Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The mages have finally come out from their hiding

He had long expected such things to happen. While he could not sense mana as he is not really a magic user he could still sense something is wrong.

Since the beginning of him attacking the pillars and core of the formation, they are not that many mages attacking him

He had long expected that they were waiting for him with a trap of maybe with one final attack.

And he bet this mage is not the only mage that will come for him as he is closer to breaking the formation.

Aero did not hesitate to respond as he throws that woman warriors to that fireballs. There is five holes on her head because fo Aero fingers that dug deep into her skull.

There is still the pain and she is dizzy because of the lots of blood she had lost. She could barely register what is in front of her.

There is reddish gooey stuff coming out from the hole in her forehead.

Before she could try to make sense what has happened to her, she was swallowed by the fireballs as that impact incinerated her almost immediately.

Her screams were drowned by the earthshaking sound of explosion.

The fireballs hit the woman and a large shockwave ripples in the air. The mage now exposed and out of mana was shocked by the failure of his sneak attack

he wanted to run. But how could Aero let him do that after trying to attack him?

Aero kick the warrior soldier in front of him as that person was thrown backward. Before the impact of his kick could take effect, Aero hold the spear on that soldier's hand.

When that impact strikes the soldiers, the soldier was thrown backward as the spear stay on Aero hand.

Without saying anything, Aero hurls that spear toward the mage position.

The spear created a sound explosion as the speed of the spear pierce through the air and cut through the wind turbulence.

No matter how swift the reaction time of that mage, his reaction time did not beat Aero speed.

ARGHH!' the sound of the scream of the mage echoes pitifully in the battlefield.

The spear pierces his robe, and broke any magical protection it has in only a second as the spear pieces through the mage body

the impact of the force of the spears causes the mage body to explode into fireworks of meats and blood in the air.

As this happens Aero suddenly speed up even more and rushed forward and kills even more people after they were distracted by that mage death.

His after image causes people to think there is multiple of Aero in the battlefield.

That is a scary thought but in the chaos of battle and the impact of that grotesque scene made the battlefield becomes even more chaotic.

Whenever he went he would take one person and grabbed it by their skull and moved forward while taking the victim with him.

The area around the north point become a concentration point.

Trey could be seen ordering even more and he has his own plans now.

Aero at this point did not care anymore about Trey strategy or plan. He had the power to not care.

He would cut them all.

All he knows that today he would kill anyone in his way. He could not scheme in here. Since that is the case, he could only move forward with his saber

It made everything simpler. He did not have to think right now. Right now, all he needs to do is complete his objective of getting out of this formation as fast as possible.

That is his only objective. He did not want to scheme anything. Or to be more accurate, there is no scheme he could concoct in a place where there is no single ally

Eric has thrown him into a place where nothing he schemed could come into fruition. Aero reminded of one memory.

In his journey to take the Holy Land of Duvar, he once met a gambler.

When he asks how he wins every time, the gambler told him "to win every single gamble, knows who's on your side and pull them to you'

Aero found that advice could also be applied in politic. He knows that for a long time. The bamboo that could not bend, breaks.

He could not scheme anything in a place where there is no one on his side.

Since that is the case, he could only trust himself and his saber and break Eric scheme with brute power.

It is fortunate that the killing intent inside the formation is concentrated. It helps him maintains the swirling killing intent around him that repels the magical attack.

Though there was one mistake he made early in the battle.

Aero unconsciously favor his ankle area to be protected by the swirling mass of killing intent that shrouded his body.

The moment he realizes that he spreads the mass of the killing intent equally. Thankfully, Eric is not in this formation. If not, he might have noticed such detail.

Aero had always been afraid of people knowing his fatal flaw. The moment that weakness of his is known, his invincibility will not evoke such fear in the hearts of people.

That is why the people fighting Aero did not understand why Aero of the East keep rushing. They do not understand this anxiousness of the so called God of War of Vanheim

They don't understand why such a powerful and invincible man that seems to possess unlimited strength and stamina keep rushing when he could be calm and take his time

Only Aero knows the answer

Because the longer he is in the eyes of the people, the higher the chances that someone will find something is wrong about him.

Maybe, someone would find out that he favors protecting his right ankle. Maybe they would notice that sometimes he become a bit tense when he saw an arrow targeted at his lower part of the body.

And maybe, someone would put it all together and figures out his secret

All of this is the reason why Aero did not like using his invincibility and flaunted it in the battlefield.

His power and invincibility has become a deterrent for super power nations from making it too hard on Vanheim and make the enemies of Vanheim think twice before making themselves an enemy of Vanheim.

Because if Vanheim ever declare a war, then the Chancellor, their biggest war potential would also be summoned into the battlefield.

And it is widely known, that in this world, there is only two other people that could have the power to contend with Aero of the East.

The wisest thing for Aero is to continue become such a symbol of deterrent. And to remains as such, no one must know his weakness.

Aero is helping the empire of Vanheim just by remaining the way he is.

The moment people knows his weakness; Aero could predict the chaos that would happen to the world.

It is because of that some of his behaviors and actions seems odd to people.


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