Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Around the mages unit there is no one. But the mages like he did not realize Aero presence keep supplying his life force to the formation

Aero looking at this was amazed at the mages ball of steel

'Sometimes, I wonder how you all could be so loyal to that oaf of a king' Aero said with a sigh. He walks calmly now.

He had accepted it. And the moment, he accepted it, his body become lighter

He had lost this battle with Eric. It is too late for him now to join the race and control this matter.

For that message, Eric must have a reason for preventing him to seek the Gate. Aero doesn't know what it is all about but he knows one thing.

It must be one important reason

And since he had already miss the window of opportunity, then he might as well enjoy this and found some benefit he could extract from this unfortunate situation.

He walks to the mages unit, smiling. But he is not happy. No, it was far from him being happy.

All around the mages unit there is no one else. The mages unit look at Aero and they gulped in fear.

'Fuck, we are truly dealing with some kind of monster here' one of the mages guarding the point of the formation said as he looks at his friends. The friend beside him only wryly smiles.

The mist around him seems to be gathered around his body and his saber. It thins the mist of the killing intent in the battlefield, but at the same time enlarge the figure of Aero.

Behind him a dragon like creature seems to be formed from the killing intent, its head hover above Aero body as its tail coiled around Aero feet

It was truly a sight to behold.

Behind Aero back is a pile of corpses that formed a hill, their blood forms a thick red pool around their corpses and their meats scattered about like some kind of weird vegetables that sprouted from the earth

Aero then stop. He smirks and those warriors

He stops right outside the protection barrier of the mages unit. Some of the mages inside that small protection barrier look at Aero and Aero could see fear.

But the one in the front maintaining the formation, while there is fear in his eyes, there is also a stout determination

Aero shake his head.

'No wonder it is hard to defeat Veva. It still has a talent like this. It is a pity you were not born in Vanheim' Aero said. He sheaths his saber and then crack his knuckles

'Do not resent me too much' Aero said as he lifted his hand and then with the sound of a sonic boom ringing across the air, he punches the protection barrier.


The moment his punch touches the protection barrier, it crumbled like a weak leaf being blown away by the wind.

The punch then landed on that mage face. The facial muscle of that mage exploded as all the bones in his jaws and head exploded and crushed like a grinded bone paste.

Like a watermelon being smashed by a hammer, that is what happen to the mage face.

The force of Aero punch causes the wind around him to change courses and the space around him shows signs of breaking.

The wind gust generated and the heat that resulted from his punch that seem to exceed the speed of sound causes a blast of sharp power to shoot out from his punch which shredded the other mages of that unit.

Their entire body was like it was tossed into a shredding device as their flesh turns to mushy thick red liquid and eventually being blown away by the wind

The north point of the formation was destroyed and the formations shows sign of crumbling on. Cracks appears on the golden dome above his head.

Aero look toward the East and take his time and he laughed.

He could feel droplets of water falling on him. He looks back at the golden dome on top of his head and a droplet of water hit his forehead

By punching through that formation, Aero had weakened the formation so much that it causes a severe crack and even the things form the outside could come in right now.

Of course, only if they could change themselves to be as tiny as a drop of water, that would not be much use. But it is clear to Aero now, this formation is fragile.

And there is only one more

There is a glint of madness in his eyes right now. His red robe right now is floating by itself. The power around him is rising up and his desire to kill is at its peak

He twists his hand and the pebbles floating around him were turn into dust like they were cut by something

The slaughter he rained down as he moved like a fish in water in this battlefield had made his existence become like that of a nightmare.

It is only now General Trey, looking at Aero running to his direction understand why the Prime Minster only orders him to delay him

The Prime Minster knew that even all of these people rushed toward Aero of the East, the one that will emerge victorious is still him

Aero of the East…is as truly as the rumors painted him to be. invincible and all conquering. And this nightmare is now approaching the last point of the formation.

Trey gritted his teeth

'I could not kill you. But I would do my duty. I will delay you as long as I could' he gripped his weapon tighter

Now the only point that Aero need to destroy is the east point. But Trey also knows that. This time all of the people of Veva no longer scattered themselves.

As the dust of the battle steels, Aero could see that there is a lot of people in the south. All of their forces were concentrated there

'A full head to head battle?' Aero ask himself and he smiles.

'That is just my style' he said to no one. Right now, in front of him is an empty path. All of them are waiting for Aero to come to the east point and all of the forces that Veva had in this formation is gathering around Trey.

Just below the elevated terrain on where he is standing, there is a group of mage maintaining the formation

The last point of the formation is without a doubt will be protected more heavily than the other

They are making their last stand. And Aero knows he needs to move. After all, they could afford to wait but not him.

Maybe he is wrong and this Purgatory is bigger than he thought.

Or maybe there ae some other show shares the same desire as him to keep this Purgatory opens as long as possible.

Whatever the case, while he accepted his situation, that does not mean he stopped planning for the future

Since that is the case, he still had to move. And so he takes a step forward.

Slowly at first. Calmly step by step.

And that steps becomes faster and faster and then in just a few second, he rushed through the empty battlefield charging to the east point


Tomorrow there will be a mass release. Hope you like it and leave some comments and chapter. We will be going away from the Purgatory a bit
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