Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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'So, that is how it is' Aero talk to himself and there is a slight smile on his face.

Aero entire body right now is brimming with power.

The dust and pebbles of stones around him floats in the air around him like they were forced to float by some invisible force. This time it is not only the roars of dragon that accompany his saber light.

Dragons rushed out from his saber as it roars through the sky, shaking the bravery out of the people charging toward Aero.

These dragons are projected from the killing intent as it morphs into the shape of a dragon.

The many mini dragons merged and formed a six feet long dragon that rushed out alongside the saber light.

It opens their mouths and they swallowed the people that is one of the wave of the attackers.

The moment his saber arrived in front of those people, they were cut. But it was not like before where they were sliced into two.

 Instead this time, there is some potent destructive power in his saber strike.

The saber intent in Aero saber have also increased. There is another window notification he did not check yet.

Aero believes that is the notification of his title about the Saber Monarch. That title must have also changed and it affects his saber intent

It is not only sharper. It is even more destructive than before

Aero could sense this almost instinctively the moment he swings that saber

 His saber has slayed ten thousand lives. By now, Aero think he could swing a saber with the most precision even when he closed his eyes.

Those people were shredded apart as the meat of their flesh scattered apart to the battlefield like they were rotten meat that is thrown away.

'To the North' Aero did not immediately charge to the north. In front of him there is a deep gash of saber slash that cut deep into the ground.

And it is empty.

There is only scattered meat of people in front of him. Some of the Vevaian forces were seized by their fears and retreated.

They were immediately cut to death by the officers in the back of the wave of people as they were accused to be a traitor.

Aero then said

'Even though, this is good for me, I am losing time' Aero thought to himself.

Aero saber slash before had also expelled and reflect back any magical attack that the mages had hurled toward him.

'I need to check the skill' he thought to himself.

Now, that there is a large empty area round him, he could at least have the time to check the effect of the evolved achievement skill would offer him

He quickly opens his status window and saw the skill. He quickly will it to appears as he reads the skill description.




This skill evolved from the skill of Slashing Through life. It is an achievement skill derived from your dedication to killing and bloodshed. This skill would gather all the killing intent around you to produce a strike that would take all the lives of people around you. The effect of this strike and its range of attack depends on the amount of killing intent that is around you. It could not differentiate friend and foe, so be prudent before using it.

[Powerful people who have measure of extra protection or powerful spell that could neutralize some of the killing intent around them might have the chance to survive this attack. Someone who is cursed to be Immortal by the Gods would not be affected by this strike] Because of its tremendous power to manipulate the killing intent, you could only use this strike only twice before it could be used again next week.

Because of its evolution, it now could cut through ghost. There is a possibility that this skill could evolve more. Continue your effort in the path of killing and probably that evolution path will open up.

The other effect is as follow: Strengthen mental strength, become resistant to possession by shades and wraiths


The description of the skill is even longer than before, Aero thought to himself. The last time this title and this skill appears, there is one other title that leveled up

Aero anticipated this the most. He checks it and when the notification windows popped in front of his eyes, Aero could not hide his smile

There is a title that is connected with the title of the Demon of the Battlefield. His saber trembles in excitement even when he is standing still.

Even mana around felt weak compared to the oozing of power that his saber is emanating right now. Aero already notices it when he swings his saber before.

He looks and read the announcement of his new title.

Aero Carlingian have unlocked the achievement of Saber Emperor

Requirement: killing ten thousand people in the Purgatory using a saber

Title received: Saber Emperor

Title has evolved from Saber Monarch to Saber Emperor

The Saber Emperor control all saber by its powerful saber slash. With one slash, sea of blood would be formed.

Title Perks: Increased comprehension of the saber and each saber strike would have large trace of power of the world

Your saber intent and saber strike attack become even more stronger

As a Saber Emperor you would quickly understand any discipline regarding saber attack.

The title could be evolved further. Please persist in your path of the saber.

Aero look at all of these announcement and he laughed. He doesn't know whether he should thank Eric or not.

Aero continued rushing to the north. As he ran forward, loud rumble rang in the air. Each of his step created a mini quake, sending tremor to all the area around the battlefield.

On top of the plateau, outside the formation, everyone is gone. No one was waiting to see the end of this battle.

Everyone have their own objectives and they all have different desires. As Aero is running toward the north point, on top of Aero head, the sky turns cloud and darks

Thunder howls and the wind moves wildly. With one roars of the thunder, rains fall down to the ground.

The rain become heavier as the seconds passes. But while it rained down and make the grasses of the plain wet, the rain did not fall down into the formation

It protects the people of the formation from any outside interference. Even droplets of rain were unable to enter.


See you all tomorrow and hope you like the chapter
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