Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero is still charging forward

One would expect to see at least some kind of fear or anxiousness when being surrounded by so many people bent on killing him, but Aero of the East would not be Aero of the East if he is easily scared.

One could see this unnerving calmness even a she cuts people and slice people into half.

His moves were almost mechanical at this point. Trey knew that he would be scared if he had to fight Aero of the East one on one.

Looking at Aero prowess, it once again shows him the gap of power between people like him and the difference between existence like The Three Great Pillars.

'It is unfortunate we are on opposite side' Trey said to no one. Below him, there is many more waves of attackers that is ready to tangled with Aero

There are probably a few thousands more but for some reason trey could not feel confident that this wave of people attack is really draining Aero of the East

Because it clearly doesn't seem like it.

But he did what he had to do. Even as Aero keep breaking the human wall he had sent, he keeps sending people fighting against him.

He is slowly building and creating more defense on the four cores of the formation.

He could no longer ignore the fact that Aero might really be able to reunite with Kyle.

 Considering Kyle vast knowledge with magical formation, he might know the cores of the magical formation.

Since that is the case, trey needs to be ready for such eventualities.

He continued sending out orders while surveying the battle field.

Even as he sent people to delay Aero charging to Kyle, Trey slowly diverts some people to go to the cores of the formation powered by the mages life force.

He is organizing the battle to make sure that Aero of the East would either die inside here or be delayed so late, that he would not have any other opportunity to become even more stronger.

This alone had been hard for them to fight with. If he became even more stronger, then he might be in par with those Gods in Mt Olympus.

He sighed as his eyes trained upon the lonely figure of Aero of the East fighting off thousands of people.

At the same moment that Trey was ordering the security around the magical core formation of the formation being protected, Aero stood proudly in an empty area.

If you ignore the corpses around him and the rivers of blood flowing down around him, then the area could be considered empty.

Empty of people. Around him the ground is moist and one could even hear the gushing of the flowing blood

In his charge just now he had killed around a few thousand people. There is heaps of bodies and some of them have not even died yet.

Some of them are hanging to their dear life, trying to crawl to somewhere.

They were in shock and mumble many things before taking their last breath because of the pain.

Aero roared and his roar echoes through the air, like a lion declaring his superiority over all the others.

This is Aero of the East. The king of the merciless jungle.

Killing intent surrounded him and swirling around him like he is the eye of a tornado. This killing intent acted like a barrier that deflects any low level attack or weapons attacks.

With an aloof expression he looks around him.

There is a few more wave of attackers prepared for him but right now, at this moment, as the area around him were cleared for a few seconds, he could see that the distance between him and Kyle is not that far away anymore.

He also watches and analyzes the changes in the battlefield. He had been doing since the beginning he enters the battle

He knows as long as he did not get out of this healing formation, it would be useless.

'Eric is really going all out this time' To mobilize all of tis people to delay him is basically telling them to forget to search for any other fortune.

Aero is curious how Eric convinced all of this people to fight him.

Heh' he snickered.

'I might have to disappoint you Eric. I will not die here' Aero actually have an idea he wanted to try.

He looks at the status window of that skill once again



A skill derived from your dedication to killing and bloodshed. This skill would gather all the killing intent around you to produce a strike that would take all the lives of people around you.

The effect of this strike and its range of attack depends on the amount of killing intent that is around you.

It could not differentiate friend and foe, so be prudent before using it. [Powerful people who have measure of extra protection or powerful spell that could neutralize some of the killing intent around them might have the chance to survive this attack. Someone who is cursed to be Immortal by the Gods would not be affected by this strike]

Because of its tremendous power to manipulate the killing intent, you could only use this strike only once before it could be used again next week.


He finished reading the description of the skill, as he gripped his saber tighter.

'I wonder how powerful this skill really is when it is supported by all of this thick killing intent' he thought to himself.

Around him right now, if there is one thing that is lacking, it is not killing intent. Around him killing intent is full of abundance.

But he also recognizes that this skill could only be used once until it reached next week. Though Aero don't know if this place has a concept of time.

But he doesn't want to waste this skill usage. It must be a powerful skill if he could only use it once a week. If it is not powerful there would be no such limitation in the first place.

He is sure that if he activated this skill, all of these aura of death would come swiftly to him from all direction.

He wonders how powerful the strike would be when it is enhanced by all this death aura and killing intent.

But the most important thing when deciding to use this skill, is timing. And Aero is thinking what is the best timing to activate it.

Is it right now? Or is later?

But Aero did not think to use it toward the cage itself. It is simple. Aero did not know a lot about magic sealing formation but he knew that thee have many features. If this sealing formation is immune to nay attacks or skills, then Aero would waste this powerful skill trying to cut things that could not be cut.

First, he needs to know what this formation is all about.

His eyes are now set upon Kyle who was waiting for him. He took a dep breath and pushed off his feet as gust of winds swirled behind him and his feet

Because of his speed, he turns into a long arc of light that travels in a straight line right to Kyle position.

He passes through the few alive warrior of Veva. As he passes them, those people had an almost invisible lines around their neck.

A few seconds after he had passed them, those warrior head slid off from their neck as they died not understanding how.

Behind him, a new wave of attacker is coming to him but they are still far away from Aero position.

He had time to talk with Kyle. Aero saw the golden cage border and then without any warning he swings his saber toward the golden cage.

Saber lights shoots out from his saber and it collides with the cage as the impact created ripples shockwaves all over the sealing formation.

Kyle was calm even as he saw how large and wide that saber light was. He could see the saber light coming to him but he crosses his hand and waits for it.

The moment that saber light clashed with the cage, it dissipated like it was absorbed by the cage.

The units of mages that is in the four direction of the cage felt a burden in their body the moment saber light clashed with the cage.

If one looked closely at this mages unit one could see that their vitality is drained from them and the moment the cage absorbs the impact of that strike, they aged a little.

Aero on the other hand frowned, when looking at the effect of his strike while Kyle only shakes his head.

'It is fortunate I did not use that skill to attack the formation. It would prove to be a useless endeavor' Aero muttered to himself

Aero is now only a few inches from Kyle yet he could not take one step out from the formation.

Even a she punches the golden cage translucent barrier, the force of his punch ripples before dissipating as its spreads evenly to all the surfaces of the barrier.

It is like punching water. Aero sighed as he looks at Kyle. Kyle himself shows a helpless smile.

They look at each other and it is clear from the face of both men that things did not go as planned

 Then in unison they both said the same name

'Eric!' Aero smiles when he heard Kyle words

'I guess you reached the same conclusion I did' Aero said. Kyle only nodded, his hand is still crossed. His staff floats beside him.

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