Age of Adventure
231 SCHEME 1
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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231 SCHEME 1

Aero of the East and General Kyle of Vanheim. The existence of these two great figures in the battlefield and their feats have deterred almost half of the battlefield.

The red dark mist that spreads all over the battlefield is thickening as people no longer want to compete in this merciless and meaningless battle.

The battle seems that it will end in this two duo victory. And people are running away. The rectangular dome has disappeared. The area is no longer sealed.

Those that are the closest to the pillars area were the first one that run away. Those that is from Vanheim throws their weapons to the side and kneel on the ground, showing their stance.

Since the conclusion is without a doubt have concluded there is no need to prolonged this battle.

They did not want to provoke the Chancellor of their own kingdom.

After all, when all of this is over and they return back to the Vilajeri Continent they still have to make a living.

And how could they make a living if the most powerful person of their kingdom make it hard for them?

They did not hesitate to surrender. Some even go as far to turn their back from their comrade and helping Kyle to prevent people from killing him.

They did not help Aero. Instead of not trying to help Aero, it was more accurate to say that these people were more afraid of obstructing Aero.

Aero assault on the back is unstoppable and as such there is no need for this people to try to help their Chancellor. Instead they focused their help on Kyle.

As the fighting on the front lessened, the fighting on the back however did not lose its momentums. Those that dare to attack Aero, none of them come from Vanheim and most of them come from people who were actually antagonistic toward Aero of the East.

Aero himself notices this weird craze. Not that he cares at this moment when energy is boiling inside him.

He watched on as Viola soul rises up to the sky.

'Let us meet again' Aero said as he looks at that motes of light dissipating and gathering in the sky.

The red dark sky. Of course, only those that have the skill Killing Intent could see the dark red sky above their head.

It was like the world is in an apocalyptic scene. Everywhere is dark and it is full of indistinct howling

 If not for the fact that there is large killing, this scene might even be considered to be beautiful

Many more people decided to surrender as they wave white flag and did not do anything to Kyle as they would rather run away from him lest they would be regarded as someone who is trying to obstruct him

The battlefield right now is divided by people who wanted to kill Aero and those who only wanted to survive this tribulation.

They no longer wanted to vie with Kyle about who is going to kill the beast.

He could take it if he wants and Kyle did not hesitate to take it. That is the kind of man he is. After suffering tribulation and many suffering, Kyle did not let go any opportunities.

Kyle who is rushing to the betas smirks. He did not think that Aero revealing himself has made many people lose all their will to fight.

Though, of course this only happens because Aero is overwhelming them, and they are not united.

Aero like always, knows when to apply force and when he doesn't have to. And the thing he does need a few privacies, at least that was true in the beginning. But now since he had revealed himself, then that must mean Aero have finished confirming his deduction.

Kyle himself have gained an achievement after he killed one thousand people with his explosion magic. He got the title Bombardier Mage.

But as there are people that did not want conflict with the duo, there are some people that would want such conflict.

One such person is Trey. He is General Trey. He is one of the general of Veva. Veva have many military generals which is not surprising considering their expansionist policy.

While Trey is not one of the inner circle of King Zeus, he himself is very capable and is swiftly rising through the ranks.

He was the one that instigated the attack and fan the flames when he knows Aero is among them

What he couldn't have expected is how powerful and ridiculous the power of Aero of the East and the influence of his name.

He looks at the battle that is slowly turning disadvantageous for him and he could not help but feeling everything he had schemed crumbles away.

He should have been satisfied with just hunting the beats instead of trying to fight against one of the Three Pillars.

It was not only his desire to get a promotion that led him to making the worst decision of his life.

The other reason was to gain control and reap the biggest benefit from this Purgatory

When he remembers who he was he look around and he saw no powerful person that he feared.

They are some people who were famous in their regions but he saw none that he thinks could threaten him

He missed Aero and Kyle. And that have now landed him in this shitty situation.

He decided to gather with his comrade and then killed the beast winning not only the skills but also to gain some renown.

He wanted to control the people here as their leader so they could walk slowly as they explore Purgatory. He wanted to search for a legacy.

He too wanted to have a legacy like all those powerful people. He is only a simple solider without a legacy.

Even his family name that he could choose is common.

His family name is Baker. Trey Baker. The Western Heaven evaluate that because of the mistake he made before he ascends and leave the Vilajeri Continent, that his rank was demoted.

Even though he was a general what he did was enough for the Western Heaven to punish him.

No, to be more accurate, he is an ex general. All of this scheme is to bring a good news to Veva so he could be reinstated.

'Huh' he sighed as he looked at the golden motes of light gathering on top of the clouds. He is still holding his large broadsword.

But he doesn't think this broadsword could hold off even one swing of Aero saber

He is not overestimating his enemy strength. He truly felt that this is the true fact. His hand is trembling both out of fear and excitement.

It seems people of the Western Heaven have always had this kind of feeling when faced with death. Excitement and fear all melded into one It was like they could revive infinitely.

But according to his memories, Trey didn't even once remember he could be revived infinitely.

He did not know and so those others in this battlefield, that none of their memories could be trusted with one hundred percent certainty.


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