Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Saber light fills the battlefield. Mages in the sky were cut down from stray saber light from the ground while Elementalist and Druids tricks of nature was easily broken with his roar or his punch.

Nothing could stop him. This fact should have embedded itself into the bones of everyone present.

Yet…whether it is because of stubbornness, or loyalty or fear towards Veva, they kept jumping to their death blocking Aero path

But he keeps progressing. He is becoming faster but every time he is about to become faster, the people keep throwing themselves in front of his saber.

Aero at this moment could not imagine the influence of Eric on Veva if his order could turn all of the people into these kind of fanatic.

No matter what threats Aero shouted, or what incentive he promised them, they did not want to back down.

They are all determined to make their last stand and delay his movement here as long as they possibly could

Trey on the other hand is still barking orders without stopping.

Even now, even when he knew that he could not win the battle and probably died with all of the others, he did not hesitate to sacrifice their life for the chance to just delay Aero for just one more second

Aero right now is only a few kilometers away from the mages unit by now

The formation is also unstable right now. Cracks could be seen all across these golden dome that separates the one inside and the one outside.

 Droplets of water from the outside could be seen dropping form some cracked area of the formation

It was like the roof is leaking and the wind for the inside is forcing it to break open.

But the one phenomenon that no is noticing happens among the clouds. As thunderbolts sails across the clouds, there is a vortex in the sky. In that vortex is something that look like an eyeball.

And that eye ball inside the vortex is looking straight at Aero.

Around the vortex, there is zeroes and ones swirling around it. It is something that is not supposed to be there and some Will or some kind of invisible force is trying to force the vortex to close.

This vortex once appears before but at that time it appears because a powerful magic was being used.

This time, while the formation is a powerful sealing magic it did not explain why only now the vortex suddenly appears.

It is clear this vortex and the eye looking at Aero have certain plans.

And no one could see this and no one could sense it. Even if they look upwards and see past through the dark clouds and the thunderstorm, they still wouldn't be able to see it.

Thunder grew louder and the rain turns harder.

Below the heavens, on that battlefield Aero is looking at all of his enemies with an aloof gaze.

His eyes could see trey in the distance, sending orders to send more people to guard the mage unit and attack him

There are some people who tries to create a puzzling formation to trap him.

He himself was almost caught up in that formation as it pointed him farther away from his objective.

But he broke it all the same.

In the end, in this battlefield, where Trey would have no reinforcement, Aero could just whittle them until they are no one left.

These people might have thought to exhaust his stamina but what they didn't know is that Aero would not be exhausted.

Maybe it is different if he is fighting with someone who have divine artifacts or divine abilities from the Gods of Olympus or from the Church but for these people, they have no chance.

That is why from the very beginning when he spotted there is no Zeus or Arianna, Aero knows he could control this Purgatory. But his plan was wrecked by Eric

Aero did not care about any soldier's formation or any attack they planned on him.

He keeps taking his step forward. Sometimes he rushed forward in a fast run. Sometimes he leisurely takes his time walking among the corpse.

He slashes, stab, thrusted and hack his enemies.

By now, it has become something that is instinctual.

He did not even have to think too much as his body respond almost immediately when someone attack him.

His hand, his wrist, his body, feet and hand all remember the sensation.

If one appears on the right, he would sidestep and slash quickly and them jump forward killing those in the front while kicking his attacker away.

Aero no longer evades the blood spurts as he fights through it.

The effect of the title Saber Emperor and Demon of the Battlefield is really helpful to Aero.

The fact that his Curs of Styx already gave him almost a godly abilities and now with the title of Demon of the Battlefield and Saber Emperors, Aero is truly like the God of War from Olympus.

Even if he didn't kill a person, the shockwave from his attack would cause those people in the vicinity to suffer internal injury

The distance of a few kilometers looks to be far. But for Aero with each kills his body become lighter and his strike becomes even more powerful.

It did not take long before he is only a few hundred meters from the formation.

'Trey! I promise you this. If you even take one step out of Veva after we return to the Vilajeri Continent, you will die. I, the Chancellor of Vanheim make this vow. I swear it by the River Styx'

On the clouds above, thunder boomed like it was sealing the promise Aero had just made. It now has become a divine promise.

Everyone was shocked especially Trey. Since the beginning of the battle, Aero only kills and while he did say a few words of insult, none of his words holds this kind of animosity

This is an oath to the Gods. As such, it is binding.

Aero on the other hand believes this is the only way to make his stance clear and to uphold his reputation.

Trey might not be the mastermind of this trap but he was clearly enthusiastic in trying to kill him.

The fact was Aero had missed many opportunities while dealing with this mini war.

If he could endure this kind of humiliation, why would he bother seek power and influence in the first place.

The fact he doesn't want to endure such humiliation, is the reason he seeks power and strength in the first place

Aero came charging like a storm, his expression was calm and aloof but one could see the fierceness in his eyes.

The aura around him is pure chaos and Trey who was standing there on the elevated terrain could feel a wave of killing intent crashing towards him as Aero come closer.

He frowned but he still maintains that facade of calmness on his face.

Aero then swing his saber forward, in a horizontal slashing motion. The saber light shoots out from his saber and the elevated terrain that Trey was standing on was sliced down.

It only took one second for that saber light to reach the hill where Trey was standing on. And Aero is still far away from Trey yet his attack range could extend far and wide.

The hill slid down to the ground as Trey jump away from the hills.

 The hills slide down and crashed onto the Druids around it. They all die almost immediately as that hill was spliced into four and fall to the four druids maintaining the terrain around the area.

This crashing sound of an entire base of the hill being sliced by one saber slash look something that is out from some fantasy stories

The other elevated terrain around the area also crumbled down


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