Age of Adventure
234 SCHEME 4
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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234 SCHEME 4

It did not repel the killing intent but as it passes through it like it phases through it. These people are five people unit. And all of them are mages.

They all wear purple robe and their faces are covered up by their hood.

'It has been a long time since I am seeing you Thomas' one of them said. The other one just nodded without saying much.

'Let us begin. He is at the center' The other nodded as they chanted some words.

These people are also from Veva. This is actually Veva people attacking Aero.

Vanheim people while they are not the majority of people that is in this Plain of Peace, they are still some of them.

They did not even try to harm Aero after he revealed himself other than the one who is greedy for fame and skill points.

After all, at the end of the day, the Chancellor is still of their people. Why would they be happy if their Chancellor get killed by their enemy kingdom?

Because of that some Vanheimneian even raises their swords and kills some Veva people to help Aero.

The rivalry between Veva and Vanheim is not something that is built in one day.

As both of them come from a large nation and powerful, they both held pride and both the residents of these two kingdom knows that in the end, only one would emerge victorious.

Both of the rulers of these nations wanted to rule the world and unify the Vilajeri Continent

Those who did not come from Veva or Vanheim has long fled this area. A simple battle because of the quest had turned into a battle of old feuds, turning into a battle between two Empires. One that rules the East and one that rules the North.

Vanheim and Veva had never seen eye to eye. They tolerated each other because they are both far from each other and they both still have cleaning up to do in their continent.

There should be no two kings of the Jungle. The Emperor of Vanheim is a lofty title and his intent to rule the world is no longer hidden. King Zeus of Veva also had the same ambition of uniting the world under his rule

Arianna and her Church wanted to propagate their religion and tore down the idols of the false gods that the people have been praying to

Out of those three, Vanheim and Veva could never see eye to eye because the two pillars of their Empire has a feud between them.

And both of them hold influence that could move their Empire to action. Chancellor Aero with the authority to govern the Six Council and King Zeus of Veva.

 Since that is the case, it is no wonder, the sight of Aero, the Chancellor of Vanheim being besieged by Veva people incited a different kind of battle to start.

Aero even as he was fighting as fast as possible he could feel that the winds are changing. He frowned and his eyes shone with determination.

 He could feel a dark hand guiding these developments the moment he revealed himself.

Even as Aero keep moving forward, there is a bitter smile on his face. This is why he doesn't want to reveal himself.

There is Trey. And there are probably others that are scheming against him

The former ex general of Veva, Trey look at the development of this battle between Vanheim people and Veva people that is slowly growing tense but he is not concerned.

All that matters are his plan.

Whether Trey is the main instigator or not, it doesn't matter at this point. Trey seems to have a plan. And he is using the thick mist to disguise his plan.

Aero out of everyone knows that strategy doesn't end in the war room.

There are those that could be considered a grand strategist genius who plans for what will happens even after the war ended, ensuring a peaceful reign and peaceful transition of power.

This kind of strategist could help a monarch to establish a dynasty and create an Empire. That is the kind of strategist Aero is.

He could give advice to the king and Emperor, guiding them to become an enlightened ruler of the world.

But there is also a kind of strategist who is a tactical genius who excels in battle but not in the grand scheme of things. And that is Trey.

In such tactical battle he is the cream of the crop. If not for the feats that Aero had achieved, his name would not be so low in the Hall of Heavenly Fame

Aero on the other hand did not know what trey is planning in the mist of killing intent. And right now, Aero had a new layer of protection as he kills even more people.

If this is a real battle and these people could not revive, one could imagine that this plain would be fills with hills of bodies and mutilated corpse, or an incomplete body of people, their limbs strewing around over all the ground.

Aero is getting stronger with each kill. And if that is not enough, the killing intent that has become thick has even latched itself onto Aero body and swirls around his entire body, deflecting magical attacks.

Killing intent could only be seen by those who have killing intent skills.

But Aero was not the only one that have such skills. And when all of the activated those skill, the invisible killing intent is now visible.

But it is not just because of the skills of killing intent that it appeared.

It also appeared because there is so much emotions and resentment of the death and the casualty of this battle has reached a staggering amount.

 Aero felt that this is the only way he could do to hide his true weakness. By now Aero power has completely stunned all of the people.

He is truly unstoppable in the battlefield. Seeing his strength, people also wonder one question. How did King Zeus even fight this kind of monster in the first place?

The observer could see better and that is completely true for those that run out from the battlefield.

They saw the battle and since they are no longer inside the area of the battlefield, they could judge it objectively.

They could see how fast and how lethal Aero of the East in killing.

If not for the fact that he is more well knowns as a scholar and a great statesman, some might even mistake Aero as a saber fanatic with the way how he expertly held his saber and that ferociousness when he is attacking people.

While all of this is happening on the back, with shouts of pain from the back even reaching the front, Kyle had appeared just a few meter from the beast.


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