Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The vortex in the sky spirals even more as thunders and lighting clouds tries to cover the vortex. Another vortex suddenly appears in the sky.

This vortex is full with sword intent and it swirls with clouds and auspicious golden aura. Someone could be seen walking out from the vortex.

Both of those vortex seems to be fighting for dominance as the lightning and thunder was generated around them

As these vortexes in the sky fights against each other, and trials of lightning and thunders fills the sky below Aero is enjoying his freedom

Aero smiles as he heard the sound of the formation breaking. He holds his saber tightly as it trembles and the sound of roaring of the wind and rain could be heard

All of the forces of Veva looking at this defeat is confused on what they should do next.

Their leader is already dead so now they look to any officers that have survive and could take up the mantle of leadership.

In this moment of confusion Aero heard the sound of notification and his smile become wider.


You have been trapped by an ancient magic. As this ancient magic changes and alter the progression of this Purgatory generation of spaces and alter the laws around it, the Western Heaven have decided to generate a quest for you.

Congratulations! You have succeeded in breaking from the ancient magic formation. You have been rewarded with skill points

Reward: two skill points

Aero check his skill points and now he has five skill points. At least he gets something out of this ordeals.

But he has no intention of using his skill points yet. There are many skills he could rank up but most of them could wait.

Aero had no immediate need to use it after all. And when he returned to Vilajeri Continent., Aero believes some thing would be changed. It is better to store it for any rainy days in the future.


The sound of thunder and the lightning illuminated the dark sky above all of their heads

As the rain fall onto the plateau, some of the people who were forced to fight under the threat of Trey immediately run away



But most of the people in the formation chose to be there and not all of them were there because they were forced

Aero expected that. It is why he did not let go the saber on his hand as he smiles bitterly. He closes his eyes only for a second to make sense of all this chaos and he laughed bitterly

If he did not have the Curse of the Styx, he would long be dead. If he does not have the killing intent and the many techniques he possesses, he would long be dead.

The stronger he became, the stronger the ways of restraining him became. Eric sacrificed ten thousands of lives just to delay him.

What was he planning? What is he trying to do by delaying? Is it a simple sabotage or Eric have some other plans he did not want him to know?

Whatever the case, the thing that has been done is done.

As the rains fall down upon them, washing the dirt, grimes and blood from their body and face and as thunderous roars of lightning strikes above them, the people that hold their ground, hold their weapons tighter and then they rushed to Aero, screaming with bloodthirst, trying to drown their feelings of fear and awe from their hearts

Aero smirks.

'This is the perfect time to use that' he thought to himself.

He checks the skills




This skill evolved from the skill of Slashing Through life. It is an achievement skill derived from your dedication to killing and bloodshed. This skill would gather all the killing intent around you to produce a strike that would take all the lives of people around you. The effect of this strike and its range of attack depends on the amount of killing intent that is around you. It could not differentiate friend and foe, so be prudent before using it.

[Powerful people who have measure of extra protection or powerful spell that could neutralize some of the killing intent around them might have the chance to survive this attack. Someone who is cursed to be Immortal by the Gods would not be affected by this strike] Because of its tremendous power to manipulate the killing intent, you could only use this strike only twice before it could be used again next week.

Because of its evolution, it now could cut through ghost. There is a possibility that this skill could evolve more. Continue your effort in the path of killing and probably that evolution path will open up.

The other effect is as follow: Strengthen mental strength, become resistant to possession by shades and wraiths


He still has one usage. That is what he thought after executing it before.

The first time he executed it he only uses a portion of the killing intent around his area.

Now, he wanted to know what kind of power it could release if he absorbs all the killing intent he could

And this is the perfect time to use it. He lifted his saber and the moment he lifted it the sound of droning could be heard all above the plateau.

Then a terrifying sight occurs. All of the killing intent that was about to scatter suddenly gathering and rushed towards Aero saber.

All of this took time to describe but the action was swiftly fast.

With each inch of the saber being lifted dup, the killing intent surge towards it like a tsunami crashing toward the saber

Aero saber is trembling as the thick layer of fog around the area thinned out. Lightning arc above the sky is flashing more intensely.


As the saber was lifted up a thunderous roars of a dragon shock the world. The pressure of the roars forces some of the soldiers to be thrown back by a violent gust of wind.

Behind Aero is a dragon shaped by the killing intent. Its eyes are red and its body is black.

'IGNORE IT! KILL HIM! FOR KING ZEUS! FOR VEVA!' Someone shouted as they ignore the fear they are feeling and charged forward valiantly.

Aero did not fear anything right now because he could feel the killing intent is supplying him with energy.

His saber is taking up all of the killing intent and as Aero about to release the skill of Slashing through Life and Death he could understand why it is limited to two slash a week.

This saber attack even before Aero release it, he knows it would tax his body. It was like he could feel his vitality is leaving his body

He could feel that even the protection of the killing intent around his body is about to be hijacked by the absorbing power of this particular skill

Aero did not expect that.

He didn't expect that as he decided to use the full power of this skill that it would absorb all the killing intent on top of the plateau.

The sea of mist of killing intent roiled up and rushed to Aero position.

What he didn't realizes even more that it does not only absorb the killing intent on top of the plateau. It is also absorbing the killing intent in the jungle regions.

Those who did not yet go far from the foot of the plateau could see a surge of killing intent mist surges up the rocky terrain and climb up the plateau like a clouds that is on the ground surges up to the heavens

There is thousands of people, charging toward Aero right now. But in his mind and in his eyes right now, he could only see his saber.

In his heart there is only this saber. A holy saber for protecting the kingdom in Aero hands turns into a demonic saber.

He is a Saber Emperor and the Demon of the Battlefield. And that title corresponded and mesh with each other well.

The saber in his hand is crying with excitement.

Aero could feel it and he could see crack on the edges of the saber. The energy that is about to be released could crack even the most precious weapons he got from royalty.

The chipped metal turns into dust the moment it chipped away because of the pressure of the killing intent

Rain and thunders danced in his battlefield and wind push and pull the rain. But Aero did not feel the water on his cheek or the wind flapping his white robe.

By now Aero had already lifted up his saber, the point of his saber pointed towards the heaven and the clouds above his head opened up because of the powerful pressure his saber is emanating.

The patch of cloudless sky above Aero head shone down light upon Aero figures. A lonely hero fighting tens of thousands of heroes is depicted in the battlefield right now

It was heroic and his pose was valiant. Even his enemies could not help but admire Aero. This is the dignity of the Three Great Pillars.

This is the prowess of one of the three people that sits above all of their peers and have influence to change the world!


Fourth chapter of the mass release. See you in a couple of minutes for the fifth chapter of the mass release.
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