Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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As Trey was trying to kill the beast, Eric who was looking at the battlefield, he notices that there is something unnatural is happening.

He realizes that there is someone inciting chaos intentionally on the back.

He investigated amidst the battle and found a generic person killing people so easily like breathing.

It wasn't long until he made the conclusion that the generic looking person is Aero of the East.

First, there was that domineering aura and his moves.

Eric once saw how Aero of the East fight. He rarely defends and usually push forward with almost an unstoppable force.

Then there is the fact that Eric since loss after loss that Veva had suffered under the hands of Aero, he began researching legacies.

Eric was sure that the legacy which Aero had bene bestowed is the Grand Strategist Lizhu Gerard legacy that once united the Vilajeri Continent.

He then uses his connection to travel to the Holy Land of Duvar and look through their Secret Archive to seek more information about Lizhu Gerard.

There a book spoke of Lizhu Gerard and his adventure.

Because many of it is lore and exaggerated and even sometimes false stories of him, Eric took a lot of time to sift through the lies and seek the truth of who Lizhu Gerard is

Only by understanding your enemy could you be prepared for them. This maxim in the strategy of war is not only mastered by people like Aero, even Eric knows the importance of knowing your enemies.

If not, he would not have been able to expand Veva territory as large as it did.

One of the ability that Lizhu had always used during his time dodging the hunt of the regime of Emperor Alva is by disguising himself.

It made Eric believes that Aero have the ability to disguise himself.

It was then that he believes that generic person is actually Aero of the East disguised as a normal looking warrior.

He was sure of this fact because he could not believe there is someone else who possess such force like his friend Zeus other than Aero.

At that moment he changed his plans and directed Trey to aid him.

That is why even after all those people retreated away, there are still people still attacking Aero disregarding the fact that the conclusion of the quest is decided.

That is why even though Kyle had killed the beast, people are still attacking Aero.

And it is why before the sealing formation was activated he had to kill Kyle and went away before anyone realizes he is there.

He looked at his diming golden dagger and shake his head.

'Now, this dagger can only be used two more times' Eric grumbled slightly looking at his dagger.

He got this dagger from Hermes. He did a quest for Hermes and as such Hermes gifted him a dagger that will always strike true and bring you to your enemy

Of course the ripping of space is its innate ability of this dagger.

As long as he does not kill anyone with this dagger he could sue that space ripping abilities of the dagger whenever and wherever he wanted.

He did not think that he still has it. It was the first thing he check in his inventory bag when he woke up in the plain.

He did not dare to use it against Aero because he had seen how fast and how supernaturally weird his perception is towards danger.

He chooses the easiest target out of the two. Kyle is dangerous, yes, but compared to Aero, his danger is not that high.

Most people when compare to one of the Three Great Pillars would always pale in comparison.

Eric looked wistfully at the distance and there is a smile on his face. He then said with a smirk at the corner of his mouth

 'Next time, then. When our two Empires clashed, we will then vie for the title of the world best strategist' he said to no one as he laughed without restraint.

He himself had once wonder, between him and Aero of the East who is the better strategist? Who would lead their Empire to rule over all the four corners of the land?

To become the ruler of all kingdoms, to become King of Kings? One day, that day would come. And then they could battle to their heart content!

Eric laughed and then without hesitation he walks forward to the edge of the plateau. Then smiling he jump down the plateau.

The first he felt hitting him is the wind.

He had a hard time to open his eyes but he forced it open and he look down and as he passes the nimbus clouds he saw a large forest that stretched out for miles without an end.

He saw the trees and he saw the cold hard ground waiting for him down below. And right now he is in freefall and he looks like he is plummeting down to his death.

Even as he comes closer to the ground he was unfazed.

As there is only a few hundred meters between him and his death, he smiles and then brought out his dagger and slash the space in front of him.

 A rip of space opens as he falls down into that void space.

A moment later, below in the Jungle Region, a rip opens up and Eric come out from it falling down. But the distance between that ripped space and the ground is only around four meters.

So with a slight sound of falling, Eric could be considered falling of a short length and he had no injury.

He got up patted the leaves on his black robe and laughed. He looks above him and saw the tall heaven reaching plateau and smile

'Until we meet again Aero of the East. Next time, I will beat you thoroughly' He then walk alone and went inside the jungle region.


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