Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Magic users are hurling magic attack at him from a distance.

For that kind of attack, Aero uses his saber slash.

Backed with his godly physical prowess the swing of his saber created gust of whirlwinds that cut and shear through them like they were being grinded into minced meat

Around him the land exploded, creating a large hole or crater and some of the patch of land exploded out from the ground, jumping upwards to the sky and fallen back as debris of soils and stones

Around him was the scene of a hellish graveyard. There are some people being crushed by large stones and the scene of death and misery could be seen all around him.

Yet, no one stopped. Since they all have chosen a side, they did not hesitate. Aero even had half a mind to respect such frenzy and madness.

Aero eyes are targeted at the western point and the core of the formation. The people guarding the points of the core also readied themselves.

They lined themselves up as there is a new formation resembling a military formation. Aero sneered.

'Get out of my way!' he shouted as he just rushed through them.

His body collided with the shield wall of these unit of soldiers and the moment they collided a powerful shockwave erupted around them.

The wind around them break away as gust of mini wind whorls were formed and scattered almost instantly.

All of them, a few dozen men with large bodies and sturdy armor could not handle the impact of colliding with Aero.

The frontline instantly crumbled with all of their armor exploded into thousand pieces because of the explosive impact

Aero easily passed through them. His white robe is now tainted red. Aero right now did not seem to be wearing a white robe anymore. His robe is now painted in dark reddish color.

And on the edges of his sleeve, bloods dripped from it.

The second line was not spared. Before they could regroup, Aero swing his saber. Dragon cry roars and the wind howled.

This slash is like a light that separates darkness away. With one slash, they were all were cut apart. An opening instantly opened up for Aero.

There is just a few second from him shouting make way for him to all of this happening. All the soldiers around the pillars were cut with one slash of his saber.

The magical formation that the mages had prepared beforehand also could not stop the slash of the saber as it instantly shattered.

Aero possess the Curse of the Styx. While it has quite a flaw, the Curse itself is very powerful sine those who take on such curse have to bathe themselves into the River Styx.

It is a river full of pain and suffering and death. To bathe in it is not easy because you need a God or Goddesses to help you with it.

Or in case of Aero an ancient Goddess of the sea.

The ground shakes and rumbling with each of his slash. Droning sound could be heard reverberating across his saber slash.

Dragon cry roars and fills the ears of those who were cut down by Aero of the East saber. Many more jumped up to him only to have their limbs cuts, their heads speared from their bodies.

Heads rolled around him and blood flows like river underneath his boots.

Aero did not stop. His eyes focused on the mages that is protected by these people. He would break out.

This is not a promise. This is a fact. He just felt rage because he lost in this battle between him and Eric

No matter how big of an obstacle in front of him, or how strong his enemies declare themselves to be all were silenced under his saber light.

By now, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Veva side has suffer tremendously. And he is not the only that fear.

Aero eyes are shining with determination as each step takes him closer to the mages unit hiding behind all of these soldiers.

By now he is closing on the requirement to unlock the next requirement of his title.

There has been quite a lot of deaths but as trey send more orders, more people surrounded Aero.

The tide of battle of this battlefield is weirdly enough changes because of one person.

There is no other person in the world that could do this kind of things other than one of the Three Great Pillars.

Aero then dodges someone attack as a cold smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. He jumped and slashes down as his saber light kills a dozen more people.

The dust rises up because of that attack as the shockwave push many people away. He kicks the air behind him as Aero passes through all of those people.

The mages standing on the direction of the west point yelled calling for help as he saw Aero is coming for him from the air

'It is too late' Aero shouted. He kicks the air once again as loud rumble rang in the air. Wind pressure trying to delay him but with that one kick Aero closed his distance.

He passes hundreds of people to reach to his target.

He had no more time to waste. He needs to get out of this formation as fast as possible. Killing intent shrouded his entire body and then he swings down his saber

A saber lights shoots out from his saber. That saber light roars to the Heavens and whirlwind surrounded the lights.

It almost looks like Zeus in the Heavens above that hurl this attack akin to a lightning bolt

'DIE!' like a decree from the Olympians, a large saber light descended toward the circle barrier that is protecting the mages unit.

Everyone was taken aback with this sudden turn of event.

They all saw Aero jump out into incredible heights and before the mages could response with their levitation magic to stop Aero advance, Aero executed a powerful sword moves.

His saber light appears to be light personified but on the edges of that shining light, is the swirling killing intent and death aura.

Aero attack right now is reaching a godly level.

If not for this formation, Aero doubt he could do something like this. Sealing it with all the killing intent and the death aura, Aero could manipulate it.

And when he became the Saber Monarch he had a trace of saber intent in his attack. It is only now that he could materialize it and shows it to the world.

The sound of saber roaring to the Heavens is a sound akin to a declaration of death to Aero enemies.

Even those in the Jungle region could hear the cry of dragons and the droning sound. To those who know who is fighting up there, they could not help but awestruck but also a bit of fear.

They do not know what is happening there or what will be the conclusion of the battle. But they know it is not wise to bet against The Chancellor.

He might survive and if he breaks that formation earlier than anyone expected, the Chancellor might seek some of them for revenge.

And no one wanted that.

Even Kyle who is searching his own fortune and also searching for the clues of the gate, could not help but sigh when he hears the sound of the battle on top of the plateau reverberated to the Jungle regions below.

Like an echo, the sound of the battle echoes endlessly to the people below the plateau.

In his heart there is no doubt that Aero would escape. The problem was how many hours will it take him?

This purgatory is not as big as others think.

Sooner or later someone will find the gate. And that someone might quickly open the gate so they could return.

But not everyone wanted to return as fast as possible. Thus, it is very important for them to find the gate first before anyone eels

The only way to control where one could return or not depends on the one finding the gate.

Then a world shaking sound exploded


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