Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Looking at this on an elevated terrain is Trey, his face expression is unreadable. Then he shouted to the people gathered around the area.

'Prepare yourself! You will be fighting one of the Three Great Pillars! For Veva!' He shouted and they all shouted back.

Outside the formation, the thunder roars and the rain is not yet stopping. The wind went wild and in the Jungle region people are inching closer to the Gate that will them back to their world

and then there are some who has found some fortune for themselves. Some found magical skills, and some found opportunity of a legacy.

The sound of rains and thunder is the only sound one could hear right now. And on top of the plateau, the battle between Aero and the force of Veva is at its closing act.

Aero is rushing to that mass crowd that look at him filled with killing intent. They all decided to sacrifice their lives to prove their loyalty to Veva

Aero could not hear the cheer clearly from the distance but he could guess what they cheer about as he gripped his saber tighter

He was the nightmare of these people and this nightmare is still continuing. Without anyone obstructing his path, Aero run as fast as the lightning.

And not before long he arrived at the east point of the formation.

The moment he is about to rush forward and clashed with the frontline defenders, the sky above Aero head becomes even darker. Aero took a glance at the sky above his head and he smiles

There were tens of thousands of arrows and magical attack that clouded the sky above Aero head. Then he heard the orders from the enemy side

Aero laughed even more

'Fire at will'


'For Veva'

'So you are really intending to go all the way with me, huh? I will make you regret this!' Aero shouted

Aero releases a slash toward the sky. He did not stop as he slashes his saber, his feet are still moving forward.

The moment he slashes toward the sky, a droning sound filled the area as a large saber light headed up towards the sky.

Aero did not even stop as that saber light becomes bigger as it rises up. The officers of the frontline saw that Aero did not even halt his steps so they all shouted to the others

'Wall formation. Defend your line!'

All the defenders in the frontline looks like soldiers from Veva. Aero was about to clash with the frontline defenders and then a world shaking sound resounded all over the battlefield


The sound of explosion reverberated almost simultaneously from two different directions that some people might think there is only one sound of explosion.

The moment Aero collided with the wall formation of the soldiers, that wall formation instantly crumbled

All of that shied they used to construct a makeshift wall were instantly broken the moment Aero ram his body on it

At the same time that was happening, Aero saber slash finally hit the thousands of arrows and magical attack in the sky. His saber slash sweeps all those attack like all of it was a lie.

The sky was clear and many mages fall from the sky. One part of their boy fall to the left, the other part falls to the right.

Those magic users that fly through the sky was sliced into two up in the air. Their blood falls down into the battlefield like it was rain from the heavens

A rain of blood

'Hahaha' Aero laughed could be heard reverberating through the entire battlefield as he moved freely now that he had broken the frontline

Whenever he went, rivers of blood will flood the area and shrill screams of pain would immediately reverberate in the air.

He took a swing and a dozen soldiers will fall, as there is a thin line on their neck.

With one blow of the wind, their heads would then slide off from their necks and some of those people didn't even realize they are dead before seeing their head slowly sliding off from their own body.

Sometimes, they are also some unlucky ones that tried to match their strength with Aero.

Aero need only to punch them with one of his fist and that person head would explode into smithereens

At least such death would be instantaneous.

But for some other who had the fist punched into their chest, their entire chest would cave in and the bones inside their body will not only break, some of them because of the powerful impact from outside force and some other destructive properties of the killing intent, their bones would instantly disintegrate into dust and then their chest would explode as there is large hole one could see through from the hole.

The bones in his victim body also became soft and limp, and their entire body will wither and shrank into a bundle.

Aero is rampaging and no one could stop him right now. Aero had caused the area to become a hellish area.

Everyone hearts are trembling and their determination and will is tested. And the screaming and wailing from the distance clearly did not help them in easing their own hearts

If not for the fact that there are many high ranking members of the Veva government here and the fact that the Prime Minister of Veva Eric himself ordered them to do this and promise them hefty compensation after they return, they would have long run away and surrender top Aero

Aero on the other hand did not care.

Eric has his pride and he has his. After he returned he would send his secret service to all of these people and kill them

Nobody could do all of this and think they could get away scot free. As the mist around him thickened, Aero sabers become even more pronounced.

The edges of the saber are in reddish hue and the swirling killing intent around it made the saber to become even more sharper, lighter and even more destructive.

Aero is fighting his way to the east point of the formation. By now, these people obstructing him look nothing more and nothing less like stationary mannequin.

At least they appear like that in Aero eyes.

That is only because Aero is now moving so fast that everything look to be stationary.

As he is in this state, the killing intent around him also were affected as it becomes even thinner and the fog around the battlefield slowly decrease.

But just because the fog has lessened and become even thinner, doesn't mean that it is a good thing.

After all, Aero is so fast that only some elite warriors could catch his movement sped. For the normal soldiers and warriors, they all died before they know how they were killed

That is how fast Aero attack is as he is progressing quickly to Trey location Aero did not care about his kill count at this moment.

He did not wait until his area is empty before moving forward. He does not bother about those that survive his saber slash.

His feet keep moving forward, gripping his saber tightly as he swings it around at those in front of him

His objective right now is only to reach the east formation as fast as possible

While he let his rear vulnerable, he did not have to worry. As long as he could maintain his speed, he doesn't have to worry about anything.

He keeps moving forward, swing his saber with abandon, killing anyone and everyone in his path.

When he felt like the path he is on would waste a lot of his time, he would change his direction as he picks the fastest and most uncongested path.

And those who are in his path would be sliced by that merciless saber.


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