Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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There are a few from Vanan and the many small kingdoms of the north but mostly the people that gathered around him is Vanheimneian

Kyle sighed internally as he saw many other people went away searching for their own fortune. He did not try to hold them back.

If he forces them, it would damage his reputation and Aero reputation. He then looks toward that cage and he frowned. He never sees this kind of sealing formation magic before.

He then asks any of the magicians and enchanters whether there is any way to break the cage. One of the mages in the crowd noted that this is the five-point sealing formation.

Kyle knows this mage. He is one fo the mages that defected from Veva and join Vanheim. He called him to his side.

Then he asks

'Are you sure? Veva got it. The Five Point Sealing formation?' Kyle said, shocked.

He too once heard about that sealing formation. He looks back at that sealing formation and his eyes narrowed.

He sighed. The mages also sighed. They both understand each other thoughts.

But Kyle sighed not only because he knows how formidable that formation is, he also sighed because he realizes something in his past.

'So, it seems Eric and Zeus never truly trusted me even when I was with them' he smiles bitterly as he thought to himself of the events of the past. There is a reason why he said this words.

The Five Point Sealing Formation

It is one of the most powerful sealing formation magic. Sealing magic was in its infancy when they were transported to Vilajeri Continent.

The memory of how they arrived in Vilajeri Continent in the first place is still blurs as most of the people of the Western Heaven had their memories blocked from accessing that portion of their memories.

But after they completed many task from the native people of the Vilajeri Continent they discovered even more magic as magic user began researching the past history of magic in that world.

Most mages at that time was combat magician or healing magicians since it is the most lucrative jobs. Combat magician was in high demands with other Western Heaven people.

So does the healing magician who could heal their companions in monster nest and in an expedition against bandits and outlaws.

Then there is also the Druids who could commune with nature.

But sealing magic was rare at that time. It wasn't until after there is a weird peace between the Three Great Powers of the Vilajeri Continent, that many new kinds of magic were discovered.

One of those branch of magic is sealing magic.

There were rumors of course that Zeus and his Seven Valiant Warrior found a sealing magic formation underneath the crypt of the Palace of Asgaro.

But it remains a rumor. At that time, Kyle was just entering Zeus army. But even after he was promoted into a general, he was never informed of this.

It turns out that rumor isn't a rumor after all. It was just that he was not informed of it.

The mages and Kyle both frowned because they both know the strong point of this formation. It is weird isn't it? How could a formation that no one has ever seen elicited such response from these people?

Magicians, wizards, witches, warlocks and other type of magic user have scoured the Vilajeri Continent in search of sealing formation since its discovery

That is because they know how powerful a sealing formation really is. No one knows it better than Kyle

After all he did have the formula of The Sealing of Four Direction. It is one of the formula of sealing magic.

For people who come from Western Heaven they did not have to expend so much time researching the underlying concept of how to create and manifest the sealing arrays like the native people of the Vilajeri Continent.

They just have to touch the book or the formula and then they could learn it easily like they have learned it since they were a child.

When he tries to think of the terms a vague memories enter his mind. The native people of that world called it the Blessing of the Gods.

It was this trait that made them be able to grow quickly in the world. He sighed again

'What should we do, general Kyle?' one of the mages addressed Kyle with his title. The mage is also from Vanheim so it is not wrong to address him as such.

Kyle could only frown. He did not have any countermeasures against it. At least not from outside. He knew the features of this sealing formation.

That is why he know that is impossible for him to interfere against it from the outside. If there is a different person in that cage Kyle would have long given up.

Because this sealing formation could be considered a surefire way to kill your enemy.

But the one inside that cage is Aero. Since that is the case, then the conclusion would be a little bit different. If its him, he could break the formation point of the sealing formation.

And those who schemed against him must have also known this.

Then it is clear that in Kyle eyes, the schemer intention was to delay Aero. And if somehow Aero dies in the formation, that would be an unexpected luck.

Another mage chimed in.

'General Kyle. You are also a magician like us. You know the stories? The lore about the sealing formation of the Five Point Sealing Formation, right?'

Kyle nodded as he bites his lips. The mages are asking him to make a decision.

They are not going to give the order of leaving the Chancellor. Who knows whether the Chancellor would hold grudges when they return?

But if its Kyle that is making the decision then they don't have to worry.

Kyle takes a deep breath and then he closes his eyes for a moment. He is thinking furiously of the things he could do right now.

Aero had to depend on himself this time. This is no longer just an attack about the quest. This is effectively a battle between tow superpower kingdoms.

Aero most likely would miss the chance to explore this Purgatory because of this trap. It depends on how wide this Purgatory really is and how far the Gate really is.

If its larger than it supposed to be then Aero might have time to explore some of the areas of the Purgatory before someone else find the Gate.

If not, Aero would miss his chance to seek fortune for himself. He exhales and then he opens his eyes. It is clear from the shine in his eyes, that he had make his decision.

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