Age of Adventure
236 SCHEME 6
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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236 SCHEME 6

When he touches it shows the status of the skin. It was a sabretooth fur with the same properties of the Nemea lion.

Kyle is of course satisfied with the reward. With it he could send the fur to create a powerful light armor that would give him a lifesaving treasure.

Behind him, the glow of his flame is slowly dissipating but there is still the afterglow of that illusion

The sabretooth was created by the power of the Western Heavens and was not the original life form of this place

It explains the sabretooth intelligence and its vitality.

The moment he grabs that fur a notification window appeared in front of him


Kill the sabretooth monster or survive until it is killed or moved away.

Kill reward: Four skill points

You have kill the sabretooth monster and awarded four skill points for your bravery and service to Western Heaven. You are awarded the fur skin of the sabretooth monster. It has many effect such as it could deflect any weapon from rank Weak to Rare. But beware as prolonged attack could tear open the fur and it will lose its effect.

You gain the title Beast Slayer. The Western Heaven will double your strength when you are fighting a powerful beast.

Kyle was overjoyed. Not only he got the skill points he also got a title. He is probably the first to kill this beast might be one of the requirement to gain titles.

Aero himself had predicted that killing the beats would gain him the title. But he had to choose the hard way.

Because he needs to know whether the Western Heaven acknowledges any other alternative way.

And even though if for some reason Aero lost that bet, he would not care that much since Kyle would still become more powerful which only helps Aero

Aero have never forgotten the fact that while he is invincible he is always an inch at death when he is in battle.

And he bet right. Aero with his own effort got a title that is acknowledged by the Western Heaven and even his colleague Kyle got a title.

As Kyle got the notification of his victory, the other also heard the noticing windows sound in their mind and saw it

Their notification window looks a bit different than that of Kyle.



Kill the sabretooth monster or survive until it is killed or moved away.

You have survived against the attack of the sabretooth monster and awarded two skill points for your bravery and service to Western Heaven.


That was the notification window for the other people. It is slightly short and they all got a free two skill points. Even Aero got the two skill points.

He already only had one skill point after ranking up many of his skills. Now he has three skill points because of the addition of the reward surviving the beast.

Aero was the one that benefited the most from this quest. Not only he got two titles, he also got a special rank skill and another two skill points for surviving the beast

The people behind the fire barrier after seeing that they could no longer succeed in their attempt to stop Kyle, instead of pushing off against the Vanheimneian people standing guard near the fire barrier, they decided to retreat.

They run for the hills while the defending party slumped down to the ground feeling tired and exhausted.

Kyle close his eyes for second as he takes a deep breath. That feeling of victory once again come to him. He opens his eyes and he smiles widely.

Behind him the afterglow of that flame has already slowly fizzled out as one could even see Kyle silhouette slowly emerges out.

The flame barrier around him has also slowly coming down. The wind blows as the fire dies down.

Many people are waiting for their comrades and friends to be resurrected.

A lot of the people in the frontline has stopped fighting. There is no need to fight now that the quest has been completed.

To the people of the Western Heaven this is nothing personal.  Everything returns back to the relationship before the battle.

Kyle take a deep breath as he decided to help Aero in the back. For some reason, even though he had already finished the quest, the fight on the back is still not ending.

As he was about to walk to the back and rally support from the people of Western Heaven that resided in Vanheim, the space behind Kyle stirred.

But it was so subtle that no one could really detect it. Even Kyle with his enhanced perception could not sense it.

Then it distorted before a rip of void space appears behind him. It produces no sound and the mana and energy of the world was not disturbed at all.

The thing that rips the space behind Kyle is a dagger.

This dagger also did not have any emanation or fluctuation of power but by its appearance it is clear that this dagger is not something that is normal.

The dagger that rip apart space look ancient in its design.

It glows with golden glow. But who was wielding this dagger. Because the void space only contains darkness one could not see clearly.

Only a pair of pale white hands holding the dagger could be seen. No one could see or warn Kyle of this impeding danger behind him. The afterglow of his flames is still there and even his figure is still blurry.

This dagger then targeted Kyle back. The hand thrusted forward as it stabs him right in the heart.

Kyle notices something is wrong at the last minutes.

For a moment, his mind rang with alarm sound. There is no one way to explain it. It is instinct that has been honed after participating in many battle.

He tries to unsheathe his sword and was about to turn his body to his back when he felt pain.

He felt pain in his chest. Blood spurted out from his mouth as he could feel something just pierced his body.

'ARGH' That was his voice of pain as he looks down at his own chest.

He almost wanted to laugh because the absurdity that is happening right now. He just got lucky and now this happens to him.

He sees a golden tip of a dagger penetrate his chest as his blood drips into the ground. He spurted blood and turns into motes of light as his life ended and he joined the others that he killed on top of the skies.

Kyle try to turn his face and look at his assailant so he could hunt him after he revived but he did not even have the opportunity to do so.

The wind blows and as the dust of that explosion settles the front line warrior was shocked to see General Kyle of Vanheim turning into golden motes of light.

At the same time the notification of the completion of the quest sounded, the entire area around Aero and the people around him around thirty kilometers radius were surrounded by a golden cage.

Aero when he saw the cage could not help but feeling something. His eyes narrowed as he stops his swinging.

He looks around him. And he was not the only one. Even his enemies are confused with this sudden event.

He smiles but he is not feeling joyful at all. Then he said

'This is a fucking trap'

That dagger that rips space and kill Kyle retracted back his hand into the void of ripped space. No one notices that translucent pale white hand and the golden ancient dagger

One could only see the black robe that cover the person hands as his trace disappear.

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