Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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His warriors and mages distance themselves from Kyle since they did not want to overhear the conversation between the General of Vanheim and the Chancellor of Vanheim

Aero look behind him and he could see that there is another wave of people coming towards his position. He did not have much time

He had to make use of Kyle knowledge right now. Aero is sure that Kyle did not come to the edges of this formation just to gloat

'What is this?' Aero said while pointing his finger to this formation

'Five Point Sealing Formation' Kyle immediately answer.

'Hmm. What's that?' Aero asked back. He never heard of any Five Point Sealing Formation.

Kyle suspected that Aero did not know much about the formation so he quickly told Aero about all he knows.

As he was explaining things, the rumble of people charging toward Aero intensify that one could feel the shaking of the earth as magical attacks is about to land around Aero

Mage sis flying around the air, with fireballs on their hands, or icicles floating around them, ready to be launched towards him, the moment they arrived at his location

Aero immediately understand as he once again takes a look at the battlefield.

'So, four points of the formation. If I break all the four points where the magic users that is supplying power to this formation, then the five point which is me would automatically be broken and I will be free?' he asks, trying to confirm his understanding

Kyle nodded. Kyle then looked behind him and then he asks Aero

 'What should we do now? I think you are clear that Eric is doing this to delay you. Right now I have gathered all Vanheimneian around me. We are about to seek the Gate' Aero grins a bit listening to Kyle words.

If he could not tell what Kyle is trying to say, he is not Aero of the East. He nodded and Kyle also nodded back.

Aero then said

'Take care of them for me. I don't know how long will it take for me to defeat all of them but I could be confident that I would not be that late. If I am lucky. I might even have the time to join you all'

Then he snorted at the situation he is in

'Since Eric wanted to delay me, then find him and obstruct him. Search your own fortune then and open the Gate when you found it. I also missed our kingdom' Aero did not have time to mince words since the wave of people is approaching him quickly.

Kyle smiles and then nodded

'Don't blame me' Kyle said. Aero only smiles.

'This is enough. We both cooperate because there is something to gain. I would not blame you of this. You already gave me enough clues to break through this formation.' he replies back.

Kyle chuckles

'Still showing off, huh?" Kyle said and Aero smirks

'Alright then. Good luck and see you on the other side' Kyle said before he went away with his guards.

Aero looks at their backs as they travel farther away from him.

They immediately went to the place where the other Vanheimneian people is waiting as they begin their journey to seek the gate

Aero on the other hand ready his saber.

'Four points of the formation' he muttered to himself. There is now an objective he thought to himself.

Now, he is not a lost wanderer wandering. He now had a road. And for him, that is enough.

Then without saying anything he charges towards that pillars area.

He needs to kill all these people that dares stands against him and those mages unit that trapped him in this formation.

He also wanted to send another warning to all of them. Aero refuses to believe that these people truly came at him without fear.

When he shows them that nothing against him is working, slowly they would retreat by themselves and might even fought against the orders of their superior.

Even though, they might be revived after this battle ended that doesn't mean they will not feel pain before dying and not lost anything.

Each death means you are getting weaker. And if you keep dying, then you might even become so weak that you couldn't even choose how you die.

Only strong people could choose how they die.

Screams of pain and booming sounds crisscrossed with each other and reverberated in the air throughout the entire battlefield as Aero charges anyone that is in front of him

The battle began to feel more intense and even more bloodier. Trey could see that Aero is carving a path toward the one mage unit in the south direction

His eyes widened. He could guess what Aero is trying to do

'Shit. Kyle really did tell him about the formation. We need to stop him from getting closer to those mages units'

Trey quickly orders his officer to send even more people to block Aero. And Aero did not even think of changing lanes or divert his path.

He keeps moving forward no mater who is in front of him.

His mind is only occupied with the thoughts of the four mages unit that serves as the four point of this formation. And his saber would reap their lives as quickly as possible.

Even though it seems there is no end to this war, Trey knows that they could not keep this up for long.

Thousands have died under Aero blade and the ghastly and terrifying scenery of the battlefield could even deter the bravest heart.

And not everyone that is in the cage is Vevaian people which adds to the problem of maintaining this siege against Aero.

While the Vanheimneian people in the cage was the first one being killed under Trey orders, there are still other people from the other kingdom trapped inside the cage

They would not obey the orders from Veva and they surely do not want to trapped in this cage more longer than they need to.

They might even help Aero if this keeps going on. If not for the crazed way, Aero conduct himself now that he is strapped, Trey believes some of these people might help Aero.

Right now, the atmosphere of the battlefield inside the cage is really weird.

Aero was supposed to be the prey but for some reason it felt like they are sending food to a predator.

The more he kills, the powerful he became.

It is not something that the officers of Veva did not realize.

They realize the problem but they have no way against it. They couldn't really order their people to stop, at least not at this junction of the battle.

If they did that, that is as good as saying to them to throw away their lives. Since Aero is no longer caring about such thing, he killed whoever his eyes laid eyes to

Trey keep sending his orders but before he could send another order, everyone heard it and for a moment everyone stop

Trey face turns pale when he heard the sound

Everyone heard the sound of something breaking. It was like someone throws a stone into a glass window as the windows broke loudly.

Then a screams so loud sounded from Aero area, the entire battlefield hears it

In the south direction, Arial is holding the headless body of the mage leader who controls the core of the South

The moment he kills them that bright illusory pillars that hold up the formation disappeared.

'One down three to go' This time with Aero strength, his speed has reached to almost an inhuman level. His strength too increased even more

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