Age of Adventure
232 SCHEME 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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232 SCHEME 2

Then he could saw the red black aura that seems to spread all over the battlefield.

He could feel the oppressive power hidden in that black red aura. After this battel ended, if Aero of the East did not fall, then the entire people here would heed his command.

Who would dare question the leadership and influence of the Aero of the East, one of Three Great Pillars, the Chancellor of the Empire of Vanheim?

But until that moment come, he would not give up. While Trey is scheming in the front sending more people to fight and figures out Aero weakness, the battle on the rear did not stop just because the seal has been broken.

 Aero is dashing forward, slashing his saber right and left. No one could stop him and no one could even take one slash of his saber and live

Right now his saber seems to be aided by the power of the world. Aero could even feel it around his hand, this swirling wind that is invisible but nourishing him with each swing.

The thicker the killing intent around him, the stronger he became and the lighter his body became and the faster his swing and attack became

His saber movement was like the flurry images of a fast moving object, none of it could be seen clearly.

Before they know it, their head fly into the air and they turned into golden motes of light. To others, Aero of the East seems focused to quickly reach Kyle and help him.

But Aero himself did not care that much about what is happening in the front. After all this, if Kyle still could not kill the beast by himself, he would be too useless.

And Aero knows Kyle is not that incompetent. By the time he arrived at the front, Aero was confident that Kyle would have finished killing the beast.

And Aero is also thinking about something else.

Even as he killed the people that is still stubborn enough to chase after him, he could not help but sighed when he remembers that woman.

'The Lady of Vanan' he muttered a she sidestepped a thrust from a spearman. He uses his footwork to arrive behind that attacker, as he thrust his saber backwards

The saber pierced that tacker shoulders as Aero pull the saber back leaving the attacker half dead as he keeps moving forward

'That woman is quiet interesting' he thought to himself as he continued his thought process about that woman

For someone who lack strength, she could have tracked him no matter where he tries to hide.

That was impressive. No matter what he does to conceal himself, she could see through.

It is for that reason he whispered to her those words. If she knew what is good for her, then after she revived, she would follow him.

As he keeps killing the people that kept throwing their lives to him, Aero just remembered who Viola of Vanan is.

He remembers that when he read the reports about her, he disregarded her as some kind of local militia leader without any threat to Vanheim.

Not only she is far, her enemy is not Vanheim and instead is the Church of Light. And while it is true, to Aero eyes that she did not possess any threats to Vanheim, she is useful.

At least now, he knows she could be useful to him.

And that is enough. Not many people could be useful to Aero.

Aero did not seem perturbed or distracted even when he is thinking of all this thought inside his head.

It was like he is thinking about many things all at once, and doing many things all at once, yet he is doing all this unconsciously.

He is swinging his saber and devising strategies to kill and defend and yet at the same time his thought could also wander to other matters like it is an exercise of his mind.

Around him the screams of pain and despair did not stop but like an experienced butcher of men, he tuned out of all the screams.

It was like he was in a silent zone where nothing could be heard.

All he could see was blood splashing, golden lights rising and people body splitting.

One would question their sanity if one could remain calm even under such circumstances. But Aero did not question it even for a second.

He felt like for some reason his heart is heartless yet not cold. It was like he used to do this before, but he did it without any additional feeling without guilt.

It was an off feeling to be having

It was like…. something that is normal. But he is not bloodthirsty. This feeling of like controlling other character, of replaying of becoming someone else…. Aero could not explain it to others.

Maybe because he knew that this people would revive, he had no guilt.

Also maybe because he had done it before.

His memories, amidst the screams, and the flying limbs cut off by his saber, his mind is slowly recovering his memories of what happen in front of the Gate of Veva.

He remembers a silhouette.

A vague silhouette of a woman.

He remembers shouting her name but he could not see pass through that silhouette before being assaulted by a painful headache.

By now the mist around the battlefield, the mist that is formed form the resentment of the death and their desire to kill have become so thick that all of Aero enemies could feel their body become heavier.

It has begun affecting the entire battlefield. And Aero was not the only one that benefited from this.

Killing intent is also useful for those who have the job of Assassins and[A1]  Thieves and there are some warriors that have the skills or inherent abilities of manipulating Killing Intent to boost their strength.

But even they are not confident of comforting Aero with that skill.

After all those that reap the biggest benefit of the Killing Intent is the one who kills those people.

It is after all formed by resentment and who is the worthiest recipient of such resentment fi not for the person who killed them and the one that inflict pain and despair the most in this battlefield?

Many people realize that the mist is making them weaker and heavier. Even their sword felt a few pounds heavier.

And the heavier they become the faster Aero becomes.

He was like a killing lightning as his figure seems like a long arc of lightning from the back cutting through a path to help Kyle

Aero then shouted

'Those who did not want to die meaninglessly, throw your weapon and run away from this battle. I will give you my words, that if you show respect to me, I will not pursue this matter. The conclusion is already set. Do not make it hard for me and my colleague.'

The he added

 'But if you insist on obstructing my way, do not blame me for being heartless!' Aero only saying this to maintain that reputation of him.

He knows at this point, those who wanted to surrender and run have already done so. The only one that is left is the greedy ones, the crazy one and the foolish one.

And Aero would not have it any other way. Since he had finished confirming what he wanted, it would not a bad thing to help Kyle on the way.


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