Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Trey was a warrior before he is a general. And he is an accomplished one.

But his legacy is of a special kind of fighter. Trey landed on top of a boulder not far away from the area where the hill slide down

At that instant that killing intent came charging towards him, he had already prepared himself. Around him, his power rises as the pebbles around him floats up.

His eyes turn red and his muscle bulged as his body enlarged.

Aero appears suddenly in front of him. The distance between them is only about ten steps away from each other.

They look at each other. Trey did not make any sudden moves.

Now looking at Aero, just standing there a few steps for him, he now understands why people fears and at the same time respect the Three Great Pillars that much.

Just by standing there, Aero look like an unmovable mountain. His eyes were like the eyes of an executioner and the saber in his hand is about to kill all sinners

The aura around Aero of the East felt otherworldly and divine and the pressure coming out of him, made Trey felt goosebumps all over his body.

As Trey look behind Aero all he could see was his forces standing around.

'What are they doing just standing around? Especially at a time like this?' Trey thought to himself.

He was just about to order them to attack when he widened his eyes.

Before he could even ask for help, those people suddenly bow down. But the eerie part came later.

As he looked closely it is not that they are bowing down. Their head slide down from their neck as blood spurted out from the veins in their necks.

Behind Aero those standing bodies look like a fountain of blood as blood keep spurting out from the neck veins.

Trey have slaughter animals before.

The scene in front of him right now is what like happens when you slice an animal head. The body wiggled about before it also falls.

The thick fog of killing intent has considerably thinned but Trey could see that the swirling fog of killing intent on Aero saber is very thick.

It swirls around his saber like it is being pushed by the wind

It was like he was wielding a seven-foot-long saber. Aero smiles and he takes one step toward Trey.

Trey try as he might to maintain a calm and brave countenance, unconsciously take one step backwards.

The dust slowly settles around them as the rain outside becomes even heavier and the thunder roars even more.

In the Jungle regions someone is running with a group of people. Dan is in in the Jungle region and he is being chased by a group of people.

In his hand is a triangular cube shining with blue colors. He seems anxious but also full of excitement.

Even in the rain and even as thunders strikes the land, he keeps running deeper into the jungle. But his movement did not look like he is moving without purpose.

Instead, it seems like he could see through all the paths in the jungle. His eyes are shining with the same blue color of the cube.

'I found it' he muttered as water keep running down from his face. Thunder roars as the battle on top of the plateau is nearing its final act

Aero is coming to Trey, step by step. Behind him is thousands of soldiers and people that belong to Veva force

All those soldiers behind Aero in the distance, they found themselves rooted to the spot. No one knows why.

But everyone knew the answer why when they think about it. Their foreheads are all sweating and their hands and fingers are trembling

There is only one reason why they are rooted to the spot. They are feeling fear. Right now, their head could not help recall what just happened.

From the moment Aero charged through the east point of defense, it was only about ten minutes.

But in that ten minutes, he leaves a trails of bodies akin of a powerful disaster striking the earth.

All of his prowess is etched into the minds of all these people.

Aero look toward Trey and smirk. Then he takes a step forward but he immediately arrives in front of Trey face.

Trey was so shocked that he uses a palm attack. The wind around his palm turns into sharp gales that could cut through rocks and metals.

Trey also have a legacy. But he is not the only one. Aero lifted his left hand and raises his palm. A dragon shaped dragon appears behind Aero roaring, creating a powerful gust of power and a powerful pressure descended down onto the entire battlefield.

Aero palm then swiftly collides with Trey palm

Rumbling sound sounded and ripples of power exploded around them. And then a scream echoes loudly inside the formation.

Aero attack was superior. Everyone with a brain could tell how such a clash between those two would end.

Trey never stood a chance from the beginning if he goes head on battle with Aero. Aero did not even feel an itch while Trey look like his entire body had suffered the full brunt of the attack

Destructive power from the killing intent in the battlefield and the death aura that has been accumulating since the beginning of this battle converge in that palm

The dragon shape that materializes briefly was from Aero saber intent.

Aero saber is called the Howling Dragon Saber and because of the accumulation of Aero killing intent it created such a resonance with the area that it materializes the image of a dragon

That force was released by his palm and is now ravaging inside Trey body.

As for Trey palm, it did not end good.

In front of Aero right now is Trey…. with blood dripping from his arm. His hand turned into a gore mass of exploded flesh.

Aero waves his finger, waving away the blood and flesh that stick at his palm. And then he smiles

Then he looks at Trey, his eyes are cold and full of fierceness. With a smile on his face and that cold eyes, it looks extremely disharmonious that it chills the heart

Trey even while feeling such a tormenting pain on his body could not help but gulped because of fear when he saw Aero eyes.

His feet unconsciously step backward.

Then Aero said calmly to Trey

'You better not come out of Veva when we all return home, Trey. The moment you come out, I will fulfil my vow. I will kill you for your disrespect against me. You follow Eric orders and trap me here. Unless Eric could find someone that could rival me, the lands outside of Veva is your cursed land' Then without saying anything much Aero stab his fingers to Trey skull.

Like a heated knife cuts a butter, his finger pierces the skin and Trey skull easily as one painful scream once again resounded inside the formation.

Blood and gooey stuff comes dripping down from the hole that Aero just made on Trey skull. Trey eyeballs is red and blood is dripping out from his nose and ears.

Then as his fingers is still inside Trey skull, Aero clench his finger into a fist and Trey face, skins, bones and everything in between were crushed and scrunched up.

The pain of your face being clawed apart and clenched into dust is not a pain anyone could describe.

Blood exploded out

Aero had killed Trey as he lifted his corpse, with his finger holding tightly at what little flesh remains of his face and then throw his corpse away.

The state of trey corpse is truly terrifying. There is a hole on what used to be his face and blood seems to be coming out from the ears and other orifices of his body

Aero sighed

Then he takes a step, this time appearing directly in front at the mages unit.

Before the mages could even respond, Aero punch the barrier, grab the neck of the mages unit leader and crush his throat and smash his face toward the other mage.

The moment their skull collided with each other, both of their head exploded.

The other mage gets punched while one other piss on his robe before getting his head stomped into the ground, the pieces of his teeth embedded into the muddy ground.

In just a few second after he killed Trey Aero kills the mages unit.

The moment he did that the formation was destroyed. The pillars of light from the east point formation dissipated into motes of light.

Like a beautiful firefly it flew into the heavens and disappeared. Rains falls down and it wash away the blood on Aero face and robe. The tainted red robe regains its original white color.

The sound of the raging thunder fills the area and Aero laughed like a madman, wielding his saber, pointing it to the heavens



Third chapter of the mass release. See you in a few minutes for the fourth chapter of the mass release.
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