Age of Adventure
235 SCHEME 5
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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235 SCHEME 5

The sabretooth looks toward at Kyle and release a whimpering sound. Behind Aero is a large fire barrier that separated him from his attacker that wanted to prevent him from killing.

Thankfully, there are some Vanheimneian people who helps him and held of the attacker making the fire barrier as the line.

He promised them when they return, he would reward them with gold.

But that is not the only reason they help Kyle. They also help Kyle because it is not easy of forging relations with such an influential person of the Parliament.

Even some merchants throw their weapons to the attacker in bid to help Kyle. Kyle release a dep breath as he looks at the sabretooth beast.

There is a smile on his face. A distance of a few meter sis nothing for Kyle who could use his magic.

'Sorry for this. But you are just a creature formed by the will of the Western Heaven as a tribulation. As such I will not feel guilt killing you' Kyle said to the creature.

He then looks up and see the red dark mist that is gathering over the top of the plains of peace and he sighed.

It took only one beast to stir up the entire Plains to start killing each other for benefit. If Kyle is not strong, if he did not have a good ally, how could he survive this tribulation?

'Fortune favors the bold' Aero was bold and he was bold. And Aero had get what he wanted. Now it is his turns. There is a skill he needs to rank up no matter what.

He smiles as he lifted his hand. A ball of flames appeared on top of his hand, floating but it did not get out from his palm.

Kyle is a Combat Mage. And one of the most proficient magic that he had is Fire Ball. That skill has been ranked up and even evolved to become a new skill.

Inferno Rain. But even though, he had evolved the skills, because of his understanding of fire he could easily create a small fireball.

But this is not a normal fireball. The fireball on his hand is slowly expanding itself as the area around him is slowly becoming hotter.

The fire barrier behind him is also soaring higher like it was affected by the heat around Kyle palm. 

A tall fire barrier with nine feet height could be seen behind him. It was not only big; it was also hot as many more people retreated themselves from that fire barrier that encircles Kyle.

They could only marvel as they could see that four feet fire barrier that could be surmounted with one jump has now rises up slowly to the sky and reach the height of nine meters.

The heat was so hot that one could see the scene of space distorting around the fire barrier.

Right now inside that circle, it was like Kyle have divided a new world between him and the battle.

One could see even from a distance that there is a circular fire barrier that is nine feet high, preventing people from entering it.

Even metal weapons will melt if it came to near proximity with the fire barrier.

'Now, go die!' He shouted as he threw that fireball toward the beast. It seems this battle would be over now.

The small ball of flame expanded tenfold as it envelops the dying beast and then before it could even scream an explosion erupted, shaking the entire Plains.

Those that is just descending own from the plateau could see the scene of the plateau shaking from below as debris falls from the plateau to the jungle region below, shocking all of the people that had found the Jungle Region.

Even Dan who is quite a distance away from the plateau could see the trembling and the edges of the plateaus falling down slowly from above.

Meanwhile on top of the plateau, the sound of explosion shocked everyone. Even Trey who is about to execute his plan is shock by that world shaking explosion.


With a loud explosion that shakes the entire battlefield a large flames covered the area and sweep through the fire barrier and anyone around it engulfing friends and foe alike.

They all die almost immediately; their physical body turns into cinders of dust that flew as the wind swept them by. The light of that powerful flame illuminated the battlefield.

The light was like a sun from the sky is descending upon the mortal world. The heat of the flame could be felt by everyone.

On the back even as Aero is continuing his massacre, he could see that blinding light coming out from the front. And he smiles

'He did it!' Aero said.

But he still did not let go of the saber in his hand. This should be over Aero thought but for some reason his instinct say it is not yet over.

'Hmm' he sighed. Around him people are falling down or being split into two.

He still did not know the main instigator of this matter.

And for some reason, this kind of scheme seems to be hinting at something. There is this nagging feeling that he probably knows the person who orchestrated this plans.

For some reason he could not let go of the thought that all of this is coordinated with great details.

And Aero believes it began from the moment he declares himself. That is what he felt. The moment he declares himself, someone among these sea of people schemed against him. Or maybe from the moment the back was in disarray because of his killing.

Maybe even since that moment.

Aero could partially guess but he could not really be confident of his guess.

In the front, Aero instinct was right that Kyle is succeeding is right.

The light of the flame did not yet dissipate but Kyle is already walking to the point of impact. Behind him the flame barrier is still circling around him, protecting him from being attacked by those people that wanted to prevent him killing the beast.

He smiles and he had the urge to laugh because of happiness.

 Kyle walked to the beast as he saw the floating fur of the sabretooth. The corpses of the sabretooth are nowhere to be found.

'I guess this is the only thing that is left of you' Kyle said.

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