Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He summons his staff from his inventory bag and it appears on his hand. He gripped his staff tightly as balls of fires formed around him, floating beside him.

He then looks to the mages and look at the many people that have answered his calls.

Many of them are warrior but there are also some who have support abilities sonly. Like there is a merchant group, a few herbalist and Alchemist and even bards

He then quickly arranges some mages unit and warrior unit to protect each other. Kyle is treating them like they are his soldiers.

The one who have the support abilities acted like they were the supply lines of the army. He then order a few of them who he designated as his personal guard.

He has made his decision on Aero problem.

'Guard me. I need to get close to the sealing formation and tell the Chancellor about this sealing formation. He needs to know how to break the formation. If it's the Chancellor, I am confident he could break it' the other nodded as they gripped their magic staff tighter.

Kyle then began rushing forward toward the direction of the cage. His guard followed around him forming a circle of protection around him

The reason Kyle establish a guard for him six because he just got assassinated after tasting the fruits of victory. He would not make the same mistake again.

It is not hard to guard Kyle considering that many people are running away from the battle and retreating.

They recognize that this matter is not their problem.

Most of them have created their own factions, as they mostly group themselves with the people of their kingdom.

Since that is the trend, even the Vanheimneian people knows there is no use trying to unite them under Aero.

So, they had to stick with each other. After all, a group of people together could easily repel one person unless that one person is Aero.

So they all gather around Kyle.

Kyle left them an order as he bolted forward. The Vanheimneian people walk the battlefield together with the warriors and combat based profession lead the way.

They were the ones that have to move first as Kyle decided to meet Aero.

Kyle did not think it would take him long to explain about the formation to Aero.

So, he ordered them to move in group first. With the absence of Aero, Kyle become the most powerful voice for the Vanheimneian.

Behind him riding the winds is ten mages and behind them is paladins and knights guarding the mages from any surprise attack.

Kyle rushed to reach the golden cage and as such he could only think one person that could scheme all this and made Aero suffers a loss.

He even had a smile on his face when thinking of that person. After all, it si that person that bring him back up and even recruited him to enter the Veva army.

The Prime Minister of Veva, Eric. By doing this, he revealed his existence to Kyle. But right now, he had no way of finding the Prime Minister.

It did not take long for him to reach that conclusion.

After all, other than the Inner Circle of Zeus friend, there should be nobody else that would be entrusted with the formula of the sealing formation.

These magicians that constructed this magical formation must be the mages of the Veva Kingdom. That would explain why their cooperation is so top notch.

As a magician Kyle could sense the presence of mana around him.

And he could feel that the magical formation of the Five Point Sealing Formation did not draw its magical power from the surrounding area.

Instead it draws power from one of the most forbidden place to draw energy from. The Five Point Sealing formation draws its energy from the life force and taxed the soul.

The fact that they have such elite magician squad that would not hesitate to use their own life force to trap Aero make Kyle believe in his conclusion even more.

Kyle did spotted Trey managing the battlefield when he was revived earlier.

They were old colleagues after all.

And it was because that they are old colleague, that Kyle knows that Trey did not have that kind of charisma, clout or influence to command magicians from the kingdom to sacrifice their life force and even taxed their souls by creating the formation.

Magicians sometime is even more stingy with their magic than merchants. Sometimes they are like merchant itself, only they have magic.

 Trey alone could not have commanded them. Not to mention, he is a disgraced general. It would shock Kyle that he could gather all the people of Veva to help him with his reputation.

But if Eric is involved, then all this spectacle, all this manpower to subdue Aero make sense

These magicians would only obey someone higher than Trey and one who could offer them more benefits. Eric must offer them either magical formula, some rare herbs or even a post in the government.

He gritted his teteh and thought to himself

' Eric, you are making this hard for me' But there is a malicious smile on his face. He did not forget how he got assassinated before.

Kyle is someone who would hold a long grudge. At least, out of all the bad habits he had managed to rid out off, this is the one he did not want to rid out.

While Kyle is rushing forward to Aero, Aero is in the middle of a great battle.  It was truly like he is in a painting of hell.

There doesn't seem to be any sounds around him other than weird sound of pain and shrieking and screaming that devolves into a monotony sound that Aero could no longer distinguish.

As the attack against him intensified, he could no longer care about appearing elegant or not as he kills people brutally using brute strength and every weapon he has in his arsenal

And to Aero, his entire body is a weapon.

He would smash unto a group, breaking their bones as he charges them and ram them with his body.

Hs body is as tough as a block of the hardest metal. It is like colliding with a mountain in a high speed collision.

He would swing his saber with his right hand and choke the life out of a warrior with his left hand.

There is a quest generated the moment he was trapped.


You have been trapped by an ancient magic. As this changes and alter the progression of this Purgatory generation of spaces and alter the laws around it, the Western Heaven have decided to generate a quest for you

Break through the sealing formation

Reward: two skill points

Failing condition: Dying in the formation. Your soul will be temporarily be stored in Western Heaven until someone found the gate.

That is what greeted him the moment the cage appeared.

But Aero did not know much about sealing formation.

But just because he doesn't know doesn't mean he could just stop and take a break as he thinks of the best possible ways for him to respond.


The title was actuually something else. Maybe I would rectify it later. See you tomorrow.
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