Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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On the Jungle regions thunderstorms appears, wind is howling and rain falls down heavily.

The battlefield is dark with thunder roaring on the heavens above sometimes illuminating the hellish scenery of the battlefield

Other than then thunder sometimes lights appears in the dark, as that saber on Aero hand gleamed like Grim Reaper scythe before it takes the lives of his enemies.

Mist of killing intent was thick that those who do not have the killing intent skill, is lost in the mist. The gleam of that saber would appear suddenly and cut them apart into a thousand pieces.

The loud rumble of his charge shakes the land anywhere he goes, the wave of the attackers in front of him, their unit would collapse like a castle made of sand being washed away by an unrelenting waves of the ocean.

Trey try to see Aero through the thick mist and through the sound of the air. Aero did not even bother to hide where he is going. Everyone could see he is trying to dismantle the formation.

People try to stop him but each time they did that, all of them would die easily.

The more he kills and the longer he is the battlefield, Aero seems more and more like the incarnation of a demon that could not be killed or defeated.

'Attack him! Do not let him reach the north point!' Another unit appears suddenly.

The mages created a purifying formation and activating it, it dispels the thick killing intent for a few second.

They saw Aero a few distance away from them and the officer immediately orders the Veva forces to attack Aero that is wide open.

Aero saw them and luckily for him those people did not know they are standing in one straight line.

Aero thrust out his saber forward instead of slashing it horizontally. A straight saber light shoots out from his saber.

The saber light looks like a needle. With one thrust, the saber light appeared and then disappeared.

Then Aero no longer pay attention to that people as he rushed forward to the north. It puzzles everyone who did not yet have the time to attack Aero.

The people beside the attacking unit was shocked because did Aero of the East just went away just like that and these attackers let him go?

But a moment after Aero disappears himself into the mist, these people finally got the answer why Aero went away immediately and why the attacking force did not chase after him

They saw blood suddenly comes out of the people forehead before their forehead exploded into a bloody hole

It is a small hole like someone drilled it with something in the front of their head.

Aero attack was so fast and so destructive that it drilled through those people skulls and brains and for some reason, like a delayed reaction, shows it effects a few moments later

The people who yelled kill him to Aero was the first one to fall down before the other men and women behind him all followed him and falls down to the ground.

The people around the corpse notice that while the wound on the forehead is small, the hole on the back of their head was very terrifying.

There is a large hole on the back of their head.

It was like someone exploded the back of their heads with explosive. All of their brain matter were shredded and look like a pus filled liquid as it drips from the large hole.

Aero moved extremely fats and each of his attack is very deadly and lethal. No matter how they attack him, Aero saber mow them all down.

Outside, the rain falls even heavily and the thunder roars been louder. Aero body becomes even lighter and his attack become even more lethal.

The elite warrior that faces him either were affected by the mass of the killing intent that's surrounded Aero.

One of the effect of that mass of killing intent that become thicker and heavier by the minutes is that it weakens their resolve.

And as Aero gain more power manipulating the killing intent, any enemies that is in front of were cut down almost immediately

And these warriors couldn't offer any resistance whatsoever.

On the east side of the battlefield, someone is looking at all of this and trying to think of a way to stop Aero,

General Trey was barking orders quickly but no matter how he diverts his forces from other areas to defeat Aero, it almost look like it is futile endeavor

By now, Trey had slowly lost his confidence to kill Aero of the East.

'Aero of the East. One of the Three Great Pillars of the Vilajeri Continent' He muttered in audibly.

The title of the Three Great Pillars….it seems he still underestimated that title. He could only watch as Aero keep decimating his forces.

Nothing he could do could even trap or slow down this beast.

Aero moved about in the fog of killing intent at an extremely fast pace. His killing speed becomes even faster. He did not use only his saber. He even uses his hands.

Sometimes, Aero would grab anyone by their skull and crushed it in one second before throwing away the corpse as a warning.

The fact that the fog is obstructing the vison of the people chasing Aero and the fact that outside the formation, it is also dark did not help the pursuing force.

In the beginning of this battle, all of these Veva people roars with bloodthirsty. They know it is not easy to kill and delay one of the Three Great Pillars.

But they did not think it would be this hard. This goes beyond just hard. This almost seems impossible

No matter how many magic attacks hurled at him, Aero is fast enough to dodge it. Sometimes he even just collides himself with the magic attack only to emerge unscathed from the attack

How could such way of fighting did not demoralize the attacker? Nothing demoralizes a unit then when seeing none of their attack seems to do absolutely nothing.


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