Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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While Eric is moving deeper into the Jungle region and Dan who is already in the center of the Jungle Region searching for the Gate, on top of the plateau, everyone was shocked to see the cage that surrounded the area around thirty kilometers radius around Aero.

Those people who were outside the cage was shocked is an understatement

Their heart trembled in shock, expression of astonishment appeared on their faces.

After all, they are not some idiots. They immediately know that this could only happens if someone was actually planting a trap.

'Someone is scheming against Aero of the East' some of them whispered. Then some of them said.

'Let us go' Some of the people no longer wanted to take part as they felt that this goes beyond their usual level of fighting.

They could see that forces are gathering and this has nothing to do with them. There is a great scheme hidden in all of these.

Since that is the case why stay and court death?

Some of those also analyze the events and said

'This must be the machinations of Veva. We have no stake in this. The quest has ended. Let us seek the Gate and good fortune for ourselves'

Saying this was Theo of Loth kingdom. He said this to the other Lothians in the battlefield. The other Lothians nodded

Even though Lot kingdom is just beside Veva, that does not mean the relationship between the two kingdoms is amiable.

Instead, Loth kingdom have even made many alliances in trying to contain Veva from spreading their influences westward

Theo is a quite a figure in the Loth kingdom.

He had slain the Golden Boar of Ares and were celebrated in the royal palace of Loth. But he is more of a wanderer warrior who did not enter the court and like to roam around the kingdom.

Even to the politic illiterate, it is clear that this is a conflict between Vanheim and Veva.

They could risk their lives before because they knew that they would be revived. But this escalation of conflict doesn't necessarily guarantee that they would be revived

Their memories are still murky and they do not have to risk their life for people of other kingdoms.

If they want to kill each other that much, then they are free to do what they wanted.

 And Lothians people are not the only one that have these thoughts

Those people who did not have any vested interest in this conflict all went away, trying to seek the Gate.

Like the others, they would also find out that this plain is nothing but the top of a plateau that look like a plain because of how wide and long it is

Meanwhile on the sky, something else is happening as people distance themselves from the cage.

The quest had ended so the people that have been killed is now reviving.

Golden light showers down to the plains.

Motes of light slowly turns into a translucent figure of the one that was death in the previous battle.

In just a few seconds, the translucent form become solid and all of the people that die in that terrible battle was revived back.

Some people hugged their friends and loved ones the moment they returned back.

Even Kyle was revived

The moment he was revived, he wanted to scream in anger when he checked out his status window. One of his skill were erased. It is his Thunderbolt skills.

He wanted to curse the moment he revived but then he like the other was shocked when he saw the cage and the one in that cage.

It did not take him a second to understand why he was killed before.

'So they are scheming against Aero. Is it Aero alone or Vanheim forces in the Plain?' he thought to himself.

He did not know who killed him but he is sure that his objective was to isolate Aero from his allies.

Around Aero is only Veva people.

The Vanheimneian people only focused on helping Kyle because he was the most disadvantaged one.

This makes it that there is no Vanheimneian near the cage when the sealing magic was used. Aero is surrounded by enemy on all sides inside the cage

Kyle look with a complicated gaze toward that cage and then he decided

'With this, how could Aero take control of all these people even if he survives this cage and survive the battle?' he muttered while sighing.

'Whoever scheme this plan is quite good. With this the schemer have divided the people here to one who supported Aero which indirectly supported Vanheim and those who supported Veva forces which indirectly supported Veva.'

'With this, people would become even more reluctant to join the fight, fearing to offend each side'

Kyle understand Aero thought and Aero plan

He did not have to kill the beast to show his power and gain control of the people. Aero did not have to do such tactic.

Everyone knows who he is.

The moment he revealed his identity, Kyle knows that people would not mind to fall in under his command until they found the gate.

After all, the chance of surviving would go up if they follow one of the most powerful person in Vilajeri Continent.

Kyle could guess that after he killed the beast, Aero would forgive all those who fight him during the quest, winning the praise and gratitude of the people.

Then Aero would ask them to join him to find the gate together. After all of that, it is clear what these people would chose. They surely would not mind to follow Aero orders.

At that time, Aero would have many options on how to travel this unknown Purgatory.

But this clever scheme by pitting Vevaian people against Aero, it basically prevented the entire people here to follow Aero after this.

Vevaian could no longer choose to follow Aero even if they wanted to. After all, it is Vevaian people that is attacking Aero right now.

Then there are still the other people from the other kingdoms. Not all of them like the two great empires but they are also afraid to pick up sides.

Since that would probably have a large repercussion when they return to Vilajeri continent later. What a good plan! What a good scheme!

Kyle had no choice then to yell

'Vanheimneian! Come to me! Let us gather together' Those Vanheimneian hearing Kyle summons quickly gathered and walk to Kyle.

He had a hard expression on his face. He did not know whether what he is doing right now would worsen the condition or relive Aero but he knew he could not do just nothing.

After all, if he ignores Aero right now, to the rest of the world, it would look like that he did not know how to repay gratitude and an ungrateful person.

Kyle have been around Aero for so long that he knows reputation sometimes is everything and he knew he must guard it very carefully.

He could not let Aero just be like that.

He need to at least make an appearance like he is trying to save Aero, who is not only his direct superior but also the Chancellor of his Empire.

'People of Western Heaven if you do not despise me, let us join hands together to escape this Purgatory. I guarantee that the Chancellor would not hold any offences against him earlier to his heart. A quest is just a quest; it is nothing personal.'

Some people were persuaded by Kyle words and some of them also gathered around him. But not all were convinced with his words.


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