Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero takes a deep breath as he looks at the battlefield from his eyes

He is only wasting time now. Thankfully because of the killing intent that intensely swirling around the battlefield, Aero is strengthened with each passing moment.

But death could come unexpectedly. He knows that. Which is why he is trying to get out. But he at least need a clue on how to get out

Then as he looks to the south he could spot Kyle in the distance.

'What is he doing?'

Kyle is just outside the barrier as he tries futilely to bang the protective formation.

Aero believes that action is just for brownie points with the other people but he also recognizes that Kyle didn't really want him to die here.

After all, it is better two than just one.

'Kyle!' He shouted and his shout reverberated, and produce a powerful roar that shocked the battlefield.

Below the hills of bodies, the Veva warriors is quickly rushing to Aero as some of them gaze upon Kyle in the distance but could not do anything.

While it is true people outside the cage could not enter, the same rule applied to the people inside.

Not all of the people inside here knows what would happen when the formation was activated. But when they find out they could not get out, they had to follow orders from other people.

And as such while they are some that volunteer for this fight, some people were just unlucky and got trapped inside the cage with Aero

And they too raised their arms against him. Why? When you are trapped with a predator, the only way that story end is whether you get eaten by it or you killed it before it could eat you.

Aero locked eyes with Kyle as Kyle stop banging the formation. He then shouted something but Aero could not hear it.

Amidst the 'Kill him" chant it would take almost a godly super hearing to hear what Kyle was shouting. But just because he couldn't hear doesn't mean he couldn't see.

He could guess what Kyle was trying to say. Aero had one peculiar ability. He could read lips. He read Kyle lips and he said to come to him. Aero only smiles.

'The south' he said to himself.

'Alright. Here we go again' He then jumps off from the hills of dead bodies. He landed with a large explosion.

 As the dust of the ground rises up, saber light shoots out from the receding dust as it cuts those that is charging toward him.

Most of them die almost immediately the moment that saber light passes them. General Trey who was observing the battlefield could not help but saw the silent communication between Aero and Kyle and he knows something bad will happen if they were allowed to meet

He knows Kyle is a powerful magician. He might have a way of breaking the formation. Trey is not confident he could defeat Aero before and try to avoid him.

But now, he has an army of Vevaian people and a powerful formation to entrap this predator. And isn't this the same situation during the Battle in front of The Veva Gates?

He was contained and captured. Of course, the Prime Minister only ordered him to delay Aero and that is enough. But if he could capture one of the Three Great Pillars, he could imagine a life of riches and fame awaits him.

He then quickly sends orders to his officers as he stand back, once again surveying the battlefield.

'I could not defeat you in one and one battle but why do I have to? To escape this, you could only try to kill us all. I refuse to believe that you will not be tired at all' he thought to himself while smiling. If Aero could hear his delusion and thought, he would laugh.

He was captured in the front Gates of Veva is because he had to delay and trying to take forty thousand people alone.

There is also the fact that he is fighting Zeus before he fought the army. The situation is not the same at all.

Even though there is a lot of Vevaian people in this cage, at most it is around twenty-five thousand people.

And there is not Zeus of the North. Not to mention, the more he kills the more powerful he became.

Even though he is still worried someone would target his ankle, it is no longer his priority that much considering the killing intent has slowly enveloped and swirls around his body protecting something akin of a barrier of protection.

The orders of the General were relayed and as Aero charged to the south, someone shouted from behind him

'Stop him from reaching the border of the formation! One of the officers under Trey shouted.

Aero closed his eyes and then opens it back again. There is a calmness in his eyes. He now has an objective.

He is standing on an area where dead bodies surround him, all of them were cut into two in many parts of their body

A dozen warriors charged towards him like a raging wave  

Aero lifted his saber and with his foot taking a step forward, he uses his momentum to slash a saber light that slice all of them in the waist.

Blood floats in the air as saber lights pierces through armor and cut apart steel and flesh like a heated knife cut through butter.

Aero presence rises the more he killed people that it seems his killing intent becomes tangible. Those who were too weak in their will lost before they even clashed their weapon with him.

He is now giving a presence that chilled others to the bone. Aero spins around as he dances around in the battlefield, dancing to the tune of the melody of death

Heads flews and limbs scattered about, as blood drenched the green grass like a downpour rain. In just a few second around him there is an emptiness of life.

With this slight break from being attacked Aero yelled.

'You all could still give up. Stop this futile resistance and I will not pursue this matter any further!' For a moment the battlefield stops for a second.

It is clear that they are hesitating to attack.

Aero also notices this as he waited.

In their frenzy, they forget that they are not only fighting with one of the Three Great Pillars. They are also fighting the Chancellor of the Vanheim Empire.

When they return back to the Vilajeri Continent, if the Chancellor is really keeping grudges, then they would not even know how they would die.

Then a voice breakthrough the silence and stillness. It is General Trey officers. If Aero notices the hesitance of the Veva people, how could the officers leading the charge did not?

'Don't listen to him. He is the enemy of Veva. How could he spare you all?'

The same kind of sentiment was shouted by all those people who have relations with Veva kingdom. Aero eyes narrowed

'So, this is how you want to play it huh? He muttered to himself

Aero even though he was in a precarious position did not lose himself as he seeks the source of the orders of these officers

It didn't take him long before he finds it

Aero cast his gaze toward Trey who was standing on top of an elevated terrain. Below him is a unit of Druids and a few units of magician and warrior protecting him

Aero did not show any anger instead he laughed.

Then he shouted back to his incoming attackers with a loud roar.

'Since you are all stubborn, so be it! When I get home to Vilajeri Continent, I will hunt you all like rats. I will make you regret your decision today forever!' Aero shouted as he too no longer hesitated.

'It was you that provoke me and force my hand!' Aero shouted as he charges forward. The dust behind him parted away as a wind gust was formed.

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