Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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On the plateau, the moment that saber slash collided with the barrier, it breaks.

The sound of a glass teapot falling down from a high place could be heard ringing through the entire battlefield.

It even reached below the plateau.

The saber light was not even affected or slow down n even for a millisecond. Before Aero could land back in the ground, the slash light pierced through the protection of the magical barrier and cut the mages unit.

Half of their bodies fall to the left the other half fall to the right. They die with their eyes open wide, like they experience an otherworldly pain.

Aero landed just a few steps from their cut up corpse.

He walks calmly as he looks toward the sky. Then he laughed a bit, his entire appearance right now is truly terrifying.

With blood dripping from his saber and his dark red robe, he looks like a demon that crawls its way out of hell

The light of the Five Point formation barrier become even dimmer.

The golden light that appears to look like a holy light form some divine heaven in the beginning now look dim and dark, like it is withering.

One more pillars of the formation was cut down

'Two more' Aero said to himself.

It was only now that the people behind Aero suddenly break out from their shock and change direction. They are rushing backward to hold Aero back.

He looks at those people and there is an evil smile on his face

Then he muttered to himself

'I think one slash is enough' He then casually slash horizontally.

Whirlwind rises up as it follows that saber slash.

The saber light passes through twenty people as the light dissipated. The people who were rushing forward to Aero suddenly felt something is wrong.

Then they heard a scream of fear behind them. The people behind them, some of them even fall to the ground, looking like they were scared of something.

But as they wanted to turn their body, they realized they couldn't

They did not realize it at first but then they felt a little bit pain before they felt like they could not move their feet.

The pain was like a pinch at first but slowly they felt the pain rises up.

It wasn't until their upper body falls down to the ground that they realized what happened.

Their body was sliced on the middle of their waist. Their feet are running forward while their upper body half fall down to the back.

Their intestine was cut cleanly as shits and the content of their stomach were spilling out from their running lower body before it also falls down to the ground.

When they realized it all those twenty people in the frontline died of shock and fear. Aero is only smiling as he smirked

'I guess I was right. One slash is enough' The moment he said it he hears, the notification sound as a notification windows popped up in front of his face

He did not count the people he killed but he could guess that he is nearly reaching ten thousand people kill count when he swings that saber.

Aero Carlingian have unlocked the achievement of Slayer of Ten Thousand Lives gaining the title Demon of the Battlefield

Requirement: killing ten thousand people in the Purgatory

Title received: Demon of the Battlefield

Title has evolved from Slayer of One Thousand Lives to the Demon of the Battlefield

Title Perks: Your manipulation of killing intent is reaching a powerful level. There is no one else that has killed a s much as you and it gives you a certain feature of the demons from the Eastern Heaven.

Your killing intent could suppress and create illusion in the feeble minds of people. In a battlefield, your body would become stronger, your perception would become faster and your attack would possess the resentment of the death. The more you killed, the powerful you become.

The resistance of people fighting you would be lowered with Heaven helping you to suppress them when you are in the battlefield

(This does not include Holy men from the Church or some people who were blessed by the Gods or deities where the effect of this title would be lessened or even at times neutralized.

You have reached almost the ultimate title evolution for this place.

Gained the Path of Killing (Beware that by cultivating this path it might change your personality and temperament)

the skill Slashing Through Life evolve into Slashing Through Life and Death

His skill also evolved. He did not know that skills could evolve like this. At least he didn't know about Achievement skill since it is considered a special skill.

The moment that status windows comes out, a powerful pressure gushed out from him.

The other people that was about to charge toward him was thrown backward by a sudden oncoming powerful force.

The killing intent mist that had become thick fog slowly rushed toward him and shrouded him even more protecting a protection barrier around him.

It revolves and its spins and then it swirled around his blade, around his feet, and around his hand.

It emitted a powerful repelling power. Suddenly unknown to everyone, in the sky, a vortex appears. It did not emit any fluctuation of energy or mana.

In that vortex of void, there is an eye looking at Aero before the vortex disappeared. Aero could feel his body become lighter and yet the explosive power inside him become even more powerful

He saw that he could activate the Path of Killing but he did not activate it. He needs to made a lot of thought before he could decide on what he should do.

The saber in his hand is trembling with excitement. On its edges, it is swirling with killing intent that shrouded the saber.

One could even see miniaturized fog projection of mini dragons on the fog around Aero body. It was like the killing intent around Aero was affected by the origin of the saber.

Aero notices it and he could not help but lamented the fact that he did not have the Sword of Mars

Aero closed his eyes and he could feel his ears hear better, and he could even feel the wind brushing on his skin. He could hear the heartbeat of the people around him, each of them separately, like he is hearing at them separately but all at the same time.

This is Aero in a full concentration zone. Even he did not know why he felt like that.

He opens back his eyes and that feeling disappears as he twisted his wrist and the wind around him were cut creating slashes of wind that few to different direction of his saber.

He then took another swing of his saber like he is trying to figure out something

'So, that is how it is' Aero talk to himself.

Aero entire body right now is brimming with power.


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