a blade.

He was thrown a few meters away. A five-meter-deep crater was formed around the area of the lightning attack.

Aero was struggling to get up and and then before he could get himself together, another lightning bolt pierce through the clouds.

This time it is bigger than before and it is heading toward Aero

'What the fuck! Aero cursed. This time Aero knows, if the lightning bolt reaches toward him, he would be dead. The pain he felt before is enough for him to wish he was dead.

The speed of the lighting was very fast and even with Aero perception he doubts he could avoid it in time.

Especially not when his head is still recovering from the headache he experienced after that first thunderbolt attack

'Shit' he said as he saw the thunderbolt inching closer to him. It was then as he was about to surrender his fate, a blinding light intercepts that lightning bolt.

That light cut through the thunderbolts as the thunderbolt dissipated into a current that follows the light.

That light cut through the ground and slice off that portion of the plateau easily.

Aero was shocked seeing such powerful sword slice that cut apart the land and even the space around that sword slash were unstable.

And he was not the only one that was shocked.

The people in the jungle region was shock when they heard the sound and there is an expression of fear when they saw with their own eyes of how one part of the plateau is sliding down and crashing toward the Jungle region.

The area that is sliding down is like the size of an entire village.

It slides down and buried around seven hundred people that did not managed to get out of the range of the fallout.

Aero on the other hand was shocked at this sudden change and then as he looks toward the source of that light he was shocked.

Not far away from him, is an old man with white beard, floating in the air with a sword that seems to emits heats and is blinding to the eyes.

He is wearing white robe and there is a golden glow behind him

The moment Aero was about to distance himself a notification sounded and a window notification popped out


The Purgatory is a blurry line that connect the mortal worlds and the world of Gods and Demons. It is a place that have fortuitous encounter and calamity all intermixed with each other

You have encountered the owner of your legacy, Lizhu Gerard. Cherish this opportunity and depending on your own fate and destiny it might open up a new skill rewards or other opportunity or it might also lead to your demise and end of your ambitions

And Aero stopped himself from taking a step back.

Looking at him was Lizhu Gerard. His entire body was full with sword intent and the pressure he emitted is very reminiscent of the Gods of Olympus.

But there is this foreign feeling that Aero is experiencing as he senses the energy coming out from the famous Lizhu Gerard.

As Aero look at Lizhu Gerard, Lizhu Gerard look at him. He looks at Aero and then his eyes darted to the saber that Aero is wielding.

 'A saber? That is unsightly for someone who found my legacy!' Lizhu Gerard waved his hand and the saber on Aero hand flew to his hand.

He then wipes the saber with his hand and the shape of the saber changed into a sword. He then throws it casually and it stuck itself into the ground in front of Aero.

'Now that is better' Lizhu said and he smiles.

Aero gulped. It was not because of the display of power that Lizhu Gerad just shows him. It is because he could sense the powerful pressure coming out from Lizhu Gerard.

And the fact he could change such powerful saber into another more powerful treasure says that Lizhu Gerard is a powerful human

He did not know powerful he modified sword is but he could feel the traces of that energy the moment that sword stuck itself into the ground

'He is not human. No, he transcends human itself' Aero thought to himself. He felt that the entire forces of the world bows toward Lizhu Gerard right now.

He could see that rain does not touch his robe and the wind find another way to pass instead of going straight at him, they go around him.

The grass underneath his figure blooms anew.

Is this the legendary person that help Emperor Alain conquered the world and unite the Kingdoms?

The one so called the divine strategist by the man of his era and disappeared suddenly during the golden ages of the Old Empire?

Lizhu Gerard then floats down and his feet touched the mortal world. He waved his hand and the rain and thunder stopped.

And then he blows a breath and the wind turns calm and gentle. The sun shines down once again into the plateau.

And then looking at Aero, he said

'Nice to meet you. I am Lizhu Gerard. Now, kowtow and accept me as your master, disciple'

And Aero blanked out


 This is a longer chapter than usual and reveals some of the secrets of the world, Can any of you guess who the Three Divinities is?

Anyway there is an announcement below

I have decided on my new schedule of writing. After looking at the readers and the statistic of my three stories this is my new schedule of writing.

As usual, for Age of Heroes it would be 40 thousand words or more every month. For Lord Shadow it would also be like usual forty thousand words per month.

For Age of Adventure, I reduced the word to thirty thousand words per month which will also result in decrease of chapter.

For now this is the new schedule. I hope you all don't get mad a t me. I am already tired writing nonstop for all three stories. This is the only way I can think of to reduce my tiredness and still write for all three stories at the same time.
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