Age of Adventure
233 SCHEME 3
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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233 SCHEME 3

Aero is no longer in the darkness as he kills people without blinking. The saber on his hand is like the executioner saber that kills whoever that dares violates his order.

Those enemies watching him from the dark could not help but have incredibly dark faces, gritting their teeth.

By now even some people of their camps no longer wanted to face this killing frenzy and this unstoppable foe of theirs.

On the other hand, Trey and a few other that share the same objective believes that Aero is nearing his limit. Surprisingly, they are right.

These people while they did incite the enemies of Aero to fight him, they are not completely with a plan.

Aero is really nearing his limit.

It was not that he is feeling tired or there is a wound on his body.

The magical attack and even some of those stray attack nearly reaches his ankle in a few occasion.

He himself nearly had a heart attack each time a few stray arrows flew close to his feet.

He knows that only one nick on that area and he would die. Other people could only see how invincible he is in the battlefield. Only he knows the fear he had to overcome each time he moves forward.

There is a reason why he is killing people swiftly.

Aero was never as calm as people thought he is. He is only good at acting like he is calm. Because calmness infects people.

The War God of Vanheim could not appear to be worried all the time if he were to inspire morale. And no one would trust people who look like they would lose their marbles.

Aero had always battle with this fear of his. He had the power to ignore all mortal weapons. Yet, one nick at his ankle and he would be dead.

His life is not as hard to take as the whole world imagines it to be.

Thus he too wanted to end this battle as fast as possible before something unfortunate happens.

Because these people that are fighting against him right now, while they could be described as foolish, they could also be considered to be bold.

And fortune has always favor the bold.

But Aero also recognizes something else as he keeps fighting. He felt something is wrong with all of this.

There is this feeling inside his heart that he could not quite explain.

Aero speculate that there is an instigator hiding in the dark who keeps sending people to test his limits, and trying to find out his weakness.

He doesn't know why he is feeling like this. The more he felt like this, the more he wanted to end this battle as fast as possible.

As long as Kyle kill that beast, then the people of this plains could be pacified.

After the end of the quest, they all could let bygone be bygones. After all, it is just a quest.

They still need to go home. Even Aero understand that. For some reason he felt that this has always been the case.

It was like a manner between people who lives in Western Heaven

The quest is issued and everyone would do their best to complete it and there is no hard feeling if you lose after trying your best.

Aero dodged another arrow attack that landed only a few meters form his ankle.

Aero did not show any change in his expression even after that near miss. Aero stomp the ground as the spear near his feet were impacted by it as it jumps into the air.

Aero kick the spear in midair as its shoots through the area, piercing a few men as it tore through their armor.

A human skewer of three people was created as the three people falls down into the ground with holes on their stomach and turns into golden motes of light.

One of the men is the archer that tried to snipe him. For a moment Aero could catch a breath as he could see that there is another wave of attacker coming to him

Aero could see most of the people attacking him is shouting about Veva.

So it is not hard to guess who this people were. And it might be someone who is high up in the chain of Veva that could instigate these people to attack him

He even saw a man arranging the wave of people and directed the battlefield.

But Aero had never taken anything like that as a confirmation of the true instigator.

He did not know the name of that man but he once saw his face in Veva army but that doesn't mean he is the only that is wishing him dead.

Maybe there are others that is hiding in the crowd and using it as a way to gauge his weakness.

That is why Aero keep killing quickly. After all, the most effective way to stop people from attacking him and trying to kill him is killing them first

He takes a breath and mutter to himself

'Fine. Let us see who will cave first. It is just a different target' Aero is also annoyed and angry at his situation right now.

If this is Vilajeri Continent, these people won't even have the time to reach his position unless he let them

In Vilajeri Continent, if he wished it, he would move the Council of War and form an army. He is slightly getting angry. And there is also a bit of fear. He felt like he is in a mud.

And that mud is slowly drawing him in. And the only thing he could do right now is to keep moving forward

There is no other way.

Aero charged into the wave, killing his way without stopping his attack at all. Like a storm, he tore through their wave of men, like some kind of unstoppable natural disaster that make everyone felt hopeless

 Aero did not seem to be any weaker even after countless of men had their blood washed over his saber.

 If anything, he become even more crazy, killing people all around him without stopping.

It is a vicious cycle for his enemies without them knowing it. The more he kills the more powerful he became. Now, the mist of killing intent around the battlefield was so thick that it is even hard to see each other and coordinate attack or gives order.

But Trey of course could see it clearly. But not everyone has high power and perception like Trey and the others.

They could only shiver in fear as all the area around them is covered by red mist before a saber light end their life in one swift motion.

Trey is right now planning something as he looks at the soldiers he sent. When he saw the red mist, he was not disheartened. Instead he smirks.

'Aero…I will finish what Zeus had failed to do. I will make you bleed' His eyes are looking at the way these people are moving. One of them is on the north side of Aero.

The other is on the south. Then the other are respectively on the east and west of Aero. On the four cardinal direction away from Aero, these people are channeling mana out of their body creating layers of power around them that seems to slowly spread out.

It did not repel the killing intent but as it passes through it like it phases through it. These people are five people unit. And all of them are mages.


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