Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He scanned the area even when it is already taxing for him. It is taxing when you consider that he had to keep fighting while thinking of ways to break through.

These people are adamant on killing him. Even after the quest had ended they did not shelve off their killing intent, seeming to not care about his reputation and status as the Chancellor of Vanheim

It was like they do not fear the tomorrow that would surely come for them. For some weird reason Veva people is abundant in this Plain.

Even from the very beginning he could see it was the Veva people controlling the pace of the battle.

But at that time, Aero have his own plans so he could not be bothered. Maybe in other Purgatory -like place, there is a lot of Vanheim and only a few Veva people.

Whatever the case, Aero could not stop as he could only react. He hates feeling like this. Forced to react.

It was usually him that test the water, provoking a reaction while being on a safe place.

People have a distorted image that Aero is the kind of person that would attack like a valiant warrior. He has always been more keen in staying at the back while controlling the battlefield.

Only when he is sure of his victory that he would lead the battle in the front. There is a way to become undefeatable. It is a secret of always remaining undefeatable

Always fight the battle that you could win.

That is the way to become undefeatable. Undefeatable does not mean you always have to be the strongest. Undefeatable simply means you know to choose your battle.

A light breeze passes the battlefield amidst the slaughter.

This time Aero could see that the people that die did not turn into motes of light.

They die and fall down on the ground as blood dripped down from their wounds and few mutilated pieces of their flesh dropping down from their body.

The sealing formation did not block the wind that comes from the outside. As Aero keep killing he could smell the stench of people.

Stench of their death. Before, while he could smell the stench, the smell was fleeting because when his enemies die they turns into motes of light.

Everyone was fearless because they would be revived after the quest ended.

But now….it is different.

Not everyone has the same quest like Aero. Aero at least knows that his soul would be detained for a while. But for these people they don't know what will really happen to them after they died.

Would they be revived after someone finds the Gate? Or would they have to be in the Void of Nothingness for a long time before they revived once again?

As Aero killed pole, and as bodies piled up, fears undoubtedly started to crept inside the hearts of his enemies.

Not everyone could die with dignity. Some people piss themselves in fear and some lose their mind screaming before his saber cut them into two.

And while Aero could comfort himself with his soul only being detained temporarily if he dies, this does not mean he is not anxious or nervous.

He is afraid of death. Probably, out of everyone here, he is the one that really didn't want to die

After all, he bears the Curse of the Styx. The moment he dies; Hades would take back that curse into his realm.

Aero doesn't know if his reach extended here in this Purgatory but if it did, Aero would lose the one thing that could protect him.

This curse is what maintain his safety from all threats, seen and unseen. It is why he could be bold in many situations as many more avenues of planning was opened to him.

The wind blows wildly but that strong wind could not blow away the bloody stench of the death.

Aero kick one person in the chest as that person plate armor caved in.

That person had his sternum cracked before dying as Aero slapped him with his hand that was as tough as a metal block.

The wind blows around him as he got a small time reprieve. Around him is the fallen bodies of his enemies.

The wind once again blows and Aero could smell it even more. The wind did not help blowing away the foul smell of corpses around him

If anything, the wind helps the stench to be swept up and spreading even further. 

'Shit when will this be over! How do I break through this?' he asks himself. He is not panting or sweating.

He possesses almost an unlimited stamina. It would not be wrong to compared him to one of the Gods of Olympus.

On the distance, he could see another wave of attackers running towards him with axes, blades, sword, sabers and many other kinds of weapons.

They all seems eager though Aero could notice not everyone shares that same kind of enthusiasm

Around the area, Aero could see from the corner of his eyes, mages are also making a circle trying to contain him.

They positioned themselves far away from him and stand in an elevated terrain. The Druids raises up the land as the mages would try to contain him if he ever reaches that point.

Aero could immediately tell what they are trying to do

They are slowly trying to slow him down and probably when he is tired and fatigued down, they would find opportunity to finish him off.

What they didn't know is that Aero have almost an unlimited stamina. But that is not what Aero is concerning himself about. In battle, Aero only always worry about one thing.

His ankle.

Aero look at his saber. It was shining red. Blood drip down its edges. Behind him bodies piled up to resembles a small hill.

It almost like it was creating a wall behind him. Separated limbs could be seen scattered all around. Most of them were separated with one slash of his saber.

He could hear his enemies encouraging each other from the distance as he readied himself once again

'Kill him!'

'Do not let him go!'

'Even if you could not defeat him, delay him!'

These shout could be heard reverberating through the entire battlefield like a chant and a prayer.

As bodies piles up into the height of small hill Aero jump up and landed on top of the hills of bodies.

From high vantage point he could see the golden cage more clearly. His eyes are quickly analyzing the area.

He then saw that even though it is a cage there are five points that is shining even brighter than the rest.

There are four spots where the cage seems to originated.

'is that the so called core of the formation?' Aero thought to himself. Aero was not a magician and so he is not well versed in magic.

His tactics and strategy is what elevated him among the rest. And his fighting skills shares more commonality with warriors and fighters than magicians.

But just because he is not well versed in magic principle did not mean that he does not know a thing about magic.

Especially when the world he lived in is full of magic users, it would be stupid of him if he did not even make some research on magic.

He once read a book about formation when the craze of searching for magical sealing formation begins.

So he could safely assume that the four spots that seems brighter than the rest shows the core that power the formation

'Four cores. This would be a little bit harder' Right now, by his own estimation, he had killed around four thousand people.

If he keeps it up he might even get another title.

But Aero is not interested in that at all. He just wanted to get out from this cage as fast as possible. There are many other things he could do outside.

He gritted his teeth

'Whoever scheme this against me, I will repay him later' he vowed to himself.


Will not be saying too much. Just hope you enjoy the story since we are slolwy reaching to the end of the story for the Purgatory
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