Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The moment people know his weakness; Aero could predict the chaos that would happen to the world.

It is because of that some of his behaviors and actions seems odd to people.

After all, some people wondered, why did Aero of the East, acknowledge by the world to kill forty thousand men by his lonesome rarely enter battlefield himself, preferring to strategize from the Capital?

People wonder why not just send the Chancellor to fight one wing of the enemy army and the other could be sent attacking the other?

Or better yet, send him to fight the army of the other kingdom by his lonesome. Just by sending him to a capital city, Aero could charge through the royal city and capture the king.

Aero could be considered a one-man army and his arrival into any hostile royal city could be considered a hostile action.

It would make Vanheim the most superpower nation in the continent.

There are many whispers that said many unflattering things about Aero action to not actively participate in any military battle.

Of course, there are also some people that defend Aero action.

Some scholars said this is a good behavior for the Chancellor who did not like spilling blood.

Others thought that the Chancellor did not want to expand his power in the military more than he should, les he creates a divide between him and the new ruler of Vanheim

While some of the other politician of the court believes the Chancellor doing such action to pressure the Emperor to give him even more power

After all, it is said that the Chancellor still did not forget how Prince James usurp his power to wage war against Niovar. Prince James won that battle but lost the throne.

There is also news and rumors that the Chancellor and the new Emperor did not see eye to eye unlike the relationship between the former Emperor and the Chancellor.

 Emperor Edward did not issue any military orders since his forces have taken the Holy Capital and to some people, they believe that the Chancellor was not entirely pleased with such inactions.

Everyone knows that the former Emperor George and the Chancellor was the model ruler and minister.

Their relationship is envied by all kings and minister all over the continent. During Emperor George reign, Emperor George did not distrust his Chancellor even a bit.

Aero said that the Emperor, do not use people he does not trust and do not distrust the people he used

And the Chancellor repay the Emperor trust by elevating Vanheim over all the other nations, protecting the nation from a two pronged invasion, planning the annexation of Vetten, opening the borders between Nairhell and Vanheim and promoting economic reforms that enables the Empire to prosper and grow as it did now.

The relationship between the two is clearly intriguing.

While the Emperor is the superior of the Chancellor, everyone knows that the former Emperor treated the Chancellor like his teacher and respected him greatly.

It is for that reason; the Chancellor holds so much power in the Imperial court which is probably why such rumors surfaces.

Some other people said that the Chancellor loves the common people and detest war in general and think about the common people plight thus he rarely participate in the war unless it concerns with the empire safety and defense

Some people even said that the Chancellor did not want to come out personally because he did not want to incite a war between the Three Great Pillars.

After all, if he comes out, then Zeus would also come out to counter him. And if those two comes out and begun fighting each other, that one in the South would also come out.

Zeus while he could not kill Aero by himself, that does not mean he doesn't have the way to kill him.

After all, if he did not have a way to kill Aero, why would Aero be so humble during the Feast of the Western Gate?

And Arianna? She still remains a mystery and her holy power is not something Aero could ever underestimate.

She is an Apostle of the Church, the defender of the Faith. But Eric was the only one that don't believe that Aero is that generous or an altruist.

That is why Eric believes that Aero had a weakness that forces him to not be so active in warfare.

And that is why Aero admire Eric. Even no, when he is feeling frustrated and angry, he could not erase the admiration he felt for his fellow rival

All of this and the one before, all of this traps and schemes were all a ruse, a diversion to hide his true intent which is to know Aero weakness. And Aero also knows it.

This is why he is rushing and why his saber did not stop swinging.

If this is the welcoming committee, he received in the north point he could not wait to see the kind of responses he would receive in the last point of the formation.

Today, he would kill all of these people as a way for him to relieve his anger. And he had just the perfect skill to try out on them.

But this is not yet the time. The closer he came to Heath; the solemn Heath became.

Then Aero shouted toward Heath as he crushed the head of a warrior that is gripped tightly on his hand.

Aero casually throws the head away as it rolls and stop near the corpse of another victim of Aero attack.

'There is no use. No matter how many people you sent, you could not kill me. Your king couldn't, the assassin of the Church couldn't, what less you!'

Then a roars of the dragon could be heard as another screams and pitiful sound could be heard from the soldiers

The soldiers guarding in the front of the path leading to Heath were all death by that one attack.

Before the roars of the dragon could even die out Aero shouted again.

'If all of you scattered right now and admits your fault when we return to Vilajeri Continent I will consider pardoning you. But if you insist in this path, I promise you, on the honor of the Three Great Pillars and as the Chancellor of Vanheim, I would find you all and kill you!'

His roars shocked some soldiers and some of them even hesitated to move as they look at each other.

One moment of hesitation was all it takes for Aero to launch his surprise attack.

Aero swing his saber and that saber lights weeps through all of these people.

It engulfed them

The soldiers that comes to guard the north point numbers around one thousand people.

Before Aero executed the slash he had already killed around five hundred people. With one slash of his saber this time he killed around two hundred people in one slash.

Instantly a blinding light fills the area around the north point drowning all the screams of pain and wailings of despair.

When the light faded away, there is chaos but also silence.

Hundreds of people were cut down, hundred more were injured because of the resulting shockwave and some people remained motionless because of fear and affected by the burst of killing intent Aero releases when he slashes that saber.

A portion of the killing intent around the north point thinned considerably

Aero had used the Slashing Through Life and Death skill to test out with these people. But he did not use it with full power.

He only uses the killing intent around the north point. There is one more usage of that special skill and he is saving it for something special.

With that one slash, the army crumbled.

As the dust settles and the light dissipated, those who still did not lose their mind who were about to do a last charge to try to delay Aero was speechless when they see the scene in front of them

The officer beside Heath could not believe his eyes. In front of his eyes is Aero, holding his saber tip just a few inches from Heath neck. It had already sliced a bit of Heath neck, though that is just a graze

Heath blood drips along the edges of Aero sharp saber.

Aero look at him, his eyes sharp and cold.

'Eric did this' Aero said it clearly. It was a statement not a question.

Heath smirks and said

'He sends his regards' Aero smirks and then without hesitation he thrusted his saber forward ripping through Heath throat.

As Aero made a slicing motions, Heath head flew high up in the air.

In the few second as Heath head is about to fall down to ground, Aero quickly moves like lightning, killing all the people around him with his saber.

By the time Heath head rolls into the ground all of Heath officers were dead with one single slash attack. Blood once again flow beneath Aero foot.


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