Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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As the battle in the Plains is ending, there was already a large group of people below the plateau.

The journey to reach downward was quite terrifying. There are no monsters or anyone attacking you but mostly the threat comes from the wind and the rope.

The journey to reach the bottom is long.

And there were a lot more people that comes down.

Some of them are from those that ran from the battlefield and discover that the plains are just a vast flat lands on top of large plateau.

But the first group that first travelled and journey down to the Jungle region is none other than Dan group.

Right now he and his group is walking along the swamp. He looks behind him and he smiles. All the people behind him trusted him and because of that they have reached this far.

There are some things that Dan notices as he walks along this jungle region.

There doesn't seems to be any people living here. But every few hours they would see some beast prowling around.

But while they are beast not all of them are carnivorous. They once walked through a path and saw a herd of Giant Tusked Mammoth grazing the grass and a few Brontosaurs eating trees.

While for the more meat eating beast, Dan would assess the threat. If they are not that dangerous, they would kill it as they would use the fur to add to their clothes.

And some beast even drops some loots. Dan believes this is because this entire Purgatory is the creation of Western Heaven which is why there is this kind of feature.

Someone suddenly approached Dan who was walking in the front. It is one of his Knights, Knight Rollo.

'Marquis, should we rest for a bit. Many of them are tired.' Dan stop his feet and then look at the people behind him. While they are following him with a smile, there is this trace of tiredness that could not be hidden

He then nodded

'Fine, we'll open up camps when we see hard ground. Send some Knight to secure the area. Sooner or later the battle at the top would end. Then they would surely come down in search of the Gate' Rollo nodded as he quickly went to relay the orders of the Marquis.

They walked a few meters away from the swamp area and found a good place to open up camp.

A few builders built a large hut for him. Dan waited and as he waited suddenly there is a notification popping up in front of his eyes.


Kill the sabretooth monster or survive until it is killed or moved away.

You have survived against the attack of the sabretooth monster and awarded two skill points for your bravery and service to Western Heaven.

Reading it, Dan felt anxious

'Did they finished their battle?' he said. All the people resting under the tree were also greeted with that notification window.

While the Jungle Region was stirred from this sudden news, on the north corner of the plateau, there is a lone man.

He was wearing a black robe and there is an ancient looking dagger on his hand, dripping with blood.

His black robe flapped wildly as the wind coming from the wind ruffles it.

His face is hidden under the hood. He looks at the distance and saw the golden cage in the middle of the plain

He smiles bitterly and then sighed.

'I guess even after all of this I still did not know your weakness. You must have some secret on your body for you to become that invincible' he said to no in particular. Maybe he is speaking to console himself.

'But my role here is over. Since my initial plan failed, then the least these people could do is delay you. Making you more powerful would be detrimental to my friend' The black robe man sighed again.

He shakes his head. Maybe there is regret in his heart or maybe he is just sad that thing just didn't work out the way he planned it.

'That is why I said to him to end you as fast as possible. To nip it in the bud. Now, you have grown to a large tree that is hard to pluck out'

His mind wander to his friend and he sighed again. He himself wonder why he sighs so much when he is reminded of his friend and Aero of the East.

He looks at the clouds abut he sees his friend face and shakes his head.

'he is too merciful and too stupid for falling for your scheme in the Feast at the Western Gate, Aero'

The wind blows over and the hood that covered his face flapped a bit as it revealed his face slightly.

The sun shines illuminating his handsome flawless face. He is slender and lean and the way he carried himself is full of an aura of people who are used to power.

If people could see his face they all would recognize who this person is. It is one Aero exercise caution the most in Veva.

Trey thought that there is no powerful people in this batch thus he decided to kill the beast and plan many things to raise his profile.

Lady of Vanan, thought that there is only middle level power people here so she enacted her plans for gaining a title that would increase her offensive strength and help her cause when she returns back to the Vilajeri Continent.

Aero thought unless there is Zeus of the North and Ariana of the South then there is no need for him to fear anyone. But they were all wrong.

There is one other person that they did not think were also here with them. The Black Robed Prime Minister of Veva Eric!

Eric from the very beginning was here in the Plains. The moment he remembered who he was he quickly hides himself and making himself appears inconspicuous.

Then the quest for the beast started and he quickly enter the battlefield.

He did not rush into battle as his talent have never been in fighting. Instead, he looks all over the battlefield seeking if there is any talent to scout over to the kingdom.

As the battle commenced he could see that there are some people trying to direct the battlefield and some of them who uses the flow of the battlefield to benefit themselves.

Since everyone in the battlefield all fight for themselves, there is no unity among each other, backstabbing is common and no one could trust one another which makes a fairly easy quest become such a cutthroat competition as no one would allow another person to kill the beast when it is down.

Each one wanted to kill it and as such it become a battlefield of greed. Their greed causes a simple quest to be extremely hard.

There is also the fact that there is no leader or factions to at least reign in the chaos.

And while some were trying to create an order in the chaos, there are some people in the battlefield tat like the chaos and incited even more chaos.

At that time, he spotted Trey

He first made contact with Trey and promise him a shot at the government post and his position as a general reinstated if he could kill the beast.

Trey of course have no reason to not believe the Prime Minister of Veva. He moves like a chess piece in Eric hands.

If not how could he have even the gall to trap Aero of the East? Of course at that time, Eric himself did not know Aero was in the crowd.

He thought if there is one of the Three Great Pillars they should have revealed themselves.

He knew that if Zeus is here, he would not be shy and quickly announces himself and draw support from all corners.

Since there are many Vevaian here, he could create a force quickly and then quickly seek the Gate.

The same for Ariana.

While there is the difference between kingdoms and nations among all the people in the battlefield, it would not an exaggeration to say that the church of Light has attracted many following

if Ariana announces herself, she would find herself being protected by many of the devotes of the Church. Some of them might get the Pope blessing.

And then there is the Aero of the East. If he announced himself, Eric would not be surprised if the people here would give way to him and let him take the beast skill point reward

But because no one announced themselves, Eric did not even have the slightest indication that Aero of the East is here.

Eric was progressing with his own plans as he hides in the dark, scouting people for new talents.


There doesnt seem to be many peopel reaidng teh story. While that is so, it made me easier and have little pressure to qucikly churn out chapter so I could take my time to build the plot. This is me trying to be positive of the fact.

Anyway, it woudl not be long before Aero time in the Purgatory ended and idf no one still didnt get what the Western Heaven represent it means the Western Server. The Heavens in this case is the server. Or at least the equivalent
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