Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The droning sound of the formation could only be heard by mages and those attuned to mana.

Kyle look at the formation his eyes seems to be analyzing it calmly. There is a subtle smile on his face no one noticed

What these people, what Eric didn't expect that by using the Formation, they also seal the death aura and the killing intent in the battlefield.

By sealing them in, the killing intent remains thick and even more condensed. And it is having an effect in Aero strength.

Inside the formation, Aero is confidently mowing the enemy that is in front of him without stopping.

He was like a natural disaster that appears to destroy all existence.

Because of the thick killing intent and the death aura, Aero had never felt more powerful than he is now. Some people thoughts and assumptions were correct.

They have caged themselves with a predator and a hungry one at that.

And in such a cage there is only one thing that you could do. Either you kill the predator and live. Or prepare to be eaten by the predator.

Aero then once again turns into long arc of light as he passes dozens of people ion one single step.

This light not only fast, it also contains saber light that cuts through hundred people almost instantly.

The saber light of Aero saber right now is no longer just a flashing white light.

This time his sword light had a taint of red and black of death and killing intent swirling on the edges and tips of his saber

Dragon cry could be heard roaring like it was roaring, announcing the return of the King.

He is rushing clockwise to go to the west point. Aero is now targeting the other core energy that powered this formation.

By now, an hour has passed since the cage was created and a lot more people were dead.

In the Jungle regions, some people have found their fortune while the other is diligently searching for the gate that will lead them out of the Purgatory

Marquis Dan that is leading the other Vanheim people did not know about Aero appearance. If he did, he would probably have made a different choice.

But Dan himself was a powerful person. And while he did not have power and ability like Aero, Dan have always been a likable lord and he is also a war hero like Aero.

And unlike Aero, people felt closer to Dan.

This is due to the fact that he is more approachable.

When one sees the Chancellor one associated him with great position, power and status. In other words, his presence is intimidating.

Only certain people would be able to see him and the Chancellor himself shrouded himself with a layer of mystery that made the common people awe and fear him but did not make him easy to be approached.

While Dan is quickly progressing and found a few clues to the Gate, hidden inside the jungle region is also another person that Aero considered his rival.

The Black Robed Prime Minister.

Unlike the others that have descended down from the plateau he had no intention of finding the gate. Sooner or later someone will find it. Since that is the case, he seeks another thing.

He did not know a thing about the Purgatory but he could surmise a few things about it. He knows that this Purgatory is the creation of Western Heaven

And the laws around it is constructed with the energy of the Western Heaven. Eric memories is still blurred and some of them is even blank.

But he knew that this place…. this purgatory is something that could be very important to him. Unlike Dan who is looking a way out to return to Vilajeri Continent, Eric is searching for a way to return back here.

Maybe someday, that would be his lifesaving means.

Then there is also the group of people that managed to survive from the fight between Aero and the Vevaian forces.

The moment they reached the Jungle regions, some of them grouped up, some of them scattered and find their own fortune and some people schemes

Time is ticking and as Aero fight the battle of his life on top of the plateau, he is wasting time for him to seek his own fortune.

Aero if he was the one ion the jungle region right now he would gather the people and urge them not to seek the gate yet.

He would surely persuade them to take more time and explore this place. To him, this place of mystery could also hold many opportunities.

Aero only concern have always been about retaining the Curse of the Styx on him. If he could find a way to make his invincibility truly flawless and perfect, he could be considered to be the one at the top of the world.

While he doubts that the heavens would allow such creature to emerge, Aero at least believes that there is a possibility for him to at least seek such path where he could eliminate that weakness of him

In a way, this secret battle between Eric and Aero ends in Eric victory.

Eric has never wanted to kill Aero. It is not that he doesn't want to. He just knows that he doesn't have enough force to kill Aero.

Unlike Trey, Eric has always been someone who is very realistic in his planning. Since that is the case, he just wants to make Aero lose the initiative.

Aero battle is no longer between him and Eric. Eric plans has already succeeded. Aero is now fighting against the ticking time.

Each moment he fights above, is a moment lost. On the plateau, Aero face could be seen to be full of rage.

He knows he needs to be faster. But at the same time he could not let his anxiousness control his action. Because that would lead to more mistakes

Even though he had killed thousands of people, there are many more to come.

Different people from all corners of the battlefield is surging toward him without stopping no matter how many of them he cuts apart

Aero could only have one thought at this



Sorry, a little late in posting this chapter. I think thsi arc woudl end this month. See you all tomorrow and hope you like the chapter
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