Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero decision to charge is not motivated only by his raging emotions. He also wanted to meet up with Kyle in the distance

He is heading towards Kyle, cutting through the wall of men in front of him. Kyle who was outside the barrier could only watch Aero from a distance fighting his way to reach him.

He himself did not thought that Eric could create such an annoying trap for Aero. The Black Robed Schemer

The mage beside Kyle ask

'General, do you think the Chancellor could reach us?' Even though, the mage could see that the Chancellor is coming to them but he also saw the large wall of men between him and them

It is understandable why the mage felt uneasy.  On hearing this question, Kyle laughed.

'Of course, he would. He is Aero of the East after all. This is not enough to stop him' Kyle replied.

And the other mages hearing Kyle words also nodded.

For a moment they have forgotten that even before The Chancellor revealed his true identity in the battlefield he had already killed a lot of people.

In the trails leading to Kyle, Azief is creating road of blood and fury. It was like people are giving up their lives to his saber.

That was how one sided the battle between Aero and these people really is. Not all the people trapped in the cage is a soldiers or powerful people.

Some was just the unfortunate victims of the cage but Aero had not time to check who's his enemies and who is just pretending.

He cut them all even if they shouted they are innocents.

Aero could not show his anxiousness but it is clear he is anxious. If he is not anxious why would he do this, attacking with wild abandon

He keeps killing and the kill count of his saber increased. The Killing intent around him swirls like there is some invisible force pushing it

 As he keeps killing, Aero mind did not stop thinking.

Aero himself at this time suspected one person in particular.

There is only one person that have enough authority and influence to made all this people disregard their own personal interest and went after him like there is no tomorrow

He too reached the same conclusion like Kyle. The moment he reached the same conclusion, he frowned and it is clear that there is a bitter smile on his face.

He felt like he had suffered a loss

He is afraid that this scheme is from his rival, Prime Minister of Veva, Eric.

'I think it is you. It has all the mark of your pettiness' He thought to himself as he rushed through the south with unprecedented speed.

Death seems to be at the tip of his blood drenched saber. One swing is all it took to kills a dozen men.

Arrows were shot towards him but because of the swirling killing intent around his body, none of the arrows could even touched his skin,

Aero body is already as tough as steel but now their attack could not even reach his body. T almost made people hopeless.

Even Trey looking at this unstoppable force carving a path through the battlefield like some kind of divine sword cutting a straight path could not help but shudders

He sighed and said to himself. Like he is trying to justify what he is doing

'I do not want to make enemies with you, Aero of the East. But we serve different master. Even if I die today under your hands, I could not let you go easily until the Prime Minister plans is complete. I would delay you with my life' he said to himself

Kyle a few inches from the cage of golden light stand there calmly, looking at Aero fighting his way towards him

Even from here he could see the impact of Aero powers. He could see the ground is shaking and the wind whipping about, thrashing wildly all around the battlefield.

There is the thick killing intent compressed inside the cage

He sighed a bit

'Thank God he is an ally. If he is an enemy, I surely would have a headache right now' Kyle thought to himself.

On the battlefield, as Aero come closer to Kyle position, slowly there is a plan formed in his mind. He smiles a bit as he keeps moving forward.

'Maybe that would work' he thought to himself.

Sounds of battle keep reverberating and each clash between Aero and the wave of attacker would produce great shaking and loud screams.

Most people have already found the way out and climbing down from the plateau.

Kyle also got a report by one of magic reports that the plains is not a plain but actually a flat area of a plateau.

Kyle heard it but he did not rush to join the others. He and his band of warriors, magic user stand there outside the cage, waiting for Aero to come to him.

While Kyle looks like he is calm, only he could hear the wildly beating heart of his.

Truth be told, he wanted to quickly explores below and seek the Gate. But since he already decided that he will help Aero, he remains standing there.

He kept waiting.

The sound of breaking and the echoes of wave sound that reverberates in the battlefield is actually the sound of the Veva warriors weapon clashing with Aero weapon before it being cuts.

Nothing could survive one slash from his saber. All will fall.

The slashing sound of his saber light roars in the battlefield as it cuts all obstacles between him and Kyle.

Many more people come to close the gap. But the more they came, the faster he swings his saber.

No matter how many people were thrown towards him, he did not stop and his speed instead of decreasing becomes even more faster.

The longer the battle and the more people that Trey throws towards Aero the intense the battle became.

Aero himself become even more familiar with his body. It was like he is awakening back the muscle memory he had.

Sounds of explosion sounded behind him as he runs around charging towards people, slashing them, punching them, kicking them, doing his all to kill everyone around him

His speed also increases by leaps and bound, like power coursing through him.

The killing intent around him swirls around his feet like it is enhancing his foot strength. He was now so fast that there is only a few that could see his movement and attacks.

Some people did not even know how they die as Aero passed them as he almost looks like he turned into a long arc of light.

As the light passes those who see the light all had their head decapitated or their body sliced in half.

No one could see him coming. He was so fast that when people attacked him, they instead attacked his after image.

In Aero eyes, all the things around him appeared to be moving in slow motions as he simply moves his saber to cut them.

General Trey was standing in the opposite direction of Aero position but even he could not shake this chilling presence he felt in his heart.

Aero white robe is no longer white. Even though, he wanted to remain untainted, it seems the world could not allow him to be untainted

Since that is the case, Aero did not mind being dirty. There are a few spots of blood on his white robe as he wielded his blood soaked saber and he keeps charging and fighting


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