Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Mages are powerful magic caster.

They manipulate mana, the energy that existed throughout all the world. It could not be seen but could only be felt by someone who is mana sensitive.

It gave them ability to manipulate elements, and even help improve one own bodies and accelerate or decelerate human regeneration properties among other types of improvement they could induce.

But everyone knows the weakness of a magic user is their physical body.

Other than some renowned combat magic user, most mages possess little strength of physical body.

There is a reason why those who clashed against Aero is warrior class or Paladins and why not many magic attacks were hurled towards Aero.

Aero when he began his attack would first ram himself to the mages in the group

With one ram charge towards them, these mages even while using reinforcement magic or Iron Body magic could not endure the impact of Aero ramming his body at them

It was like they were on a collision course with a mountain.

The moment they collided, most of them suffers severe internal injuries and almost all of them dies of pain, coughing blood before they die.

The fact that Aero combined speed and power in his ramming charge made the task to survive his attack almost impossible for mages.

If even the sturdy armors of warriors and paladins were broken when they come into contact with Aero charging his body, how could these mages even withstand one of his charging attack?

Like the wind Aero finally reached the north point of the formation. There is only two more points of the formation. The north and the east.

Aero smirked when he saw the unit of mages maintaining the formation.

If one looked at the formation right now it already shows sign of instability. The golden formation looks cracked from the outside and it is also thinner.

This time there is an army guarding them.

Aero stopped as he looks at the person in the front. The man in the front of this army wears a full plate or war armor.

He is bulky and he is tall. His face looks toward Aero full of wariness and even a hint of fear flashing in his eyes.

Aero stop in front of him, separated by a few meters. Aero just look at that person and then he smirks.

 'Aero of the East. My name is Heath of House Westerland. Today is the day you die' he then pointed toward Aero and shouted.

'Soldiers of Veva! Attack him! For Veva!'

The cheer resounded that everyone in the battlefield could hear it as these people charged toward Aero, roaring in bloodthirsty frenzy.

They were like starving wolves and is now allowed to let loose. But they forget that Aero is not a wolf. Why would he fear a pack of wolves when he is the king of the Jungle?

He is a lion and he does not fear a pack of wolves?

One roar are enough to make them all submit! Aero now finally sees the trump card of these people.

It seems there are even Veva soldiers in this Purgatory.

It must be Eric plans to keep them hidden. If Aero is not in this Purgatory, Aero could guess that the control of this Purgatory would fall into Eric hands and his people.

Other people of other kingdoms would not get even a chance

Why does his luck have to be this bad? He hopes Zeus and Arianna in their Purgatory also got problem like this.

Aero take a step forward and seized a woman warrior. One person hacks his saber down toward him as Aero took one step to the side to narrowly evade that saber strike.

However, the woman was already completely seized by Aero.

Aero fingers dug deep into that woman forehead as the sound of his nail pierce through felt like someone just stabbed the woman head with a kitchen knife.

'ARGHH' the woman screams as blood drips down from her forehead. The woman warrior is trembling viciously as Aero finger dug deeper and broke the layer of skin in her forehead.

Veins started popping up on her face as she screams. The other person tries to hack Aero again but how could Aero let that person try to hack him again.

One hand holding the woman head, and one hand holding the saber.

Aero casually slices toward that person side. With one casual slice, it cut through the man iron armor and slice through his chest in an uneven proportion.

His body slides down, his face is still full of disbelief.

As arrows, swords, spears, halberds attack were employed, all of it directed at him, as all of this weapons light fills with the intent to kill fills his surrounding, Aero with his perception could dodge them all expertly while at the same time dragging the woman with him while casually swing his saber

He laughed as he swings that saber and that large saber light passes through

Aero right now truly looks like a Demon of the Battlefield.

None of the attack directed at him, none of those weapons aura touched him. To the other soldiers in the distance what they see right now is incomprehensible.

They saw how their forces attack Aero with all they got, only to see that they all attacked only the afterimage of Aero of the East.

And the most bone chilling scene was how they saw that Aero was casually walking through groups of soldiers who were attacking his afterimage and casually swing his saber

Each time he swings his saber, people bodies would be sliced into two as the part that were sliced, falls down from their body

The cut was so clean that it was like Aero was cutting a bark of tree with the sharpest weapon in the world.

The woman in his hand is still screaming as Aero finger dug deeper. It slowly pierced the woman skulls and blood from the brain slowly comes out from the hole on the woman head.

It was truly grotesque but the woman could still remain alive. She remains alive but the pain she is enduring is probably unimaginable.

Her teeth were chipped and sanded down by her constant biting down as she endures the pain

Aero come closer to that officer.


Aero knows he recognize that name. That man is one of Eric allies in the court. Eric is not the only one that made any investigation of his rivals. Aero did too.

Aero hated Eric for trapping him in this trap. And for that, he would kill Eric ally in here. It is petty. Yes, but who said powerful people is not petty?

Heath look at the scene of Aero walking slowly towards him with calmness on his face.

Even the officers around him were impressed with their superior calmness. But he was not as calm as h portends to be. In the end, he is still human.

His heart is beating like a war drum right now.

The soldiers that attacked Aero even though the officers shouted to them that they are attacking only Aero after image, the orders still come too late and by the time the order arrived at them Aero would already claim their lives before the orders arrive at them

Suddenly one mages appear out nowhere, fly up to the air and throws a gigantic fireball. This kind of magic must have taken a lot of time to prepare.

'Take this!' the mage shouted out.

Aero smiles and said

'Finally some of you have come out'


See you all tomorrow.
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